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This was the twentieth time I took down an evil treant.

It wasn’t a continuous battle because some parties came to challenge the boss a few times along the way, but it was quite a fulfilling battle.

“I think it’s time to finish …….”

During the battle, I also tried a quick fight with a faster switch between Dagger of Speed and Dragon Tree Bow.

I think it worked well.

As planned, my combat skills have improved to the point where I can see the difference, and my skill level in [Dagger Art] is now 7.

“I never thought raising my skill level would improve my movement so much.”

Just by raising the skill level of [Dagger Art] to 7, high-speed combat became much easier, and since I raise the skill level of [Archery] to 7, I became much more proficient in handling the bow.

But that’s it for today.

“Then I’ll go one last time.”

“Yay! We’re here!”


As I was about to enter the boss’s room to go one last time, I heard a girl’s voice from behind me.


I reflexively turned back toward where I heard the voice.

There was a girl with a lone wooden cane.

The girl had brushed to back around her shoulders golden hair, and although her hair was golden in color, only her eyes were azure.

And her face was so well-defined that one could tell at a glance that she was quite a beautiful girl.

But what makes her unique is the camera attached to her head.

“Oh no, it was so hard to get here… I didn’t struggle, but I didn’t know treants could be so confusing…”

She removes the camera from her head, then turns it toward herself and starts talking.

I see, so she’s a Poutuber.

Then that camera makes sense.

So she’s shooting a video now

It’s difficult to broadcast live in the dungeon because of the lack of reception, but it’s possible to just film.

“But I’ve come all this way, but I can’t challenge the boss solo…I wish there were people available.

So I can make a party somewhere.


The girl looks around as she says this.

I felt like such a girl fixed her gaze on me when she spotted me.

I guess it wasn’t… Soo… me, but I feel like I’ve been locked on to capture her.

“Excuse me….”

And the girl comes up to me and starts talking.

“Well, I’m having a hard time challenging the boss by myself, so if you’d like, would you like to fight the boss with me Big brother!”

I don’t nod there, and once I think about it calmly.

The girl at least said she didn’t have a hard time earlier, and she’s probably strong enough to defeat an F-rank monster.

And judging by the wand she’s carrying, she’s probably using magic, but she’s come this far solo.

Considering that, she must be a very skilled fighter.

But, although magic is effective, it’s difficult to fight an evil treant solo.

That’s my impression.

I’m sure we can beat them with plenty of time to spare if I play vanguard and buy them some time.

……Well, okay.

I can do it again later.

Besides, it’s not like the [Lock-On] will be revealed because I’ll only use Dagger of Speed.


I’ll help you if it’s okay with me.”

“Thank you! I’m Rishe! I’ll be happy to help you!”

“……, That’s not your real name, is it”

“Of course not! It’s my handle! I can’t tell you my real name because I’m a content creator! Oh, by the way, I’m filming.

Is that okay”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

“I got it.

Let’s get started!”


The momentum was great.

Well, it seems like she’s following the minimum etiquette of not continuing to take pictures without permission, so I guess it’s okay.

“Oh, I use fire and wind magic!”

“I see.

I’ll be in the vanguard, so please cover for me.”

“Yes! I’ll leave it to you!”

Risha puts her hand on her chest and replies confidently.

I had a similar experience when I taught a party of new explorers about precautions and other stuff, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

“Okay, let’s go then.”

“Yes! Oh, but wait a minute.”


“I didn’t introduce myself yet! I’m… Nice to meet you, hello! I’m everyone’s favorite idol! I’m Rishe-chan!”

Oh, she switched quickly.

“Oh~ that’s great~”


Please don’t touch me♪”

Saying that she makes a V-sign with her fingers.



But she’s also very flirtatious.

It’s a big help, to be honest.

“Okay! Let’s get going, big brother!”


Thus, I entered the boss’s room with Rishe.

“Wow …… I’m so nervous …….”

As I entered the boss room while listening to Rishe’s words, I saw a different being from the evil treant I had seen earlier.

The body is the same as the previous evil treant, but there is a point where you can tell it is different just by looking at it at first glance.

Its body color is white…….!

“Huh Was evil treant this white I think it was brown when I looked it up”

Riishe hasn’t noticed yet!


And the white evil treant screamed and attacked us.

“Hyah! What is that!”

I quickly get out of the boss’s room with Rishe in my arms.

But the white evil treant was one step ahead of me and blocked the door to get out of the boss’s room by growing roots from the ground.

And the walls blocking that door keep getting thicker and thicker.

“Shit ……!”

“What the hell is going on here!”

“You still didn’t realize …… that that guy, that evil treant, is a mutant monster.”

It’s a mutant monster like the white kobold I had just encountered the day before yesterday.

It’s also the boss mutant monster.

“Oh no …… you can’t run away from it then, can you ……”

“I don’t think so.”

The mutant monster’s white evil treant has thicker and stronger arms.

Besides, seeing as how it blocked that door, it has more roots and its manipulation skills have probably improved considerably.

“Oh, no~! What should we do~!!!!”


Well, it’s easy enough to defeat them, so let’s defeat it quickly.

But first.



I smash all the roots growing towards Rishe with my Dagger of Speed.

“Oh, thank you …….”

“Never mind.

More importantly, look, what are you going to do Do you still want to challenge that guy”

I ask the shaking Rishe if she’s up to the challenge, just in case.

And at the same time, I cut it all off because the white evil treant won’t wait for me and will grow roots and attack me.

“As you can see, I can win this on my own, but if you want to fight, I’ll respect that decision.”

I said this and after a little thoughtful gesture.

Rishe’s mouth opened.

“…… No! I will fight! Let me fight!”

……Hey, you’ve got a very good eye.

I’m sure there’s fear, but I sense a stronger will than that.

“I’m shaking, but I think I can handle this.”

“Alright! Then I’ll take care of the dew clearing, so shoot magic as much as you want!”

“Yes! Thank you!”

“Okay, let’s go to ……!”


And so it was that Rishe and I took up the challenge of the white evil treant.


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