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Monstrous Being

“Guu…… gaaaaaaaaaah!!!!”

The guy who found me let out a strange cry that sounded like a yell and attacked me with the tentacles that had dragged me into this boss’s room earlier, flexing them like a whip.

“That was close!”

I could avoid it as quickly, but if I hadn’t been able to avoid it, it would have caused a lot of damage.

I could tell from a part of the wall of this boss room was shattered by the current blow.

“This guy is badass.”

This guy is too strong!

Even if I use [Appraisal], I don’t know its level, name, HP, and MP.


When I try to run toward the door, it extends its multiple tentacles I just saw before, and it attacks me by punching me.

And when I avoided it, it hit the door directly and made the door dented even more.

Oh, I see.

So that’s why the door is sticky.

“This is bad.”

There was nothing I could do at this point.

All I could do was either run or fight.

If I run away, the tentacles will get in the way, so I’ll have to fight.

“I don’t have a choice.

I’ll figure out the details while fighting!”

First, I need speed.

The tentacles earlier were pretty fast, but I’ll need to move on that assumption, too.

First, I approach the guy in the middle of the boss’s room while avoiding the tentacles.

Then, its tentacle’s speed increased, as if it didn’t want me to approach it.

“Kk ……!”

I dodge or flick its attack with my dagger to get closer.

Then, this time, it spits a liquid-like substance from its mouth, which grazes my body.

“Ah! Dissolving liquid!”

The area where it grazed stings as if it burns my body, and the floor smokes and melts.

If I were to get hit by something like that, I’d probably lose everything.


I throw my dagger at the boss’s head as I run.

Then, taking advantage of the opportunity to stop, I run past the boss and retrieve my Dagger of Speed.

“That’s the end of it.”

I thrust my Dagger of Speed into the boss’s head.

That attack should be the end for most monsters.

However, it would have ended here, but the wound that pierced it instantly closed up, on the contrary, a tentacle wrapped around my arm and caught me.

“What the!!!”

And the boss threw me off the wall as it was, slamming me against it.

I spun around in the air to catch my momentum and quickly regained my stance.

“What the hell is that monster…”

But all I had to do was check its speed, abnormal regeneration, dissolving fluid, and the power that threw me.

I could confirm all three of those as well.

At any rate, what I learned is that melee combat is a definite no-no.

I approached the creature and thought that its tentacles would be a nuisance if I fought it from a distance and that its massive body would not be able to keep up with my speed, but I was a bit naïve.

Melee combat is a definite no-no.

But once I knew that.

“I’ll simply attack from a distance!”

I sheathed my Dagger of Speed, took out my Dragon Tree Bow from [Item Box], and shoot an arrow made of [Magic Arrow].

The arrow flew straight and landed, gouging out its ample flesh.

But it continues to move, as if it’s getting angry, then it swings its arms around and extends its tentacles to attack me erratically.

“There’s no way I’m going to get hit by an attack like that, though.”

I dodge it with room to spare and shoot another arrow.

And I gouge out its flesh the same way, but the part I gouged out the first time is already regenerating.

“This is going to break my bones……”

At any rate, it looks like I won’t lose if I keep fighting like this, but I don’t think I’ll win either.


“That’s if I don’t use my new deathblow.

Penetrate! Magic Light Arrow!!!!!!!”

The next moment, an arrow of incomparably greater size than the [Magic Arrow] is released, piercing through the boss’s massive body and blasting it to pieces with a shockwave through the boss.

I didn’t get Tagaya, but I hope you’ll forgive me for doing that.

But they’re not going to let the fight end just yet.


The boss’s bodies that had blown up earlier gradually gathered and regenerated into a single mass.

“You’re lying ……, right ……”

And not only that, the tentacle number is increasing, and the amount of flesh seems to be increasing too.

“Seriously, ……”

Even the [Magic Light Arrow] can’t defeat it

And then, as if it sensed that I was thinking, it attacked me with multiple tentacles simultaneously, making them twitch like whips.

The attack was faster than before, and I barely managed to avoid it.


I think as I desperately avoid it.

“How can I beat this guy…..!”

But I couldn’t immediately come up with an idea that would break out of this situation and could think of a way to break through while simply dodging the attack.


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