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I Don’t Understand Today’s High School Girls

“Huh ……”

Yesterday was a mess.

Anyway, I came to the branch office of the association today to attend the interview with Rin and the others.

I’m waiting in what looks like a reception room for a while, but I’m not busy.

I don’t have anything to do.

I was involved in a case when I was teaching.

I got involved in it, so I have to go along with that case.

I never thought Tagaya’s collaborator would be the receptionist who asked me to help teach Rin and the others.

From what I’ve heard, that receptionist took advantage of the fact that the association’s database was verified by magical tools and rewrote the information.

The magical tool used for surveillance has a magical line connecting the database and the camera.

I guess the line connected to the Rock Cave Dungeon was disconnected for a short period and then executed.

It’s crazy.

And he did it within one minute of receiving a call from Tagaya, who was watching the Rock Cave Dungeon.

I thought one minute was too much to ask, even if no one had entered the dungeon.

But it looks like he did it.

It’s amazing, right Tagaya was able to get in.

“But why can’t we use that for the good of the world”

If he had that much skill, he would have been able to rise to the top in the future.

Talent is a waste if we do not use it properly.

I heard that the Explorers’ Association would hold a press conference on this matter, and the Explorers’ Association would be in turmoil for a while.

The president is an outstanding person who became president after having been an explorer for 15 years since the birth of the dungeons.

It is not every day that someone like that comes along, and I don’t think the chairman will quit.

Instead, he will be busier now, so let’s hope he will do his best, considering it as a punishment for not being able to hold the reins of Tagaya and the receptionist.

While I idly thought about this, there was a knock at the door.

“Yeah Come in.”

I answered, thinking it might be Rin and the others or someone from the association.

It wasn’t Rin and the others who came in, nor was anyone from the association, given that they weren’t wearing the association’s badge.

It was a woman.

She had hair that reached down to her waist and was a beautiful light blue color.

Her face was well-defined, and she had a somewhat mature look.

I guess she is older than me.

“Well, …… who are you”

I’ll be ready to respond immediately, no matter what, because of what happened yesterday.


The woman stared at me for a moment and was silent, then suddenly turned to the door and left the room.


“Hey, what was that person just ……”

As I muttered, the door to the room opened again.

This time it was a familiar face.

“Ah, I’m tired~!”

“Ri, Rin-chan, let’s knock before we go in.”

“It’s already late.”

Like the woman from earlier, the door opened, and Rin and the others entered.

“Good work.

Are you done”

“Yeah! We’re done!”

“I see.

I’m glad to hear that.

Let’s go then.”

I confirm with the three of them that it’s over, and I get up from the couch too.

“Yeah! ……”


Rin and Anju ask, tilting their heads.

Oh, didn’t I tell you Well, let’s say it now.

“It’s a celebration, a celebration.

I’ll buy you a drink, let’s go eat somewhere.”

“Oh! I’ll go! I want to go! Where are we going”

“Oh, can I come with you”

“Me too”

“Of course.

I’ve caused trouble for the three of you.”

That receptionist dragged me into this mess.

I meant it as an apology.

“Is there somewhere you want to eat Anywhere you like is fine.”

After hearing my words, the three of them gathered together and discussed what they wanted to do.

Then Rin and the others suggested.

“Yakiniku… …… Are all three of you sure you’re okay with yakiniku”

We moved from the Explorers’ Association branch and are now at a yakiniku restaurant in front of the station.

Furthermore, we are in a private room at that yakiniku restaurant.

I was well compensated for teaching Rin and the others at the branch, and don’t have a problem with money.

Or rather, the guy at the reception desk who helped Tagaya.

He didn’t report to the association that I was teaching Rin and the others, and I was about to lose my salary while I was teaching them.

He said he’d give me trouble if I went to jail.

“Of course! Meat is justice!”


Thanks from me too.”

“Wow, thank you too.


“I see.

But don’t high school girls nowadays want to go to more fashionable restaurants”

I think I saw on TV before young girls these days would go to fashionable cafes or eat sweets than go to yakiniku, but it seems these three have nothing to do with that stuff.


That kind of thing is certainly nice, but I like this kind of thing!”

“Me too.”

“Me too…I can’t go to such a fashionable place………”

I’m an uncle (19 years old).

I don’t know what young people are thinking these days.


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