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Leveling Up and Walking Around

It was morning, and after a long train ride, I came to the Demon Dog Dungeon again.

Before entering the dungeon, I went to Seizou-san’s house and gave him a white evil treant (with the help of the Dagger of Speed to dismantle it), so today I was determined to level up!

I can collect the magic stone and earn a good amount of money.

“I’m sure I’ll be able to get all kinds of items of a rank that I wouldn’t be able to sell considering how I was before I leveled up, so I should try to make money while I can.”

It would be a different story if I belonged to a party or guild, but I don’t think any of them would pick me up now that I’ve made a name for myself as The Guide.

Well, even if they did, it would probably be to train beginners.

“Well, I should work alone at my own pace, so I don’t mind.”

With that said, I proceeded through the demon dog dungeon and arrived at the boss room.

Then, he starts leveling up.



At times, I would fight high kobolds head-on, claws and fangs meeting sprinting daggers.

“Hi, hih.”

Sometimes, I defeat the high kobold by shooting it one-sidedly with my [Magic Arrow] from outside the boss’s room.



I enter the boss’s room and fight it from the front with a bow.

I think the high kobold was crying, but there was no way that was the case, so I ignored it.

And for the twenty-fifth time today.

“And the!”

I shoot a Magic Arrow from outside the boss room and defeat the high kobold.

By the way, I can defeat high kobold in three shots if I use the Dragon Tree Bow.

Dragon Tree bow is strong.

Then, I went into the boss room through the door that opened and retrieved the dead body of the high kobold.

“But is this enough to fill up the Item Box ……”

As expected, it seems that the ones that had been there before I entered the Demon Dog Dungeon, some kobolds, and twenty-five high kobolds were enough to fill up my [Item Box].

“Let’s go back to sell the materials once I’m done.


Today’s earnings were about 80,000 including kobold materials.

I was surprised that no one would find out who was selling them.

They bought all of it without asking me anything.

And my level went up by 274.

Too egregious ……!

Then, even more, the next day.

Today is Saturday.

I’m not going to the dungeon on Saturday and Sunday because people who are explorers on the side and newbie explorers who are students and explorers are diving in the dungeon.

Especially on Saturdays, a lot of people come to the dungeon to take Sundays off, especially the student explorers who are not in good shape.

“What to do, though, …… I’ve been diving in dungeons all week because I’ve been having too much fun leveling up lately.”

I think as I look at my phone.

I’ve only been thinking about diving in dungeons lately, but I’m wondering if there’s anything fun to do.

“Is this a video of Rishe And that time.

Has she finished editing it yet”

I was wondering if anything was interesting I could do with my phone.

Then I found a video of Rishe that was uploaded a while ago.

And the title was “Fierce Battle! Mutant Boss Monster in The Magic Tree Dungeon”.

The Magic Tree Dungeon, Mutant Boss Monster.


That’s a title I can only remember.

“Let’s take a look at it…….

I’m a little curious.”

I hit the play button.

Then the screen changes and the fight in the boss’s room where I fought is shown.

“Wow! That’s me!”

I squealed.

No, I’m fighting, and it’s being filmed in such a beautiful way.

There was nothing to be embarrassed about.

And the line that I said at the time had a slightly chuunibyou feel too.

Aaah~! I’m so embarrassed!

I’ve only glanced at the comments, but I’m too embarrassed to look at them…

And at the end of the fight, the part where I defeated it with a single blow with [Magic Srrow] was also well shown.

In case you were wondering, I could confirm that the [Lock-On] in question wasn’t in the audio, and ok.

“…… Let’s go outside.

I’ll think about it too much if I’m at home.”

So I go for a walk.

“Yeah, it’s a beautiful day.”

I look at the cloudless blue sky and say that.

I’m sure it’s a perfect outdoor day to do something outside at a time like this.

“Well, in my case, there’s no particular reason to go outside.”

I’m still bored at home, and if I’m playing with my phone, there’s always the video, so I might as well go for a walk.

If I don’t take a walk, I’ll die of shame.

Mainly mentally.

I saw that video at the top of the charts.

“Hmm, where should I go”

At any rate, I walk around at random.

I don’t have a specific destination, so if there’s a place I want to go to, I’ll go there, and if I don’t have one, I’ll go home.

It takes a lot of time to walk around.

“……Oh, I miss it.”

After walking for a while, I saw a shopping mall.

It was the same shopping mall where I used to hang out with my former party members when I was in high school.

I have not been to this mall since I left the party.


Let’s go to the arcade for the first time in a while.

I went into the arcade.

When I went to the arcade area, there were not many people, probably because it was still early afternoon.

However, since it was a vacation, I could see some kids playing crane games, arcade games, medal games, etc.

“Oh, I haven’t played gun shooting …… in a while, so I’ll give it a try.”

Remembering the old days, I decided to try the gun-shooting game.

I put in a hundred yen and hold my gun.

“Well, the gains are different from usual, but I wonder if I’ll hit ……”

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to an arcade, and I hope I’m not too dull.

With that thought in mind, the countdown begins for the start of the stage.

And the moment the count reaches zero, I pull the trigger.


“……It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I’m pretty good at it.”

I muttered to myself as I stared at the screen displaying my clear time.

My level and status increased, so my dynamic vision and reflexes improved, but I also had to be careful not to break the gun, so it was a so-so time.

“Well, what should I do next”

There are a few other things I’m interested in, in case you’re wondering.

There were medal games, arcade games, fighting games, racing games, and crane games.

Well, which one should I play

“Maybe I’ll play a crane game.”

Without any particular reason, he decided to pick up a stuffed animal that caught his eye.

The stuffed animal was a deformed but somehow lovable-looking white bear doll.

“Okay, let’s go to …….”

I put in 100 yen and operates the button to move the arm.

The first time, the left claw of the arm is used to bring it closer to the exit.

Insert another 100 yen.

The second time, use the right claw to lift it.

Then, insert another 100 yen (see below).

The third time is…

“Whoa, that worked.”

On my third try, I lifted it well and took it to the exit.


That worked.”

I got it!

I’m not that good at crane games, so it’s hard for me to get it in one shot, but I was lucky to get it in three tries.


…… I think I should go home.

…… Yeah”

I was about to stand up with the stuffed polar bear I was taking.

A little further on, a girl wearing a hat and sunglasses is attached to the crane game.

No, it’s probably a strange way of saying it, but I think this expression fits.

She’s been in the same spot since I was playing the gun shooter.

“…… has that girl been there the whole time”

If she’s been there all the time.

How much is she spending on that crane game

“Well, I guess it’s none of my business.”

That’s when I got up and was about to leave the place.

“U~…… ah!”

I heard a girl shout.

What is it I turned around.

Then I saw a girl approaching me.

I kept looking at her.

She came right in front of me, so I quickly cut my gaze and started walking away.

“Wait, wait a minute!”

Then she immediately ran and grabbed my shoulder.

Oh, this is a bad one.

I felt like I was on the battle screen of a video game where I couldn’t escape.

I had no choice now, so I looked at the guy with a wary look on my face, ready to fight back no matter what he did to me.

“Well, who …… are you”

The girl hides her face with a hat and sunglasses.

But I can see her blonde hair and blue eyes through the little gap between them.

I have an idea of who has these features.

I’ve seen her face the day before yesterday.

“…… Rishe”

“Yes! It’s been a day since the day before yesterday, isn’t it, big brother!”

The girl who grabbed me by the shoulder was Rishe, with whom defeated the white evil treant with me the day before yesterday.


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