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Picking Skills Time

After thinking about it for a while, I figured it out.

Rishe had said she ran out of MP during the battle, so there was no way she had that much MP left.

I escorted Rishe who had run out of MP, through the Magic Tree Dungeon and sent her outside.

Rishe looked apologetic the whole way, but I didn’t have a problem with it, so I didn’t have to worry about it that much.

“Oh, I’m so tired!”

And I stretch a lot as I walk home.

It has been a day full of too many things.

……, Or rather the mutant boss monster evil treant.

In addition to that, we filmed a video of Rishe.

It’s dark.

I used the [Lock-On] skill in a low voice so that people couldn’t hear it, and the idea of one unique skill per person and the [Magic Arrow] would be more noticeable so it wouldn’t be more obvious.

“…… or I didn’t hear Rishe’s real name.


At the time, Rishe didn’t tell me her real name, and I called her Rishe.

I’m sure we’ll meet again at some point.

For now, let’s do what I have to do today and take a good night’s rest.

“I’ll give Seizou-san the evil treant when we go to the Demon Dog Dungeon again.

…… Then it’s time to allocate the SP.”


Level 331

HP: 3330/3330 MP: 2175/2175

Attack: 403 ( 52)

Defense: 353( 12)

Agility: 908( 562)

Dexterity: 508( 152)

Mental Power: 1048 ( 712)

Luck: 50

BP: 15

SP: 455

Skills: [Magic Arrow Lv.11] [Archery Lv.7] [Hawk Eye Lv.2] [Item Box Lv.4] [Lock-On Lv.10] [Appraisal Lv.5] [MP Up Lv.5] [MP Recovery Speed Up Lv.5] [Dagger Art Lv.7


I wasn’t sure how far I would go with the [Dagger Art] skill level this time, so I left the SP for now, but level 7 should be enough.

But then, which skill to take and which skill level to raise ……455 SP

“Hmmm ……”

I think that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m not talking about combat skills only.

No, but I want to raise not only combat skills but also support skills.

“Ugh …… I’m worried about it.


I don’t think my head is spinning, partly because I’m tired, but I’m worried about that and other things.

“Okay, I’ve decided.”

I open the status and allocate SPs from there.

Here’s how I allocated the SPs this time.


[Magic Arrow Lv.12] : 60 SP

[Hawk’s Eye Lv.5] : 60 SP

[Item Box Lv.7] : 90 SP

[MP Up  Lv.7] : 65SP

[MP Recovery Speed Up Lv.7] :  65SP

[Enemy Search Lv.5] :80SP


I’m now at –.

I have 35 SP left over, but that’s saved for when I take or raise another skill.

As for this allocation, it is the same as usual, but there are some differences this time.

The new skill I took this time is [Enemy Search] skill.

This skill is the one I wanted when I was searching for kobolds in the Demon Dogs Dungeon and when I was looking for treant in the Magic Tree Dungeon.

This skill, as you can tell from the name, allows me to know the location of my enemies.

I do that because I want to shorten the time to get to the boss’s room.

Well, I want to say it has nothing to do with defeating the boss, but it is a skill to speed up the process of getting there.

I know the shortest route to the dungeon before I go in, but I can’t help it until I get to the monster.

“Well, now I don’t have to worry about being caught by surprise, and I’ll be safe on the road.”

And I’ve been worrying a lot about my other skills, and I’ve raised my skill level.

I want [Magic Arrow] for skill level 20, hoping to take on new effects.

Well, there is a precedent for the [Lock-On] skill, so it could be a skill, not an effect.

I raise all the skills except [Item Box] to improve the efficiency of level-up.

The other two skills are for the number of times I have to go around the boss’s room.

I took the other two skills to increase the number of times I go around.

And the [Item Box] was to increase the number of items collected.

“……Yeah, it’s pretty good, isn’t it”

I am quite satisfied with myself.

And, I’ve trained in combat against multiple roots of treants for just one day, so I guess I can consider myself to have grown up, at least a little.

Tomorrow I’ll be leveling again!”

So I’m off to take a bath and go to bed!

Good night!


Level 331

HP: 3330/3330 MP: 2375/2375

Attack: 403( 52) Defense: 353( 12)

Agility: 908( 562)

Dexterity: 508( 152)

Mental Power: 1063( 727)

Luck: 50

BP: 0

SP: 35

Skills: [Magic Arrow Lv.12] [Archery Lv.7] [Hawk Eye Lv.5] [Item Box Lv.7] [Lock-On Lv.10] [Appraisal Lv.5] [MP Up Lv.7] [MP Recovery Speed Up Lv.7] [Dagger Art Lv.7] [Search for Enemies Lv.5


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