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“Yay – I’m in the boss room!!!!”


Yay, we did it, Rin-chan.


“Mmm, we did it, you two!”

After that, the three of them continued, kicking away the orcs that appeared along the way, and we reached the boss’s room.

The door to the boss room was open, and there was no sign of anyone on this level, so we knew there was no one there.

Still, it was awesome.

I guess they had allocated the BP and SP they had received when they leveled up along the way, and now all three of them were all at once stronger and able to defeat their orc opponents with quite a bit of leeway.

Anju’s surprise attack from a high-speed move with her dagger was slicing through the orcs’ necks before they could react, and Rina’s attack was also quite powerful with just a full swing of her mace.

Rin was also attacking with a one-handed sword, but I think she was doing quite a bit of damage, perhaps because she was attacking with a sharp aim and was wounding the orc’s body more and more.

And so, in no time at all, we were in front of the boss room, and–

“Well, I’m not going to let you guys fight the boss.”

“Oh, Amamiya-san.”

“It’s Amamiya.”

“Um, Amamiya-san, what does that mean”

I deactivated my [Stealh] skill and appeared in front of the three.

But the three looked at me without being surprised.

I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t surprise them.

“Well, you don’t have enough level.

It’s still impossible at this point.”

“I see.


“I see.



The three look quite depressed, their shoulders slumped.

I guess they were excited at the thought of possibly challenging the boss.

“So what do we do then Do we go back to the ground Or do we go back and hunt orcs again”

I ask, and the three look at each other and begin to consult.

After a while, Rin answered on their behalf.

“Amamiya-san! I have a proposal!”


Before I could say anything about the proposal, I heard Rina’s voice behind me.

“I don’t want to leave already after coming here.”


I don’t want to go home either.

I want to fight more because it’s a good opportunity.”

“But we’re not at a high enough level! So!”


“At least let me see how you fight, so please let me see Amamiya-san fighting!”


It’s certainly a waste to come this far and have nothing to show for it.

But a place where I’m fighting

Considering my current level and status, it’s probably an instant kill, and even if I show it, it doesn’t seem to be of any help.

“That’s fine, but is it good Maybe it won’t even be helpful.”

“Yes! It’s fine!”

“Oh, please!”

“Maybe I’d like to see …….”

“…… Okay, I’ll try it! If you insist, I’ll give it a try!”

I’m sure the three are saying this, and I’m willing to give it a bit of a fight.

I might just watch, considering my status.

Well, I’ll try to show them as much of the high orc’s moves as I can.

If that’s the case, I’ll fight with Dagger of Speed instead of Dragon Tree Bow.

I can’t hold back if I use Dragon Tree Bow, and I’ll probably kill it with one blow.

“However, don’t ever get in front of me.”



I then instruct the three to move away from the boss’s room.

I step into the boss room while holding up my Dagger of Speed.

As Rina, who is in the very back, enters the boss’s room, I hear the door closing behind her as usual.

I then check inside the boss room.

I see a high orc waiting in the center with a cudgel.


The high orc yelps as soon as I spot us and immediately comes toward us.

“That’s fast!”


“Amazing power!”

The three of them shout in surprise, but they don’t move from behind me.

Then, while I’m checking my standing position, the high orc raises his club and rushes forward.


I parry the cudgel as it swings down at me with the peak of my sprinting dagger.

…… Honestly, after the series of exchanges we just had, I was still convinced that if I tried, I’ll kill it instantly.

But it’s nice.

The first time I fought a weaponed opponent with a sprinting dagger, I’m not sure if I would be able to show them a fight.

Let’s take down the high orc, to show Rin and the others a fight and for my special training.

“Well, can’t be helped that I’ll just be the one getting attacked!”


First of all, let’s watch the movements of the high orc.

I need to know how it starts moving and how it attacks.

Then, I took a few hits from the high orc, but none were serious.

It swung its clubs with force, cleaved me to the side, and hit me with its huge body.

Well, I could handle this level of attack with my current status.

And I could feel that I had grown up when I could take on the high orc so far.

But that’s enough.

That should be enough for Rin and the others to see the High Orcs in action.

That’s why.

“And the last!”

“Bumo ……”

Finally, I ends the battle by cutting off the high orc’s head with my Dagger of Speed at the same time the high orc swung its cudgel down on it.

The high orc then collapses to its knees and falls to the ground.

After confirming this, I looked at Rin and the others and saw a stunned, pouting look on their faces.

“That’s the end of it.

What do you think Was that helpful”

I asked, and after the three huffed, Rin was the first to open her mouth.

“Well, uh, uh, uh, uh.

That was awesome! I can’t believe you could defeat the high orc in that split second! And I don’t know how you didn’t shake your body when you move that fast! He came at me like this! And then, just like that! It was like that!”

“Oh, Amamiya-san, you were so cool!”


The handling of the dagger was also very informative.”

And then it was time for the raging feedback to begin.

I’ve never experienced being praised like this, so I’m honestly a little embarrassed.

“Oh, I see.

That’s good.

So I’ll ask you again, what’s next”

I asked this question, and the three looked at each other and nodded.

Rina answered on their behalf of them.

“Let’s go defeat the orcs again! After seeing the battle just now, I want to fight too!”

“Wow, I agree with Rin-chan.”

“Me too.

I want to go as soon as possible.”

“Okay! Let’s go!”

After putting the high orc in the [Item Box], I leave the boss room with the three.

“What Who’s there”

Hearing Rin’s voice, I looked ahead and saw two men there.

One is what is called a sword-off shotgun, I guess.

One was a big guy with a shotgun with a shortened barrel.

The other was a slender man holding what looked like a sniper rifle.

Both men are dressed all in black, wearing black masks.

And to be honest, quite suspicious.

“…… Thanks.”


One bows lightly to us, and the other continues to do so.

Since they greeted us, we had to return the greeting.

Well, it’s an unspoken agreement.

“Hi, thanks for waiting.

We’ve defeated the boss, so you’re next.

As I say this, the two of them get up and move to the closed door for the boss to reappear.

“…… Amamiya-san, what was that earlier”

“Yeah, that was waiting for our turn to take down the boss.

They were waiting for us because we were challenging the high orc.”

I’ll admit, I still think their attire is questionable, but at least now he’s behaving minimally, so it’s not a problem.

“Well then, I guess we’ll be leaving.”

These are the kind of people who should leave immediately.

He may be just not good at communication.

So we moved from the boss room floor and walked through the dungeon to look for the orcs.


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