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An Operation to Defeat Mutant (Boss) Monster

I’m still the vanguard.

Rishe is the rear guard, and she is the one who deals the damage.

I don’t pass up the roots coming at me this time, but I meet them head-on and keep buying time for Rishe to use her magic.

And then.


The white treant is engulfed in flames by the fireball Rishe had released.

Magic is the image.

If you have enough skill level.

You can shoot any magic based on your image.

So there is no need for chanting, but there are people who shout out the name of the magic, fix the image, and shoot the magic.

Rishe seems to be that type.


But even though it’s fire on wood, it’s the white evil treant of the mutant boss monster.

It tried to counterattack with its roots as if to say it wasn’t working.

“I won’t gonna let you do it!”


I blocked all of its attacks by cutting through it with Dagger of Speed

Then, Rishe, too, unleashed her next magic.

“Wind Cutter! Fire Arrow!”

She slashed with a Wind Cutter and pierced with a Fire Arrow.

However, it was as if to say that this would be ineffective, and attacked again with its roots.

But when I looked at the HP with [Appraisal], I saw that the HP was decreasing.

It was only about 20 HP for a total of 1500!

But I’m fighting like this, overcoming my fear.

Let it do as it pleases.

With this in mind, I concentrated on preventing the white evil treant from attacking us, while Rishe attacked the white evil treant with her magic.

And finally, the time came.

“Hah …… ah …… ah …… sorry, I’m out of MP!”

“Oh, good job.

You did a great job.”


After dealing with all the attacks by the roots of the white evil torrent, I returned to Rishe’s place.

“You did a great job.

Leave the rest to me.”

“Yes, …… please.”

Riishe says this to me, out of breath.

This was because she had shouted the magic name too many times.

This happens when you run out of MP, I’ve had this happen to me many times after the boss rounds are over.

I run toward the white evil treant.

“Come on, let’s get this show on the road.

Prepare yourself, okay”


The white evil treant screams and its roots are extended like a whip.

I cut off all the roots coming toward me so it doesn’t hit Rishe behind me.

Then, I take out Dragon Tree Bow from the [Item Box] as if I had practiced.

“Huh Big brother is that ……”

“Yeah, it’s my real weapon.”

I hadn’t explained it to Rishe, thinking I wouldn’t show it to her, but this is my real weapon.

“Multi Lock-On.”

After muttering in a voice so Rishe’s camera couldn’t hear, I made three arrows with the [Magic Arrow] and drew my bow.

I aim at the multiple roots that are still closing in on me.


All three arrows released hit the roots, and after being pierced, the roots further ahead are also blown away collectively.


Rishe’s expression turned into a flabbergasted pout.

Well, of course.

But this isn’t the end, you know.

“I’m still going!”

And in the same way, I continue to make and shoot out three arrows at a time with the [Magic Arrow].

The arrows shot out to penetrate and destroy the roots one after another.


The white evil treant, not wanting to be hit for free, attacked me with more and more branches at the same time I was destroying the roots.

But such attacks are meaningless if they don’t hit.

I kept shooting arrows at it, destroying every root that came my way.

As I continued to do this, the white evil treant stopped producing roots from the ground and just waved its strong arms in vain.

Like the treant, it seems I have destroyed all the roots it could get out.

“Wow …….”

An exclamation of admiration escapes from Rishe.

“Okay …… then, let’s keep it up!”

The white evil treant set as the standard, I draw the bow with all my might and shoot the arrow out.

“Oh ouh ouh ouh …….”

The arrow pierced the body of the white evil torrent.

…Isn’t it just a single blow…

-Level increased by 3-


Level 331

HP: 3330/3330 MP: 2175/2175

Attack Power: 403( 52)

Defense: 353 ( 12)

Agility: 908( 562)

Dexterity: 508( 152)

Mental Power: 1048 ( 712)

Luck: 50

BP: 15

SP: 455

Skills: [Magic Arrow Lv.11] [Archery Lv.7] [Hawk Eye Lv.2] [Item Box Lv.4] [Capture Lv.10] [Appraisal Lv.5] [MP Up Lv.5] [MP Recovery Speed Up Lv.5] [Dagger Art Lv.7


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