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Unique Skills


It has been a week since I started teaching Rin and her party.

Since then, Rin and her party have grown a lot.

They are better and stronger than I was when we were around the same level.

It’s a little complicated.

Well, their level is not quite up to where they can safely take down high orcs, but it’s still good enough.


“Yes! We beat it!”

And there was Rin in front of me, rejoicing at having defeated an orc.

“You’re getting stronger, aren’t you Compared to when we first started, there’s a huge difference.

If we keep this up, I think you could safely defeat the high orc in about another month.”

I mean, those girls.

I knew their movement was better than their level.

I honestly feel like they are beyond the framework of talent.

“…… Aren’t you guys kind of strong”

I ask Rin and the others the question I’ve been thinking about.

“Let’s see,…… what should we do Rina-chan, Anju-chan Is it okay if I teach him……”

“Umm…… I think it’s okay if you teach him.”


I agree.

Amami~ is trustworthy.”

Then the three of them gather together and whisper something in secret.

I can’t hear what they said, but they are probably deciding whether or not to tell me.

Well, I’m pretty sure they’re talking about something secret.

“Well, …… our father is an ex-explorer, so he taught us many things.”

Well, that’s common.

Parents of former or current explorers do not oppose their children who want to become explorers and teach them how to use wooden weapons and handle them from childhood so they don’t die in the dungeon.

That is quite common.

I’ve heard it makes it easier to get weapon-related skills when they manifest status because of it.

“I see.

That makes sense.”

I see.

They can move so well at that age because they’ve been training since he was a child.

That’s something I figured out pretty quickly when I thought about it.

“Well, that’s not all, though.”

“…… Eh”

Anju said an outrageous word.

What do you mean

“We all have unique skills, don’t we”

“…… Heh”

Rin’s words unintentionally made me say a strange voice come out.

All three of them have unique skills.

That’s pretty amazing.

“The unique skill I have is called [God Speed].”

“Wow, mine is [Future Sight].”

“Mine is [Analysis].

I can examine anything.”

…… That was quite a surprise.

No, seriously.

There are people with unique skills, but I can tell just by their names.

It’s a pretty powerful skill.

Rin’s [God Speed], Rina’s [Future Sight], and Anju’s [Analysis]

Among these, [Future Prediction] is by far the most powerful.

I don’t know how much she can see the future, or what the cost will be, and I don’t know what the conditions are, but if she met the conditions, she could see the future.

If people discover it, there will be a war of attrition involving the whole country.

“Well, there’s also the fact that we all have unique skills, but our fathers told us never to tell anyone except people we trust! I said, but you can trust Amamiya-san, so…”

“…… Oh, so that’s what you mean.”

I understood it all.

So you were hiding your unique skills and at the same time, from the fathers’ point of view, you were preventing strange bugs from attracting their daughters.

Well, it’s true that just having three beautiful girls of that level at a party could make some people think something strange, but if they knew that all of them have unique skills.

“Rin and the others should thank your fathers.

No, seriously.”

“…… Yes!”

“Well, …… we’re always grateful.



Yeah, they’re nice.

“By the way, is it okay if I ask what your unique skills do”

I ask the three of them, mainly Rina.

I asked Rina because I decided she would be the most accurate of the three in telling me.

And I want to know the exact effect of the unique skill because depending on the unique skill’s effect, might change my plans for the future.

“Yes, it’s okay.

I heard that Rin’s [God Speed] is an ability like doubling your speed, and in my case, it allows me to see a small part of the future.

But it uses quite a lot of MP, so I can’t use it properly now.”

“Apparently And it uses that much MP”

Even if I estimate it quite low now, Rina’s level should be 40.

And she still can’t use it properly

How much MP does she use

“Let’s see, it’s ……2000.”


That’s another amazing skill.

At 2000, that’s a number that would take more than half of my MP, right

“That’s also amazing …….”

“Well, I’ve never used it once because of that 2000 MP.

Let’s see, back to the story.

The other thing is that Anju-chan’s [Analysis] skill can analyze whatever the target is.

So, it’s useful against monsters because you can find their weak points.”

“I see.

That’s certainly useful.”

If you know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

You have an overwhelming advantage in battle.

And that’s even if it’s an unknown enemy.

I have a feeling these kids are going to be pretty big players when they grow up.

“Well, that’s about it, isn’t it”

“That’s right… Maybe I didn’t have much to teach you…”

“But that’s all of it, no problem.”

“Well, thanks for telling me about your unique skills”

I’m pretty happy that you trust me this much, to be honest.

“I see.

…… What do you want to do then Should we try the high orc”

Defeating the high orcs should be possible even with Rin and the others.

But I won’t let them push themselves too hard.

I’ll be there to support them when they fight the high orcs, and I’ll be there to heal them with my potions if they get into trouble.

So I’ll always be ready to help them if they’re in danger.

“What Are you sure”

“Yeah, it’s good enough as far as the attack on the orcs is concerned.

Besides, I’d like to see you three using your unique skills to fight the high orc.”

“Yes! Then let’s go, let’s go! Rina, Anju, I’m coming!”

“Wait, Rin-chan!

“Rin, it’s dangerous if you go first”

Rin ran ahead of me, and Rina and Anju followed her.

I think they are good friends.

“Well then, let’s go!”

I run as fast as I can after the three of them.

“Ah, Amamiya-san!”

I run past Rin and the others and keep running.

At that moment, I hear Rin’s surprised voice coming from behind me, but I ignore it as I run and head for the boss’s room where the high orcs are.

Take it easy I don’t know that!


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