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Extra Chapter by Alex

The Unexpected

“Is that the last one”

The explorers who fought at the entrance of the Rock Cave Dungeon defeated the 25th wave and the last orc.

Now there will be no more monsters coming out of the dungeon in this demon runaway.

So all that remains is to defeat the high orc that should be revived will become the key to the demon stampede, and secure Tagaya.

Well, I don’t know if Tagaya is still alive.

It was Tagaya who started the demon stampede.

But it doesn’t mean the orc won’t attack Tagaya.

Well, the explorers around the dungeon should have gathered and started to form a party to defeat the boss, the high orc.

I’ll join them.

“Hmm …… hmm~”

I was about to jump off the roof of a building when I saw something I shouldn’t have seen.

No, it wasn’t a ghost or anything.

“No, why are the orc still coming out”

The orc was still coming out of the dungeon of the rock cave, emitting a red aura.

Why ……

The 25 waves should have ended earlier, so there should be no orcs coming out of the dungeon.

Don’t tell me it’s because this monster stampede is an unusual irregularity.

If so, my bad premonition earlier was correct.

My bad premonition.

That was the [Wrath] skill that Tagaya used.

That skill is a skill that affects the dungeon itself.

I thought that because I saw the red aura the orc was emitting and the monsters running amok.

If that’s the case, we’re in serious trouble.

The absolute rule for monster stampedes until now has been the upper limit on the number of waves a monster can appear.

If it disappears or the number of times increases, it means that monster rampage orcs will appear infinitely.

If that happens, no matter how high-level the explorers near the dungeon are, they will be crushed by the monsters at some point.

In other words, the explorers in the Rock Cave Dungeon will get wiped out if they are not quick.

Of course, this is just a possibility.

But there is no doubt that Tagaya is the cause of the monster stampede.

The explorers who gathered around the dungeon have also noticed something unusual and are returning to fight the orcs.

If I don’t join them, this is not good.

If I don’t reduce their numbers, the explorers will be in danger because of it, and I, as well as the other explorers, can’t afford to go to Tagaya’s place.

Reinforcements! Hurry Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Now it’s getting a little tougher in 30 waves…….”

We can defeat the orcs.

But they are many of them, and more importantly, their strength is increasing.

In case you’re wondering, the explorers should have improved their level and status by taking on the orcs, but they can’t push it back.

“Reinforcements are …… yeah”

My eyesight was enhanced by the [Hawk Eye], and my vision caught sight of several vehicles approaching the battlefield.

Are those reinforcements

Finally! Those guys are too late!

“Finally, they’re here!”

There were three cars in total.

The cars stopped right next to the group of orcs.

Of course, the car became the target for the orcs, and as the orcs tried to approach the car.

–The orcs tried to get close to the car, but they collapsed on the spot.

At the same time, the car door opened, and a group of explorers with various weapons came out.

One of them had already finished off the orc.

The other explorers had begun to take down one of each.

From the strength with which they were defeating the orc.

They could defeat a C-rank monster.

But in terms of strength, they barely defeat the enhanced boss monsters in the D-rank dungeon.

Something like that, I guess.

But with this one.

“It looks like I can get close too.”

I take down orcs from the roof of a building with a better view to make the most of my [Lock-On], but I don’t need to do that anymore.

After shooting out my last three arrows, I climb down from the roof of the building and run off to join the searchers around the dungeon.

“Rin! Rina! Anju!”

As I approached the Rock Cave Dungeon, the three did their job.

Rin and Anju are fighting against the orcs, while Rina is sending light to the injured explorers to heal them.

I, for the moment, shoot out a [Magic Arrow] while running and run toward Rin and the others while defeating the orcs that fight Rin and the others.

“Ah! Amamiya-san! Thanks!”


Good job.”

“Oh, thank you!”

As soon as I join them, all three immediately thank me.

By the way, everyone is getting used to fighting.

Rin has also decided that this is not the time to hide her unique skill for once, she’s using [God Speed], and her body is faintly glowing.

I think Anju is also using [Analysis], and I saw Rina hit the orcs with her mace while recovering from the battle.

