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High Orc Subjugation

“Okay, we’re here.”

“Ha ha ha …… Amamiya-san, you’re too fast ……”

“Ha ha ha …… really …… fast …… ha ha ha ha ……”

“I can’t …… anymore …….”

“No, sorry.

I’m just having fun.”

I hadn’t run that fast in a long time without thinking about anything, so I felt good.


“I think I’ll take a break for now.”



“Well, I agree ……”


All three sit down on the ground as they seem to have lost a lot of energy.

Even though they weren’t keeping up with my running speed, they ran so hard to catch up with me.

Even if their status is better than before, they would still be out of breath.

I’m the cause, but I have no regrets or remorse! It was fun!

“Here, water.”

I pull a plastic bottle of water from my item box and hand it to the three.

“Oh, thank you …….”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you.

I’m thirsty.

Thank you.”

The three of them drank their water in vigorous gulps.

They must have been very thirsty.

The water in the plastic bottles was gone in no time.

“Whew, I’m back to life.


“Yes …… it was very good.”

“An oasis in the desert.

It was delicious.”

The three sat down and drank their water, smiling as if they had regained their energy.

“Well then, let’s get rest before we take on the high orc.

While you girls are at it if there’s anything you want to ask me, just ask.”

“Ummm …… Ah! Amamiya-san, I mean, what level are you at right now!”

Rin suddenly stands up and asks me.

Oh, didn’t I mention that


“Not telling.”

–I’m not going to tell you.

Because until the other day, I was diving in the Rock Cave Dungeon, and now I’m ridiculously leveled up, so they’ll think I’m crazy.


“Well, you guys taught me about unique skills, and I’ll tell you about my unique skills.”

Well, if it’s about unique skills, fine.

Or rather, if I don’t tell them, I’ll be the only one who finds out about their unique skill, and I’ll be the scumbag who doesn’t tell me.

Besides, if I tell them about the [Magic Arrow] first, they’ll all think I only have one unique skill.

That way they won’t think I have two unique skills.

…… Kukuku.

My perfect plan.

“What Unique skill! Amamiya-san has it too!”

“This is a surprise, I have it.”

“I, I’m curious.”

“Tell me.”

When I told them I would teach them about my unique skill, they all came at me with shining eyes.

Oh, oh.

It’s a little embarrassing if they are interested in it so much.

And at the same time, I feel guilty for trying to teach them about unique skills to fool them.

“Oh, oh.

My unique skill is called [Magic Arrow], and it’s a skill that consumes MP to make magic arrows appear.

By the way, the attack power of the arrow I make depends on y mental power status.”

When I said that, the three of them froze with surprised expressions.

“What’s wrong”

“Wait, wait a minute! Is it an arrow Amamiya-san used a dagger, right!”

“So, and yet you use an arrow means you also use a bow”

“It’s broken!”

One after another, thoughts and questions about my [Magic Arrow] came to me.

“No, well, sure, I use a bow.

I mean, the bow is my main weapon.

The dagger is my sub-weapon, in case of monsters come closer to me.”

Monsters haven’t come closer to me, so it’s simply a melee combat weapon.

“Ha~ I guess you can do a lot of things when you’re at a higher level~”

“Well, yeah.

But the three of us can do the same things in no time.”

That is what I think.

As long as they raise their level, they should be able to do it soon.

Even at this point, the three of us are highly skilled.

If their skills and levels catch up with this.

They should become much stronger.

“Woo~! All right! End of the break! Rina! Anju! Amamiya-san! Let’s go quickly!”

Yeah, yeah!


Here we go.

After our break, the four of us went into the boss’s room to defeat the high orcs.

By that time, Rin and the other three had recovered enough energy to take a break.

They recover fast, huh

And when I, the last one to enter the boss room, the door to the boss room closes as usual.

And then a high orc, not white or anything, appeared in the center of the room as usual.


The high orc yells and glares at us.

“All right! Let’s go!”



The high orc seems to target Rin, who is the first to attack and rushes toward her with his club at the ready.


Rin bows down and swings her one-handed sword sideways in response to the high orc’s attack.

The high orc catches the attack with its club and leaps backward at an angle to kill the power of the attack.

