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Fortunately, we safely exited the dungeon without fighting any kobolds, not to mention the mutant monster white kobolds.

I was thankful that Takuto and his friends were there because I didn’t want to fight them.

It was already evening outside the dungeon, and the sun was beginning to set.

Inside the dungeon, it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, it’s always bright, so I almost lost my sense of time.

And the moment I got out of the dungeon.

I saw all the people outside looking at me at once and making a lot of noise.

“Didn’t we see that one yesterday You know, that explorer …….”

“Oh ……, maybe he knows something about Takuto and the others.”

“…… Behind that explorer!”

“Ah! All those missing kids are here!”

I think they were looking for Takuto and the other two, judging from the voices I could hear.

As soon as they see Takuto and the others behind me, the adults around me start making even more noise and come closer.

“Hey! Are the kids okay Isn’t the explorer’s brother covered in blood!”

One man came to me to ask me what was going on, and the others ran up to the kids.

“Oh, don’t worry about their injuries.

I’ve already treated them, and they’re fine.

The children are fine.”

“Oh, I see.

…… thank goodness.


The adult man looked relieved to hear my words.

The others were hugging the children and patting their heads.

“So, brother.

What the hell happened”

“Well, yes.

I’d like to explain, but I’d like to …….”

I move away from the man and explore the area around the dungeon.

I search above the entrance to the dungeon, above the trees surrounding it, in blind spots, and in all the places where an observer would place a camera.

If they’re going to the toilet.

They could place the camera so that it would always be in place when the observer goes to the restroom so that if an unqualified person enters the dungeon, there would be an immediate warning sound.

And it would be impossible for the observer not to notice.

However, I don’t see any monitors or people at all.

And I couldn’t find any placed cameras either.

At least it should be placed so that it can see the entrance to the dungeon, so it shouldn’t be impossible to find it.

…… Well, I had guessed when Takuto and the others were allowed inside the dungeon.

And when they didn’t show up after all that commotion around the dungeon.

“Oh, hey explorer, what are you doing”

“No, nothing.

I’ll leave those kids to you for now.

I’ll explain the situation to you later.”

I feel bad for the man, but I leave the place without hearing his reply.

Then, I take my phone out of the [Item Box] and call a certain department in a certain location.

“Oh, hello.

Is this the Explorers Association”

The observer, it is indeed bad that the children entered the dungeon.

But I’ll never forgive you for being one of the factors that led to such a thing.


We moved to a place like a village meeting place.

There are me, Takuto and his friends, and Takuto’s parents.

And Takuto’s parents, grandparents, and other relatives.

Then there is a person who is the organizer of this village.

And then there was the person from the explorer’s association I had contacted.

Finally, there was a man who was the observer in charge of the dungeon for the demon dogs.

Takuto and the others were looking down.

They had swollen eyes as if they had cried a lot.

‘Now, may I ask you to explain what happened this time”


Then I would like to explain what happened this time–”

And I tell him everything that happened in the dungeon this time.

Takuto and his friends were in the dungeon and were attacked by a mutant monster, the white kobold.

And there was no observer, who was supposed to be around the dungeon entrance to watch over the area.

These are the two main things I’m going to talk about.

“–The above.

That is about what happened.

So let me ask the observer.

Why aren’t you there, who was supposed to be near this village Please answer me.”


The observer, Tagaya-san, lowers his gaze at my question and shuts his mouth.

People other than me start to shout in anger at that situation.

“Hey! It’s our kid’s fault for entering the dungeon without permission! I don’t blame them because it was our kid’s fault.

They knew it was dangerous and they went in there.

We, who are responsible for the kids, don’t have the right to blame them.

But how can it be that there is no one in the dungeon to watch over them

“That’s right! You are in charge of notifying the association when something unusual happens in the dungeon!”

Tagaya-san remained silent, saying nothing to the adults who verbally accused them.

Tagaya-san just stared at me in silence and said nothing.

I think it’s more accurate to say that Tagaya-san was staring or glaring at me.


…… sigh

Tagaya-san unintentionally let a voice that seemed to come out of his mouth.

And it disappeared without reaching the ears of anyone except me, whose status was up.

“…… I am so sorry! I have caused you so much inconvenience through my ineptitude! I am so sorry for all of this!”

The others, including me, could only be stunned as Tagaya-san suddenly got up from his chair, got down on his knees beautifully, and started apologizing.

Well, what’s going on all of a sudden

And then the next person from the explorers’ association stood up and got down on his knees, though it wasn’t quite to the point of getting down on their knees.

