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Dreamers dream High School AND STATS

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Adam was standing at a different bus station since the one he went to before was...

...damaged by something.

he still looked grumpy but at least he wasn swearing every second of his existence.

also, he wasn alone this time since it wasn SO early,

there were a few other teenagers around and he, fortunately, recognized none of them.

It wasn that Adam wasn sociable or anything, but he just doesn have the patience to deal with someone else right now.

He had to force himself to go to school and not just stay home before and now its only gotten worse.

"At least I already had all of the homework and projects prepared ahead of time so thats something" Adam consoled himself, trying to quietly regain some motivation.

As Adam was having this debate on if he should go to school or not on the other side of the country:


In the HQ of the T.U.C., someone else was having a huge headache, and not because of his superpowers.

???: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU FUCKING FAILED!?" the man screamed at the other person in the room.

the man was wearing a black coat with a green shirt and combat pants, his face covered in scars was red from rage, His athletic body has seen a lot of combat and lived to tell the tale, he seemed to be around 50 years old and 6 foot 4.

the room around him looked more advanced technologically than anywhere else on earth, with a hologram screen with some unknown data resting on a large wooden table, the walls had no windows and were filled with large metal tubes filled with an unknown light blue liquid seemingly powering everything in the room, and potentially the entire base.

???: "Do you understand the importance of our and your mission? OR will I have to tell you again?!"

"I understand sir." the woman which stopped Adamss bus answered. She has no idea what went wrong.

the mission of their organization was simple, to kill all beings that could threaten humanity, and the reality it inhabits. the whole "terrorist organization." was just a facade to allow them to act publicly.

in that explosion, they managed to kill two of them but unfortunately, 1 escaped.

they had specialized weapons, tools, and everything else needed for their mission which only made them look worse when they failed.

Their mission was so simple too. Find some turners, catch them, kill them or capture them, and bring them back for experimentation

so when their detection device (DD) signaled that there was another one on the bus so they chose to go for him since he was close and alone.

Whatever it did killed her colleague, destroyed the car her boss gave her, and almost killed her too.

if she didn have the port artifact on her person she would be dead too. luckily her real body got teleported out and only the illusion the artifact made got "killed."

???: "Then why did you fail?!" her boss raised his voice again "You know that those creatures that call themselves humans but are just disgusting Turners or whatever you want to call them THREATEN the stability of our reality right?!"

"Yes I do" the woman answered with certainty.

???: "Then get out there, AND DO YOUR JOB!"


the door got slammed behind her as she left.

"Siiigghh..." And so the woman returned to work.


Back with Adam.

The bus finally stopped in front of his school.

adam hopped off bought a snack and entered the school grounds.

The school he went to wasn anything extra, just a normal medium-sized school with a very successful football team.

today was a pretty quick day, most of the classes were at least decently fun and his friends were in all of them.

Hell, his crush Amanda sat next to him in art class! since she was less artistic and better at things like math he sat next to her in math class BOTH of which are today! so Adam was pretty pumped for that.

Adam soldiered on first apologizing to ms. Becca for not making it in time, which she understood, and forgave him for. and later on, making small talk with his classmates.

Until art class inevitably came and Amanda sat down next to him.

Amanda: "Hey Adam!" She greeted him as energetically as always, and although he appreciated the support his mother and sister gave him there was just something... different about seeing her smile.

Her appearance also didn hurt. her hair was a beautiful shade of gold which were a stark contrast to her dark brown eyes, all the food she ate went to all the right places. her white skin showing she was very sheltered while young.

Adam: "Hey Amanda." Adam responded, his mood visibly improving in her presence.

Amanda: "You feeling okay? I saw some of the stuff on TV yesterday, and you didn respond to any of my texts! I was worried something happened to you!"

Adam: "Oh don worry Im fine just a little shaken up is all." Adam tried to dismiss her but failed

Amanda: "Uhuh, Yeah sure, like I believe that!"


this time the bell saved Adamss life from impending doom. And based on the look Amanda gave him when the teacher entered he wasn safe yet.

