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The Battle Is Over

“Yay …… Yay! We won! Big brother!”

“Oh, yes.

You did a great job, Rishe.”


I was happy to beat the white evil treant and high-five Rishe.

This girl was probably much stronger than I was at the same time, but this time she was unlucky.

She was powerful enough to defeat normal evil treant with that magic.

“Phew, thank you very much, …… big brother.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it.

I’m sure you’re not hurt”

“Yes, I’m fine.

I’m fine.

Big brother was protecting me.

I see.

I’m glad.

I’m sure she says it was thanks to my protection, but I still think it’s great that Rishe stood up to that white evil treant.

“Well then…we had a little accident, but we finally beat the evil treant… Please subscribe to my channel and give us a high rating…”

I’m impressed, and Rieshe meanwhile turns the camera she was wearing on her head toward herself and starts talking.

I had forgotten what it was all about, but then I remembered that’s how she set it up.

It’s a strange feeling, but seeing she didn’t give up that way is fulfilling.

“……Huff ……I’m tired.”

After Rieshe’s shooting was over, Rieshe sat down on the spot.

I go up to her and hand her a plastic bottle of water I took out of the [Item Box].

“Here, drink it.

You’re sweating a lot after moving around so much.”

“Oh, thank you.

Um, money …….”

“No problem.

It’s a free service.

I tossed the bottle to Rishe.

“I’m sorry.

I’ll take your word for it.”

After thanking me, Rishe took a sip of water and took a breath.

After I see that, I take another plastic bottle of water from the [Item Box] and put it in my mouth.

Phew~  water is good after all after a workout.

“Phew…… I’m back to life.

By the way, big brother was strong, wasn’t he”

“Hmm Yeah, well, to a certain extent.”

I can’t tell you the secret to my strength, but I’m not lying when I say I’m reasonably strong.

My level is nothing compared to the top-class explorers.

“But still, that was amazing earlier! That arrow-making thing.

I’ve never seen that before, but is it your unique skill

“Oh, yeah.

Yeah, something like that.”

I’ve been called a guide for a while now, so it’s easy to find out who I am, and honestly, there’s no need to hide it.

I don’t want to be too obvious, but that’s because I have two unique skills.

Then if it’s just [Magic Arrow], it doesn’t matter if it’s still on the video.

“Wow, what kind of ability is that”

“Well, It’s secret for now.

Let’s collect the materials for evil treants.”

“Muu…… understand.

Let me know about it later.

“Whenever you feel like it.”

I said I’ll teach you when I feel like it.

But I didn’t say I’ll teach you.

I’m approaching the white evil treant with Rishe puffing out her cheeks while saying such a thing.

Until a while ago, I had only fought white evil treant with long-range attacks or by intercepting their roots, but now that I’m getting closer, I can see how big they are.

“Ha~ It’s big.

I’ve never seen a tree this big before.

I guess it’s like a boss monster.”

“It sure is big.

The normal evil treant was about 7 meters long, but this one looks to be about 10 meters long.”

The white evil treant appears to be about 10 meters in size.

That’s pretty big, coupled with its strong arms.

“Well then, let’s get the magic stone right away!”


But first, Rishe, touch it with your bare hands.”

“What Yes,…….”

Rishe did as I told her and touched the white evil treant with a curious look on her face.

And then.


The moment Rishe touches the white evil treant, it starts to glow from where Rishe touched it, turning her vision completely white.

I knew this because I had experienced this when I was fighting the white kobold, so I wasn’t surprised, but Rishe was surprised and gave a cute scream.

Then, when the light subsided, I saw a single wooden staff propped up against the carcass of the evil treant.

“Is this ……”

“Haven’t you heard of it It’s an item you get when you kill a mutant monster.

See, this bracelet is also the one I get for defeating the mutant monster kobold.”

I explain while showing the Demon Dog’s Bracelet to Rishe, who is looking at the wand in amazement.

Well, I didn’t know what kind of mutant monster drops would appear because there weren’t many of them, so it was completely random, but what came out was a staff.