This combat level is already the norm when dealing with orcs, isn’t it

That red aura strengthened the orc’s status, but they’re amazing.

No, seriously, if you think about me at the same time.


I’ll stop.

I’m getting sad.

“Okay, so the reinforcements are here.

We need to hold out a little longer! Let’s go for it!”

After saying that, I held up my bow toward the orcs.

Then, all the explorers who had come with reinforcements went into the dungeon, leaving one person behind.

The remaining explorer was a muscular man with long hair.

He was wearing armor, but it was only on his upper body, which was also gimpy and looked as if it would pop at any moment.

He doesn’t have any weapons, so he probably fights with magic or bare hands, but yeah.

Judging from that body, it’s an unarmed fist.

Does the fact that he’s alone really mean that he’s going to leave a minimal force behind to take down the boss and secure Tagaya

Well, it would be a lot easier if they leave one person behind, and that’s fine, but I wonder if it’s ……

I have a bad feeling about this.

It’s not a bad premonition that feels like something dangerous, but I can’t say it well.


What is this feeling

“What’s wrong”

“No, nothing.

I just have a bad feeling.”

“A bad feeling What do you mean by that”

As I was having a conversation with a nearby Rina, a man shouted.

“Come on! You guys get away from me right now! I can’t be responsible if you get involved!”

As soon as I heard those words, the man struck a pose – a so-called side chest – and his T-shirt and protective gear went flying off.



I was stunned, my head unable to catch up with the sudden event, and Rina screamed, her face turning bright red.

And the man, without paying any attention to it, took out from his pants pocket what seemed to be perfume in a bottle shaped like the ones I often see.

“This is my power! Now let’s go, orcs! [Odor Cannon]—-ooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The next moment, the man takes the bottle’s spout and covers his head with the perfume.

Then, a strong smell blew out from his body, and the whole area was enveloped in a floral fragrance.

No, it was not the level of being enveloped.

I picked my nose as quickly as I could, but even so, the smell was so strong that it lingered in my nose, almost making my nose bend.

Moreover, the orcs who smelled it suddenly stopped moving one after another, writhing in agony.

“What was that

“I don’t know.”

Rin, who was approaching me, asked me a question, but to be honest, I didn’t know what was going on either.

The only thing I do know is the man not only inflicted a lot of damage on the orcs.

But he finished them off too.

“Phew, now I’m invincible.

This unique skill of mine, the [Odor Cannon], destroys the orc’s sense of smell by maximizing my scent.

I used perfume because this is a town.

I would have used something more powerful with a stronger scent in the dungeon.”


Let’s not get involved in this guy.

It looks bad, and from what he just said, the smell would be even more outrageous in a dungeon, right

“Wow, that’s amazing.

I’ve never seen a move like that.”


Yeah, it’s amazing.

But I don’t think I’ll ever go near it again.”

“That’s true.”

He said it was a unique skill to defeat monsters by smell alone…

He said it was a unique skill, and in the beginning, it would have been a weak skill like mine, but how could it become that powerful

Well, the monsters were orcs with an excellent sense of smell, which was probably one of the reasons he could defeat them just by destroying the orc’s sense of smell.

It wouldn’t work on a monster that doesn’t have an excellent sense of smell or a monster that doesn’t have a sense of smell, such as treants.

It wouldn’t work, would it

Well, maybe the orcs died from the smell, but monsters often have better five senses than people, so I wonder if they die from shock or something from that smell.

It’s a silly reason, but that’s about the only one I can think of, and I think that’s the most likely theory at the moment.

Because how else could he beats them It’s impossible, right

“Oh You’re out there again [Odor Cannon]!”

And the man continues to defeat the orcs coming out of the dungeon while wearing perfume on his head over and over again.

Can’t I leave it to that guy and go secure Tagaya myself But the party for reinforcements is already going, and even if I go now, people will ask me, “What are you here for” That’s the end of it.

So I kept looking at the orcs being killed by the scent, holding my nose and watching the explorers who had been fighting earlier.


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