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Mutant Monster (Part One)

Mutant monsters.

It’s a monster that differs from a normal monster because its status is superior and some part of its body is more developed than normal monsters.

The characteristics of mutant monsters are easily distinguishable from those of normal monsters by their white body color.

Its biggest difference is their strength.

The enhanced status is enough to boost their rank by one rank.

In other words, the current kobold is now a C-rank monster.

If I only look at its rank, it is the same as the high kobold, but its body is smaller than the high kobold, so it is a troublesome opponent.

I’m fighting such an opponent while protecting the children

That’s pretty hard.

But I have to do it.

If that’s the case, then.

“Takuto and the other two kids, don’t ever leave my back.”

“Umm, yeah……”

The other two didn’t reply, but they didn’t move from behind me either.

No, this is just stuck.

Well, if they don’t move from behind me, whatever.

Fortunately, we’re in a straight line here, so I only have to watch out for the white kobold in front of us.

“Grrrrrrr ……”


The kobold stares at me, clearing its throat.

Don’t let it distract you, me.

Let’s concentrate.

Now let’s think only of defeating the white kobold.

The white kobold keeps its posture low so it can charge at any time, and I hold my bow ready to shoot out an arrow made with a [Magic Arrow] at any time.

The standoff between the white kobold and me continues for a while as it is.

It was the white kobold that moved first.

The white kobold kicks the ground at once and lunges at me in a low stance to close the distance.


I used [Lock-On] and then shot an arrow made with [Magic Arrow] at the white kobold.


The arrow flies in a straight line toward the white kobold, but the kobold blocks my arrow with its abnormally developed left claw the kobold barks.

“No way!”

It doesn’t hit, even tho it’s a sure-hit skill,  I knew it would hit based on my previous experience, which is why I was so surprised.

Furthermore, the white kobold comes closer and tries to swing its left claw down.


But I’m won’t be silently beaten either, so I immediately create two more arrows and shoot them out at the white kobold.


It can’t block one of the arrows with its claws, but the other one pierces the white kobold’s right shoulder.

Okay! This time it hit.



But the white kobold kicked at me with his right leg as if he felt no pain.

I managed to guard it with my left arm, the one not holding the bow, but I felt a tremendous impact in my left arm.

“It’s hurt.”

I think its status is inferior to that of the high kobold.

But its small body is the problem, and if I didn’t have the [Lock-On] skill’s sure-hit, the arrow wouldn’t have hit it at all due to its high agility status.

And that’s not all.

it’s also very aggressive.

In my image, the white kobold would have a status like the one I was about to give to it.

It moves quickly to avoid attacks and overwhelm the opponent with its high attack power.

That’s the trickiest thing I’ve ever seen.



The white kobold hits me with its right hand this time.

I can’t let go of my bow.

But my left hand is on my right leg ……!


I quickly guard with my right arm, which is holding the bow, but my arm is still numb from the tremendous power.


“Ggh ……!”

The white kobold took advantage of this opportunity and jumped into me with his left hand swinging wildly.

By the time I realized this, it was too late.

Its sharp claws dug into my right shoulder.

The white kobold pulled out its claws and threw me off as it landed on the ground.


I am thrown away and hit my back hard against the wall, unable to catch myself.


Takuto raises a worried voice.

I try to open my mouth to reassure him that I’m okay, but I can’t get the words out.


I look at his shoulder and see that my flesh is gouged and blood is pouring out.

There are no broken bones, but it’s still a serious injury.

The arms I used as a guard are also in a lot of pain, although I don’t think they are broken by feel.

Fortunately, my bones aren’t broken.

“Grrrrrr ……”

The white kobold decides I can’t move anymore and moves closer to the kids.

I’d like them to run away, but they’re just trembling.

They are probably too scared to move.

“Stop …….”

I try desperately to move my mouth, but only a muffled voice comes out.

If this continues, not only mine but their lives will be in danger too.

I have to do something.

But I can’t move my body.




The white kobold attacks Takuto-kun with its claws raised.

Why can’t I move

Move! I need to save those kids, you know!


“Stop! Don’t come!”


The claws of the white kobolds were getting closer and closer to the children.

I watched the scene as if I were watching a slow-motion video.


Sure, my body is at its limits.

But I’m not defeated yet……!

Can I only attack at long range Can’t I get up close and personal

So what.

Who said that……!

I thought I came this far believing in my strength……!

If I give up here, what was all my effort until now……!

Other people mock my unique skill because they thought it was a weak skill.

Did I give up

No, I didn’t give up!

I pushed past my limits.

Now here I am.

Then the rest is easy.

All I have to do is push the limits again!!!!


I stood up with a yell to get into the spirit and used my bow as a shield to protect the children.

I then catch the white kobold’s claw attack.

“Guh ……! Ooooooh!!!!”

I almost bend down to my knees due to the pain in my shoulder, but I scream and brace myself to endure.

The white kobold, startled by this, stops moving for a moment but quickly cleaves its claws to the side.

There is no technology in front of us.

I need to kick it away with force!

“Take that!”

My kick hits the white kobold directly in the torso.

I blow up the white kobold away.

I guess leveling up is still important.

If it had been me before I leveled up, I wouldn’t have blown it up that far, and I wouldn’t have been able to fight this hard in the first place.

But instead, the bow I used as a shield was cut in half.

It was the bow I had been using for a year, so it was sad, but I couldn’t help it.

Let’s focus on defeating the enemy in front of me.

Besides, even if my bow is gone, there are still ways for me to fight!

“Come at me bro! I can still fight!”


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