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Now, think.

How can I kill it

It’s okay that the previous attack didn’t kill it, but the next time, I have to get through the tentacles to hit it.

But it’s challenging to avoid the tentacles while dodging and attacking them.

I can avoid them now because I’m fighting from a long distance with my Dragon Tree Bow, but if I get up close, I’m sure I’ll get caught.

But even at long range, with my strongest skill [Magic Light Arrow], I couldn’t kill it.

What kind of way would I have to kill it to make it die


Think, think, think, think.


Oh no, I’m in the middle of a situation like this.

Oh yeah, that’s right.

I’m exploring the unknown.

Until now, I was weak.

And even now that I’m stronger, I’ve never fought an unknown opponent.

And even now that I’ve established my fighting style, I still check out the strategies of dungeon monsters and bosses before I enter it.

That was my life as an explorer.

But this time is different.

This boss is my strongest enemy.

I don’t know anything about it.

So much that if I don’t figure out a way to defeat it myself, it will eventually kill me.

I am taking on such an opponent.


Let’s go back to the beginning.

Just like in the beginning, I have to think and think through how I can defeat it safely and efficiently.

It’s the same as that.

Trial and error Great.

“Let’s do it.


I try not to attack as much as possible and watch the boss’s movements while avoiding attacks.

It powers up when regenerates, so I’ll take care of that first.

But even my most powerful [Magic Light Arrow] blow didn’t kill him.

In that case, I wonder how far I can play it.

But this shouldn’t be that far.

There was still a sizable chunk of meat that wasn’t absorbed by the chunks of meat I blew away earlier, so if I could make it that small, at least it shouldn’t merge again after I blew it away.

If that’s the case, the problem is those tentacles.

That thing is too nasty.

They are fast and powerful.

And it seems that those tentacles can catch me, so if I get too close to them, I’m out.

And considering the power of the tentacles, I can only imagine how strong its four arms are.

But what if there were others And there is also the possibility that it uses something like a dissolving liquid.

If that’s the case, then long-distance combat is the only way I could fight it.

As I thought about this, it suddenly slammed its four arms to the ground, as if it had become numb to my continued dodging.


And then, as it was, it grabbed the broken chunks with its tentacles and threw them at me.


I calmly assess my situation.

Then I evoke the experience of my first time and avoid its attack.

Observe it, and avoid its attack again and then again.

I cut down what I can’t avoid with my Dagger of Speed.

Anyway, I continue to observe its behavior while avoiding it.

And at the same time, I keep thinking.

The attacks it just made, plus its current actions.

If I look at it this way, I can handle it from both up close and far, but that’s not the case.

Yes, the tentacles are troublesome, but they are only physical attacks.

At least it blocks none of my [Magic Arrow].

And since I can still avoid them like this, I am certainly better at the long-range battle.

To sum up, what I have done so far, all I can do is

“Magic Light Arrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-This is all I can do, right

Like before, I’ll release a giant arrow that will pierce that monstrous body and disintegrate it with a light attack.

Then, the chunks of meat were blown away and started to move to gather together.

But I’ve already learned that from earlier!

“Multiple Lock-On! Magic Arrows!!!!!!!”

Using [Multiple Lock-On] on all the scattered chunks of meat, I hurl eight arrows made with [Magic Arrow] at each one.

I could have shattered them with my Dagger of Speed, but it would have been troublesome if the nearby chunks of meat merged and regenerated in the meantime, so I decided to finish the job.

So, since I didn’t have enough hands even when using a bow, I took magic arrows in both hands and released eight magic arrows, breaking all the chunks of meat into finer pieces.

Then, after crushing the chunks of meat even more and making sure it does not regenerate, I throw another eight at the same time at other chunks of meat in the same way.

“Ora ora ora ora ora ora!!!!!!!”

Throw and throw and throw and throw.

As long as I have MP, I make and throw arrows at the chunks of meat.

The [Magic Arrow] flying one after another is like a meteor shower of transparent arrows filling the space, all piercing into the chunks of the boss’s meat.

No matter how much the boss tries to regenerate, the number of arrows penetrates its body before it can regenerate.

The scene was truly a sight to behold.

And before I knew it, the boss’s body had been shattered to the point that Tagaya and the rest had lost their original forms.

But that was not the end.

The chunks of meat I threw the Magic Arrow] at gradually regenerated into smaller pieces and flew at me.

It has no tentacles, mouth, arms, or legs.

It must be a last-ditch effort.

“But I’m sorry.

It’s I win.”

I cut through the flying chunks of flesh with my Dagger of Speed and then activated [Multiple Lock-On] again, throwing [Magic Arrow] at all the meats.

“That’s the end.”

And I throw the [Magic Arrow] at the chunks of meat with all my might.

There is no way it can escape from the magic arrows.

The boss has no way to counterattack me and attacks me one-sidedly.

And I just stood there, staring at the boss, who had stopped moving, not even regenerating.


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