The high orc catches Rin’s attack, but it seems to do little damage as it moves back a bit.


Then, taking advantage of the gap, Anju moves behind the high orc and, holding her dagger in her opposite hand, thrusts it toward the orc’s heart.

But the high orc, perhaps noticing this, moves one step to avoid the dagger.


And then, using the centrifugal force as it is, it unleashes a kind of back fist at Anju.


Anju seems to fly toward being blown away by herself, then spins around in the air a few times, killing her momentum and landing on the ground.


Then immediately, light flew from Rina toward Anju, and when it hit Anju, Anju’s body began to glow faintly.


Thank you, Rina.”

“Never mind! I’ll focus on recovery this time, so please take care of the attack!”

“I’ll leave it to you.”

While they were having this conversation, the high orc swung its club down at Rin.


In response, Rin dodges the swinging club and slashes the high orc’s arm.

But the wound is shallow and not too serious.

“Ah! It’s too hard already!”

Rin exclaimed, and before she knew it, Anju, who had moved behind her, stabbed the high orc repeatedly in the back with her dagger.


Then, as Anju pulled out the dagger, blood poured out of it.

“Gu, guaaa…….”

After that, the high orc finally feels the pain and screams in anguish.

However, when I looked at the high orc’s HP with [Appraisal], I saw that it had only been reduced to 60 of its 2000 HP so far in the battle.

“…… No good, it’s not working at all.”

“But it’s working at least, right Then we just have to attack it!”

Rin said and showed a different stance than usual, one that seemed to specialize in thrusting.

Oh Finally, use it.

Unique skill.

“Here I go! God Speed!”

As Rin said that, Rin’s entire body emitted a thin light, and the next moment she was moving to the back of the high orc.

That’s fast.


She then swung her sword in the same manner as before.

The speed at which she swung her sword and the speed at which she approached the high orc was incomparably faster than before, and the high orc couldn’t even react, Rin’s making a wound on its back and a wound on its side.

“Guh, gah ……”

“Not even close!”

Rin continues to swing her sword while moving around, even more, causing more and more cuts on the high orc’s body.

In response, the high orc manages to attack with its cudgel in an attempt to fight back, but Rin avoids that as well without difficulty.

“Don’t forget me too.”

And in the meantime, Anju slashed the high orc again with her dagger.

The place where he slashed was the tendon of his leg.

The high orc, having been slashed in its tendon, loses balance and falls to its knees.

“If it was tossed around by Rin that much, even I could easily target its weak spot.”

Indeed, as Anju said, the high orc was tossed around, with Rin and Anju taking turns attacking the high orc.

Finally, the high orc couldn’t stand and crawled on all fours.

“This is the end!!!!!!!”

Rin instantly spun around behind the high orc, regained her grip on her sword in both hands, and thrust the sword as hard as she could from her back into the high orc.


And the high orc that stabbed with Rin’s sword let out a small cry, then fell forward and remained motionless.

“~! I did it! I won! I won! Rina! Anju!”

Rin pulls her sword out of the high orc’s body and then jumps up and down on the spot with glee.

“Hey, we did it, Anju-chan!”


Good job.”

Rina and Anju high-five happily.

Yeah, they did a good job.

But even so, I’m not sure if I can overwhelm a high orc to this extent.

I guess unique skills, including mine, are broken.

But now I know that Rin and her team can conquer the E-rank dungeon.

So I’m back to the days of leveling up.

I’m a little sad, but I’ve been through the same thing.

I’ll be patient.

Now let’s go back to the ground and celebrate Rin and her team’s success in conquering the E-rank dungeon.

“So …… what do you think The girls are tired after defeating the boss, so if you have something to say, please make it quick.

What can I do for you three”

I ask the three who came through the door as I turn toward the open door.

The three are men, and two are the same two suspicious-looking men I saw in this dungeon a week ago, dressed all in black.

These two are still just out of manners.

With the party down the boss, it’s no wonder they don’t wait for us to come out and come in, sometimes without realizing it.

But the last one.

That was the problem.

The last one was a man who was supposed to be the observer of the Demon Dog Dungeon and was still under house arrest.

It was Tagaya.


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