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The Power of Emotion

While holding a dagger to Tagaya, I recommend he surrender.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it! Why can’t things go well like this!”

Tagaya gets frustrated and gets down on his knees after hearing my words.

“It’s your fault! Everything has gone wrong since you came!”

Tagaya suddenly began to rant and rave.

He’s very angry with me.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to listen to what you have to say.

Just get caught like an adult.”

“Screw you! Who’s going to get caught by you”

Tagaya has refused to accept my surrender offer.

I had no choice.

“Then I’m sorry, but let me go by force a little …… yeah”

I thought about catching him by force and taking him to the ground, but something wrong with him.

“…… sure…… ………… you.”

Tagaya’s voice, which had been making a lot of noise earlier, was getting quieter, and he gradually lost his articulation.

And finally, he just mumbled something.

“Um, is that person okay”

In this state, Rin asks me with a worried look on her face if Tagaya is okay.

And as if in response to Rin’s voice, Tagaya moves his head with a grimace that I can almost hear, and his bloodshot eyes look somewhere into the void.

“Oh! Give it to me! Anyway, I’m done here! Then I’ll give you everything, so send it to me!!!”

And then he started screaming like a madman.

What’s this scary

While I’m thinking like that, Tagaya’s body suddenly starts glowing.





We were blinded by the light and involuntarily turned our heads away.

Then, thinking that the light had subsided, we opened our eyes.

There was Tagaya, clad in a red aura of some kind that we couldn’t quite make out.

“Oh, come on, ……, seriously”

I’m stunned by his transformation.

He hadn’t even tried to use that thing when he was cornered earlier, but when he suddenly started screaming, there it is.

I don’t get it.

“Hey, what is that ……”

“Ah, Amamiya-san, what is it What is it

“What is this”

The three also looked at Tagaya, who had suddenly changed, with puzzled expressions.

That’s right.

I don’t understand it.

“Ah……aaaah! That’s good! If only I had this! I can be stronger! I’ll have power that no one can beat!”

Tagaya grins and raises the corners of his mouth while wearing a red aura all over his body.

Then Tagaya opened his status to see what it was and grinned.

Something feels wrong.

“I’m going to show you, bastards! My power ah! [Wrath]!!!!!!!!”

Tagaya, would it be a skill The boss’s room, or rather the dungeon, suddenly started shaking as he shouted the name of something.

“Hey, what’s this


“Watch out ……!”

Rin is panicking, and Rina is dismayed.

Anju, perhaps sensing something, is calmly protecting everyone.

And I have a bad feeling that the dungeon itself is shaking.

I mean, there’s only one thing I can think……!

“A monster stampede!”

I end up yelling.

I’m pretty sure that “monster stampede” is a phenomenon where the dungeon shakes like this and monsters keep appearing.

Why is that happening now

“Gahahaha! How about the power of my anger I caused this monster outburst too! This dungeon is mine now!”‘

Tagaya’s laughter echoes.

I knew he was the one who triggered the monster stampede!

But here first–

“All three of you! Let’s get out of here!”

“Eh,…… but Amamiya-san! If we leave him like this,……”

“No! No! Fighting him now is a bad idea!”

If I believe Tagaya, this time’s demon runaway was an unusual irregularity caused by him.

It’s different from a normal demon stampede.

And if I do something wrong, the damage could be much worse.

If that happens, I might be able to save myself by clearing the monsters from the list, but not Rin and the others.

Rin and her friends are not at a level where they can handle the endless number of E-rank monsters that are coming at them.

And while dealing with Tagaya, who has acquired strange powers Impossible.

So the best thing to do now is to run for it.

Fortunately, Tagaya is drunk with power, or he would give a high laugh.

I’m glad Tagaya is an idiot.

And if he had attacked me, I wouldn’t have been able to escape.

“Amamiya-san! Don’t you have to fight!”

“I can’t right now! Our priority is to get on the ground sooner rather than later! Because I can’t afford to fight while protecting Rin and the others!”

“Ugh …… sure …… I understand.

Let’s go! Rina, Anju.”

Hearing my words, Rin looks frustrated, but quickly switches over and calls out to Rina and Anju.

We then left the boss’s room, keeping a wary eye on Tagaya, and ran as fast as we could from the dungeon.

We also drag the two fainting people behind us.


“What is this, what is this!!!!”


“There are too many!”

“Just run away!!!!!!!!”

I glance back and see a horde of orcs chasing us from behind.

When I took the course to qualify as an explorer, I was taught to go above ground once the dungeon shook, and since we were on the lowest level where the boss room was, we wouldn’t get anyone else involved, but there were still an unusual number of them.

…… No, seriously, there are a lot of them, okay

Specifically, so many that the aisles were pretty much with orcs.

“Damn! How many large-scale monster stampedes did that Tagaya guy cause!”

A swarm of E-ranks is not a big problem for me, but if it’s that many, I can’t do it.

Even if I was winning by sheer strength, the orc could crush me by their sheer numbers.

Besides, we can’t just run away to the ground like this.

We have to reduce the orc’s numbers somehow.


“Rin and the others, take these guys and go ahead.


I stop and turn around, tossing the two who were dragging me forward and instructing the three of them.

I’m sure those two are explorers too, and they won’t die from this much.


“Eh! Wait a minute! I’ll fight with you!”

“That’s right, Amamiya-san.

Are you going to fight alone”

“I’ll fight with you.

You can’t fight that many by myself.”

Rin, Anju, and Rina also stopped and prepared to fight, each with their weapons at the ready.

I’m so glad that they want to fight with me.


“No, I shouldn’t have said it like that.”

I say, then take out the Dragon Tree Bow from the [Item Box] and aim it at the horde of orcs that are still chasing us.

“What I meant to say was–”

Consuming 1000 magic power, I activate the new effect that [Magic Arrow] has gained with its skill level now at 20.

“–I meant to tell you to go ahead because you’re going to get caught up ……!”

A huge arrow is attached to the bow.

It’s a huge arrow, incomparable to the arrows I’ve been creating with [Magic Arrow] until now.

It is ridiculously large, but even so, I can pull the string enough because of the size of Dragon Tree Bow.

And now that I have reached skill level 20 in [Magic Arrow], I can use a new skill…

“Blow it up! [Divine Bolt]!!!!”

Due to the blow I fired, the giant arrow that had been transparent turned into a dazzling torrent of light.

It instantly burst into a light that filled my field of vision and ran through the dungeon like a laser beam.

The floor of the dungeon cracked in places, and dust fell from the ceiling, perhaps as an aftermath of the [Magic Light Arrow] I released.

And when the dust cleared, what was there weren’t orcs, but only a piece of flesh.

“…… Fuuhhh…….”

It was the first time I’d ever used it, but it work surprisingly well.

However, perhaps because it was too powerful, it even broke the dungeon wall.

Well, it’s an emergency, the dungeon repairs itself soon after its destruction, so it should be fine.

And the [Magic Light Arrow] from earlier.

It’s my new power, but it’s outrageous.

It’s worth spending 1000 MP.

Well, instead of being more powerful, it has a light attribute, so it can no longer slip through doors.

I guess I’ll have to give up on that.

“Amamiya-san! That’s amazing!”

“Oh, I’ve never seen anything like that.”

“I knew it.

Amami- is strong.”

All three of them praise me.

That was the greatest attack I could have made.

I can’t do anything better than that.

“I think we’re safe for a while now, so let’s go to the ground.”

Thus, we could return to the ground in relative safety, perhaps because we had destroyed the orcs once.


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