Ok then.

“Rishe, do you want this wand”

“Huh What does that mean”

“No, it’s a wand that came out.

I don’t use it, so I wonder if Rishe could use it.”

“But big brother knocked it down, didn’t you Then it’s yours…”

Riishe says hesitantly, fidgeting.

“No, I don’t use the wand, so I don’t need it.

So I’ll give it to Rishe.”

“No, but …….”

She still seems reserved, though, and doesn’t accept it.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

“No! That’s not how it works!”

…… She seems to be surprisingly stubborn.

I wonder how I can make her accept it.


“Ok, I understand.

If you can’t accept it, I can’t force it.

Then let’s do this.”

“What is it”

“Since we fought as a party like this, we need to share the spoils, right”

“Well, is that right ……”

“Yes, that’s right.

I’ll give the wand to Rishe then.

In exchange, you’ll give me your share of this evil treant, okay”

Hearing my proposal, Rishe thought for a moment and then nodded her head.


Now we’ve got it all worked out.

I didn’t need the staff to be honest, and the evil treant from the mutant boss monster wouldn’t be wasted even if I got it.

I’ll give it to Seizou-san as a thank-you for Dragon Tree Bow he gave me.

Mutant boss monsters are probably pretty rare, and she shouldn’t be able to say she doesn’t need them.

“Thank you! I will use it with care!”

Seeing Rishe smiling with a happy face and holding the staff, I couldn’t help but smile too.

And I simultaneously put the white treant in my [Item Box].

I’m glad I raise [Item Box]’s skill level.

If I hadn’t sensibly raised the skill level, I wouldn’t have been able to get in there, you know this

“Well, then, I guess we’re dismissed, right”

“Yes, I’m fine.

I don’t have the MP to try again like that.”

I chuckle at Rishe’s words.

It’s true that I used a lot of magic and ran out of MP on the way.

Before I entered the boss room, I was thinking that if I went along with Rishe, I’d give it another shot, but I guess I’m satisfied with the mutant boss monster I just fought.

“I see.

I guess we’re breaking up then, right”

Well, it had been a while since I’d fought at a party.

And it had been a while since I’d helped an explorer.

Riishe wasn’t exactly a beginner, but I guess that hasn’t changed.

“Let’s see……”

“Yeah Is there anything more

“Um, ……, that ……, will you go to the dungeon with me”


*Tagaya’s POV*


In the room, a man suddenly shouts while holding his phone.

The man was the observer of the Demon Dog Dungeon, who was currently under house arrest.

“Why did I have to go through something like this It’s all because of that man! If it wasn’t for him!”

[“Shut up, you idiot! You’re lucky to get this much punishment!”]

The caller is a colleague, an employee of the Explorers’ Association.

He was saved when he was about to be fired for taking responsibility for this incident.

However, even though he was saved, he was still angry.

“Screw you! I almost got fired because of him!”

[“I sympathize with you about that, but what you did was a criminal act.

Besides, I would have found out sooner or later.

That’s why I advised you to go properly, okay”]

His colleague sounds so stunned that even over the phone he can tell.

But from his point of view, the words had the opposite effect.

And after a few seconds, he returns the words to his fellow employee as if squeezing them out.

“Damn you, ……!”

[“So, what are you going to do now I’ve contacted those two and I’ll cover up the evidence over here, too.


“…… I’m not going to just shut up and back down.


With that said, the man yells again.

The argument continued for several minutes, and the conversation ended when he finally calmed down.

And when he calmed down, all he could think of was that explorer who was talking about how he saved the kids.

“Damn! There is no way that that explorer, called “The Guide” can defeat a D-rank dungeon and a mutant monster!”

The man exclaimed, but then he suddenly realized something.

“…… That’s right.

He’s not that strong, to begin with…!”

He grins and raises the corner of his mouth.

“Then the story is simple……! Just make him, that man, disappear.


With a cooing grin and a devilish smile on his face, he contacted a certain place.


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