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Target Level Achieved!

It’s the next day after my wallet has gone pretty thin.

After a good night’s sleep and a good amount of BP, I came to the always-familiar dungeon of the devil dog where I am now.


I grabbed a transparent arrow that I made with a bow and shot it toward the door.

The arrow flies through the door and towards the high kobold on the other side of the door.

-Level increased by 8-

Oh, I’ve leveled up.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Demon Dog Dungeon to level up, but can I reach my goal of level 1000 l

I’m a solo player, so I want that much if I need a safety margin for the next C-rank dungeon.

By the way, the safe level for each rank dungeon is 50 for F, 150 for E, and 300 for D.

And from rank C, the level goes up to 1000.

That’s crazy.

By the way, to dive into a C-rank dungeon, you also need a higher-level explorer certification issued by the explorer association, but that’s a long story, I’ll tell you later.

Well, this is just a guideline for a solo explorer.

If you are in a party, the level will be a little lower, and you can fight with monsters at a higher level than you.

So you can raise your level.

Well, at this rate, I might be able to reach the 1000th level in no time.

With this in mind, I finished the day by repeatedly defeating and retrieving the high kobold.

Today I gained 156 levels, it’s a large number of magical stones of high kobolds.

My level was getting higher.

If my level goes up this much, it’s good, right

I’m aiming for a level over 1000!

On the second day.

I decided to go around the bosses in the Demon Dog Dungeon again today, aiming to exceed the level of 1,000.

As I did yesterday, I repeatedly defeated the high kobolds and took out the magic stone to raise my level.

And today, I gained 106 levels.

On the third day.

Anyway, I hunt and hunt and hunt.

I kept hunting and killing all the high kobolds I could to raise my level.

I thought I saw a white high kobold on the way, but there was no way it could catch up to my enhanced agility status, so I was able to get out of the door and set it up one way or another.

The item I could get was a halberd that had an effect similar to Dagger of Speed.

I don’t need it!

And today, I gained 75 levels, slightly short of level 1000.

Fourth day.

Finally, finally.

“My level is over 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

In the last four days, I’ve gone from level 635 to 1003.

It’s a pity that it’s a little too close to the end, but still, it’s my longed-for level over 1,000.

“But now I can finally try for the Silver certification.”

Silver certification.

It is a qualification required to dive in C- and B-rank dungeons and is a higher-level qualification than the explorer qualification.

You can’t just apply for the Silver certification; you’ll need to take and pass an exam.

However, there is a condition to receiving the Silver qualification.

That is the level.

If you want to take the exam with a party of five, the level is 650.

If you are in a party of four, the level is 750, if you are in a party of three, 850, and if you are in a party of two, 950.

And for solo, the level is 1000, which is the same level as the safety margin.

That is to prevent explorers who are not at a high enough level from dying when they challenge a dungeon of a higher rank.

Well, at any rate, I could fulfill the requirements for Silver qualification with this.

By the way, the Silver qualification is not a written test like the explorer qualification.The first is a practical test.

They are going to check your combat skills at this time.

That is to confirm you have not forcefully raised your level by power leveling.

When taking the Silver certification test, if you have not forcefully raised your level by power leveling, each explorer has their fighting style, so they use that to determine if you have been power leveling.

The interview is the first step before taking the practical test.

The interview is part of the process to check the applicant’s personality.

In some cases, they may reject the applicant.

Well, there is no problem as long as you do your job, so you won’t fail unless you have a serious problem.

After the practical test and the interview, you can get the silver certification.


“Silver exam.

Let’s go for it!”


Amamiya Kaede

Level 1003

HP: 10050/10050 MP: 6035/6035

Attack Power: 1075( 52)

Defense: 1025( 12)

Agility: 2817( 2167)

Dexterity: 1180( 152)

Mental Power: 2972 ( 2332)

Luck: 50

BP: 0

SP: 2005

Skills: [Magic Arrow Lv.20] [Archery Lv.10] [Hawk Eye Lv.10] [Item Box Lv.7] [Lock-On Lv.10] [Appraisal Lv.5] [MP UpLv.10] [MP Recovery Speed Up Lv.10] [Dagger Art Lv.7] [Enemy Search Lv.9] [Stealth Lv.5]


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