“I deeply apologize for the inadequacy of Tagaya, whom we, the explorers’ association, dispatched this time.

We are truly sorry.”

He apologized as well.

In the end, the two men just bowed and bowed until Takuto and his relatives calmed down and then left after explaining what they were going to do from now on.

The punishment was a severe warning because Tagaya-san was not present when Takuto and his family entered the dungeon.

Tagaya-san was not in the dungeon today, and he’ll be suspended and given a pay cut for not reporting for leave.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the only time he wasn’t in the dungeon today, but I can’t say anything about it because I have no proof.

Oh well, that’s my guess.

I’m getting an itch.

And the only thing I can say is that Tagaya-san will take responsibility and return to the Explorers Association branch.

Well, I’m done scolding Takuto and the others while I’m waiting for the people from the Explorers Association, so I’m just going home for today.

“Ah, I’m tired today.

Let’s… ” Please wait.


As I stand up to leave, a voice approaches me.

I looked at the voice’s owner and there was an older man with gray hair, already in his 60s.

“Well, ……, I believe you are …….”

“I am Takuto’s grandfather, Seizou.

Thank you very much for saving my grandson.”

The man bows deeply to me.

I could tell from his appearance that he was truly grateful that I had saved Takuto.

“No, I didn’t do anything serious, so please don’t worry about it.”

“Not so fast.

Takuto told me that not only were you seriously injured, but you also lost your weapon, your bow.

I’d like to thank you in the least.

“Oh, no, no, no.

No, no, no, I’m fine.”

“No, no, that’s not the way it is.

That’s why I would like you to come to my house.

Is it okay to come now”

“Oh, yes.

I will be happy to see you then.”

The atmosphere that made me say “yes” or “no” made me reply without thinking.

Then, Seizou-san invited me to his house.

Seizo’s house was normal.

However, the large building next to the house and the square timbers nearby, but not the square timbers, which are well-shaped to some extent, have destroyed the impression of a normal house.

‘This will be my house.

…… Is something wrong”

“No, no.

Nothing at all.”

I think few people can look at this house after being given the impression that it is a normal house and not be upset about it.

Seizo-san tilts his head as he sees me overwhelmed by this house.

“ Well, that’s fine.

This way, please come in.”

“…… Sorry to bother you.”

But when I entered the house, it was a normal, lived-in entrance.

But instead of ordinary shoes, there appeared to be a lot of so-called work shoes, such as safety shoes and tactical boots.

Seizou-san then led me to what appeared to be a Japanese-style guest room.

Then, I was served a cushion and sat down to wait for a while.

“Thank you for waiting.”

After waiting for a while, Seizo-san comes to the room with a large wooden box.

Then he puts it down in front of me with a thud.

The sound suggests that it is quite heavy.

”I am sorry for making you wait, even though I invited you.”

‘No, that’s fine, but …… what is this ……”

“This is a thank you gift for this matter.

Please understand that the contents are something you can enjoy after opening.”

After saying that, Seizo-san slides the wooden box on the tatami and pulls it toward me.

No, yeah Can I accept this

That wooden box looks expensive just by looking at it.

“No, no, no, no.

I can’t accept it, it looks so expensive!”

“Even if you say so, …… I want you to accept this because I am indebted to you.”

“No, but …… are you sure”


It’s a thank you for saving my precious grandson Takuto.

Besides, after listening to Takuto’s story, I decided it would be a good idea to give this to you.”

Seizo says this and pushes the crate further toward me.

If I come this far, I have no choice but to accept it.

It would be rude to Seizo-san if I kept refusing him.

I accepted the crate with all my heart.

“I understand.

I will accept it gratefully.”

“I’m glad you accept it.

This is the art of the mind and body.

Strength of mind.

Brilliance of technique.

Strength of body.

I was going to give it to someone who has all of these.”

Seizo-san smiled happily when I indicated my willingness to accept it, and then said something like that.

“I believe that this mind, technique, and body are the three arrows that the great Mouri Motonari taught his three sons.

If your mind is strong, your technique is sharp, and your body is strong, you will not break, and you will be able to face any difficulty.

That is what I believe.”

“Thank you, Seizo-san…….

Thank you for giving me that much recognition …….”

“What, I think this is a fair evaluation of you.

I will be looking forward to your future activities.”

Seizo-san laughed and clapped me on the shoulder.

His hand was strong and reassuring.

Let’s get stronger.

I’m being appreciated so much.

I have to work harder.


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