He could only hope she would forget about it.

Which, to Adamss "dismay", she didn do and continued pestering him until the end of the school.

Poor Adam.

On the way back home.....

.....nothing happened, surprisingly enough.

at this point, he wouldn be surprised if aliens came to attack him.

which obviously won happen...right?


well anyways!

Adam got off the bus and went back home, played with his little sister.

and ate some food his mom made for him.

after that, he did his homework and went to bed.







you want. you desire. and unlike most, you are willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want.

(increases willpower by 0.5 at every level)


the world itself must acknowledge your will.

(you can change reality in a 0.1 m radius around you for 0.1 seconds (will increase by 0.1 at every level))


you have gone down the path of the sane, good choice! this path will allow you to keep your humanity and become the best you could ever hope to be!

(increases stats by 0.1 every level up)








Represents how strong you are and how much weight you can lift.


How fast you can run.


How long you can run.

(and do other things... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


how much you can take before you snap.

how much you can do with your powers.


Adam was unfortunately long asleep, practicing and investigating to see any of this.

speaking of Adam, he was currently in the library, meditating and trying to follow the books instructions as closely as he could.

He was slowly making progress,

first, he tried to change his own body, making his voice slightly deeper and other small things.

one thing he noticed was that the changes only lasted a fraction of a second if even that. and more importantly that his body would always change to normal afterward.

"damn. this is so frustrating!" adam yelled "why won this work? I am doing everything the book told me to! sigh.... whatever lets keep trying."

And so adam kept up the grind, until eventually.


(you can change reality in a 0.1 m radius around you for 0.1 seconds (will increase by 0.1 at every level))

Adam couldn see this, however, he could feel it.

"Finally!" adam was very excited when he realized that his efforts were yielding results and immediately began experimenting. could he make a bullet and launch it? could he make a vacuum? there were thousands of opportunities that just opened up for adam.

and the answer to everything was YES, he could.

as long as he could imagine it anyways. but there were limiting factors to this.

he wasn immortal he could kill himself on accident.

for example: if he made a black hole (not that he can) it would indiscriminately destroy everything around it. including him.

and also he cants completely change something unless he completely understands it

which means he can just make a star or black hole out of nowhere. (partial understanding means partial changes are possible like reducing the gravity around him by 10 percent etc...)

thirdly, it drains him mentally to change reality so if he even attempted to make a gun for example his brain might just explode right now.

and last but not least, the materials can just appear out of thin air. he would need to buy them or create them for which he would need to understand the materials and the atoms and so on.

so unfortunately he isn a god, he can just create a different universe and live in it.

But what he can and will do, is make diamonds, since, why not? easy money! all of it is just one google click away!

and so with that in mind, he laid on the bed and returned to the waking world.


And was immediately bombarded by system notifications which freaked him out. and after reading all of them and asking the system some questions he realized something very important.

the system wasn sentient it was more like a program with very realistic answers and explanations for some things like the stats.

which was, to say the least relieving, since he didn have to deal with a super powerful, mysterious person who would judge him every second of the day. but instead, a program that literally couldn care about what he did.

so after 10 minutes of great pain and effort, he managed to get 5 1-carat diamond pieces (1 carat means 0.2 grams) which were together worth 5900 euros (6100 dollars).

"Thats all I can do for now..." Adam said struggling through his renewed headache.

"Now...how do I sell these..?" adam pondered. he could go to some jewelry store but they would ask him questions and keep track that he was there, so thats a big no-no.

the dark web was an option but he didn know how to join so... "...Am I just stuck with these for now? lets look on youtube maybe theres a video on it."

luckily for adam, there was a bunch of them, so he spends the rest of the day trying all of them on his phone after putting it in factory mode for the safety of his accounts and data.

"Okay, this is the last one..." adam said dejectedly he spend 3 hours and went through 40 videos none of which worked.

"Please work." he prayed.

And it did! adam quickly set up his account and downloaded some basic protection for his phone just in case.

"Ok lets look for someone who wants diamonds tomorrow."

and so Adam went to sleep once more.

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