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Weapons in General


“No, are you sure you want me to accept this……”

“Of course I am.

Because you should use that bow.”

I’m talking again with Seizou-san, who gave me his contact information while looking at the wooden box containing the Dragon Tree Bow.

“Besides, that bow is the masterpiece of my life as a woodworker.

But there was no one to use the bow, and I couldn’t sell it to anyone, so I had to store it in a warehouse for a long time.

Since you are willing to use it on my behalf, I’m rather grateful.”

“Well, if that’s the case, then ……”

So Seizou-san was a woodworker

If so, that would explain the large building near that house and all the piled-up wood.

But still, Seizou-san must have some serious processing skills and techniques, since he can process materials with the name “dragon” even if it’s just a piece of wood.

I would be very grateful to receive a masterpiece from such a person.

“……Well then, I’ll be very grateful to use it.”


Please use it to your heart’s content.”

“Thank you very much.

I’m sorry to call on such short notice.”

“No, no, no, don’t worry about it.

I’ll see you later.”

With that, I hang up the phone.

I was so nervous.

Still, it wasn’t a mistake.

“Oh man, I’m so happy.”

I never thought I’d get a Dragon Tree Bow like that.

I opened the crate and took out the dragon tree bow.

The Dragon Tree Bow I took out felt strangely comfortable in my hand, and its weight was nice and easy to move, so its weight didn’t get in the way.

“It’s a good bow.

I can tell how great it is just by holding it.”

But because of my current status.

Its performance is probably a little less than the original performance.

But it still has more than enough performance.

“Now I don’t need to buy a bow anymore.

I need to buy a dagger.”

I got a top-of-the-line bow and one that will grow with me and match my status.

Now all I need to do is buy a dagger then I can dive into the dungeon.

I could have bought a dagger or a knife to take out the magic stone at the site where only qualified explorers can log in.

But even though I’m using a dagger as a sub-weapon.

I’m still putting my life in my hands, so I want to pick it out myself.

“Well, let’s go buy one.

I was originally going to buy a bow.

Then it turned into a dagger.”

I quickly leave the house and head for the station.


“Yeah, there’s quite a variety.”

The weapon sales area inside the Explorers Association branch is about a 10-minute walk from the station.

The Explorers Association branch itself is quite large, and the sales area is quite large too.

The area is divided into two sections, one for beginners and the other for others, and each section has different types of weapons.

And I am now in the dagger area for other people.

Daggers of various shapes and sizes are lined up in a showcase.

“Hmmm… …… which one should I choose”

They all don’t perform that well.

I’ve used [Appraisal], but they all have the same effect, and of course, there are some good ones, but they’re too fast for me to use and purely too expensive, so I can’t find a dagger of slightly higher quality than what I’m thinking of using right now.

If I don’t have a gut feeling that this is the one, I’ll pick one based on performance.

If there’s nothing that I can think of, I’ll choose one based on performance.

“Hm This is …….”

My eyes were drawn to a dagger in one of the showcases.

The dagger was about 30 centimeters long, and about 3 centimeters thick.

But against its thinness, the dagger’s blade emitted a mysterious light.

“…… This looks good.”

But I’m not attracted by the dagger’s looks.

It is indeed beautiful, but I was curious about its light.



Dagger of Speed

A dagger was given to those who defeated a mutant war-wolf monster.

Attack power 300

Agility 15%.

The dagger makes it harder for opponents to hit with long-range attacks.


“The price is …… 130,000 THAT CHEAP!!!”

I’m buying this one.

The price is 130,000, even though it has a high attack power and an agility boost effect.

I guess this price is because the last effect of making it harder to hit with long-range attacks is a disadvantage.

It doesn’t matter because I have [Lock-On], so let’s grab it anyway.

I insert the explorer qualification into the scanner that reads the nearby explorer qualification card, unlocks the showcase, and takes out the Dagger of Speed from the showcase.

Incidentally, this is an excellent way to prevent shoplifting by explorers and prevent people who do not have explorer credentials from touching it.

And when I took the dagger in my hand, I wanted it even more.

Everything about it, from the handle’s thickness to the length to the position of the center of gravity, fits me perfectly.

“Okay, I’ll take that one.”

I took the dagger in my hand and headed for the cashier.

“Excuse me.

I’ll have this one, please.”

“You mean this Dagger of Speed”

“Yes, but is there a problem”

I was about to pay the bill at the cash register when the clerk asked me to confirm my purchase.

“No, the Dagger of Speed can not be used as a sub-weapon for those who use magic or guns because of the demerit of making it difficult to hit the opponent with a long-range attack.

And those who use close combat said they want to avoid anything with a demerit.

So there has never been anyone who has purchased one, so this is just a confirmation.”

“Oh, I see.

So that’s what you mean.”

This could be a fatal disadvantage for someone like me, who mainly fights at long range without [Lock-On] and the sure-hit effect.

And there are probably many close combatants who want to take action before they leave, and they may want to throw a projectile.

Those people will probably buy another dagger.

“Don’t worry.

I know what I’m choosing.”

“I see.

My apologies.

I’ll get the sheath.

Please wait a moment.”

And then I would pay the bill, put the dagger of galloping into the [Item Box], and leave the weapons area.


I’ll sell the rest and go home.”

He then sold the magic stone and other items at the Explorers Association and went home.


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