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An Anomaly

When we returned to the ground, we found a group of explorers who had probably come out of the dungeon just like us.

All of them had their weapons at the ready, and it seemed they were about to start defeating the orcs.

The monsters must have already begun to appear on the ground.

Judging from the orc corpses already lying here and there.

“The evacuation of civilians from the vicinity of the Cave Rock Dungeon has been completed.

We did the evacuation with the help of the explorers who cannot fight the monsters in the E-rank dungeon in the vicinity.”

“And the reinforcements”

“That’s because today is Sunday, and it seems the explorers are far away.

No explorers who can come immediately, so we have requested the association, so we will probably have reinforcements in two hours.”

Hearing the man who is probably the observer of this dungeon and one strong-looking explorer, I feel relieved and feel sorry for the other explorers.

“Yeah, we should talk about the boss room.”

“Rin and the others should stay there where the wounded are gathered.

I’ll talk to the observer about the boss room for a bit.”

“Okay, okay! Please, Amamiya-san!”

I parted from the three and dragged the two black-clad men closer to the man I assumed to be the observer I was talking to earlier.

Well, at least I’m an explorer.



I can get a good view of the dungeon entrance from here.”

I called out to the man I assumed to be the observer, and handed the two black-suited men over to him as soon as I explained the situation.

Then, I left the place using [Stealth], climbed to the roof of the building and peeked into the dungeon.

Near the entrance, explorers with shields fight against the orcs that came out from the dungeon, with explorers with swords, spears, and other melee weapons.

The explorers not using guns very often, perhaps thinking of misfiring because they are not a sure-hit like me.

The explorers who use magic are well-rotated, throwing their magic at the entrance and successfully defeating the orcs without involving the explorers in the vanguard.

“But still, there are too many orcs, aren’t there”

There are what we explorers call waves in the monster stampede.

That phenomenon occurs in dungeons where monsters appear one after another in separate stages.

In a high-rank dungeon, such as an A-rank dungeon, there are only 3 to 5 waves, which is quite a few, perhaps because the monsters are strong.

But this is an E-rank dungeon.

Because the monsters are weak, the number of monsters per wave is large, and the number of waves is also large.

No, seriously.

I saw a video on PouTube, but it came out all at once! There were as many as I thought.

“Oh That is dangerous!”

The explorer, who was about to be crushed by the club of the orc that I could see with my improved eyesight from his [Hawk’s Eye], shot out an arrow made with [Magic Arrow] to save the explorer.

The arrow strikes the head of the orc and succeeds in knocking it down with a single blow.

The rescued explorer looked around, but there was no way he could find me on the roof of the building, so he went straight back to fighting the orcs.

“This is the 20th wave.

This should be enough to last until reinforcements arrive.”

This time, I was lucky that the explorers in the dungeon area of the rock cave were of a high level.

If there had been only ordinary low-level explorers, we would have been wiped out in no time.

I mean, are the reinforcements here yet

“Hang on a little longer …… yeah”

I thought the next wave had started because the orcs came out of the dungeon again, but upon closer inspection, they weren’t normal orcs, were they

I saw something like a red aura on the orcs.

…… But isn’t that the same as the one in Tagaya

“That’s …… no way.

That can’t be …… right”

A possibility popped into my head.

No, but that’s a bit of a stretch.


“But it’s the same no matter how you look at it, right ……”

That red aura-like thing looks the same as the one Tagaya was wearing.

And if you [appraise] it, the status is also marked as rage as well as the state abnormality.

…… It’s the same skill name Tagaya was shouting.


“And it’s kind of strong, isn’t it”

The orcs were pushing the explorers who fought with them.

Is the status of the orcs being raised

If so, it’s not good if it continues like this.

I’m cutting down on the number of orcs, but orcs are coming out more than I’m cutting down.

Besides, I’m managing to hold out for now, but there’s no guarantee that other monsters won’t appear at any moment.

“It’s an E-rank dungeon, so the maximum should be 5 more waves, I guess I can make it then.”

The maximum number of waves in an E-rank dungeon is 25.

The maximum number of waves in an E-rank dungeon is 25.

20 waves have already been completed, and including the current wave, there are only 5 waves left.

Can we manage this


This time, to accelerate the speed of reducing the number, I made three [Magic arrows] and shot them at different orcs.

As expected, this will work, right

The three arrows shot out with this hit the Orcs emitting a red aura and blowing away all the Orcs that were behind them.

Yeah, it worked as usual.

It worked just fine.

With this–

“Looks like I can manage!”

Anyway, shooting, shooting, shooting.

I made three arrows at a time with my magic arrows and shot them out, aiming at the orcs.

And every time I did, the orcs behind them would get caught up in it and fall.

This time, I’ll keep shooting.

My MP consumption has decreased, my total amount of MP has increased, and my MP recovery speed has also increased, so I don’t have to worry about MP, so I’ll keep shooting.

Well, we’ll see what happens the rest of the way.

I hope it ends like this.


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