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30 Something better

Liu Hui Ying of course wouldnt steal the underwear of this old hag but that didnt mean she wouldnt make this bag of old bones dirt poor! She swept her gaze through the entire room but she couldnt find anything worthwhile–, antiques she didnt care about them nor did she care about that jewellery that was spread all over the dressing table, those didnt look like they were of going to be sold for a good sum of money. Her eyes twitched when she looked around the room only to find that the entire hall was filled with nothing but religious scriptures with some books, she wasnt interested in those either.

Her gaze inadvertently skipped the ghost woman who was standing behind the grand dowager empress before her gaze fell on a small cabinet that was resting behind the screen, of course, Liu Hui Ying did not possess any infrared vision, she couldnt see what was behind the screen but she could feel a grudgeful resentment coming from behind the screen, her eyes lit up and she immediately sat up straight before speaking to her ghosts inside her head, ” You three go and see what is behind that screen, in the cabinet, go and find out at once, see if that thing can help me raise my cultivation level o not.”

Jia Li and Li Gang turned to look in the direction in which she was looking and frowned when they saw the dark black yin energy swirling around the small cabinet that had a talisman stuck to it, with just one glance they could see that the talisman didnt have much strength left in it, it was just a matter of days and then it will snap under the pressure of the evil that was inside the cabinet.

Grandma Lan Fen too looked at the small cabinet and couldnt help but pursue her lips as she looked at the heavy yin energy flowing through it, whatever was locked inside the cabinet wasnt supposed to be taken out but she knew that this was how Liu Hui Ying raised her spiritual energy. She would look for ornaments, dolls and anything that was covered in the malevolent Qi of the dead and suck it all up to level up her spiritual energy, it was the most dangerous way of cultivating but for Liu Hui Ying who didnt want to go through the trials and tribulations of the heavens, this was the perfect way to become a highly skilled exorcist.

The three of them rose in the air while Liu Hui Ying pretended to listen to the high praises that the Grand dowager Empress was singing for concubine Ji, she kept her lips curled in a smile throughout the entire time making Zhai Tianyu furious enough to grind his teeth.

And the more he ground his teeth the happier Liu Hui Ying was, who asked him to look down on her

” Come to think of it, Yuer is really capable in Guqin and calligraphy, you might not know this little Ying but she is praised as the most talented woman in the capital,” The grand dowager empress also noticed that Liu Hui Ying wasnt playing by the rules that they have set up and could only change her tactics, fine since she wasnt getting angry upon hearing the heap of praises that she has for Ji Yu, then she might as well humiliate Liu Hui Ying to the point where she will have no other choice but to fly into a rage. “However, I have heard Yuer play Guqin loads of times, why dont we make a little change and you play the Guqin for me”

Liu Hui Yings lips started twitching, she can knock a man out in twenty seconds and pop his bones in rhythm but playing an actual musical instrument and that too the one that was this old She might as well do the walk of shame here and now.

” That thing in the cabinet is a bead necklace from the dynasty of Tan,” Jia Li swooped down next to her along with Li Gang and Grandma Lan Fen as she blinked her big eyes and then pointed at the ghost woman who was still standing behind the grand empress dowager. ” She told us that it belongs to the high priest, he was killed by the emperor of his time because he made a prediction that the Emperor will lose his throne if he doesnt learn from his mistakes and starts caring for his people when the emperor heard it, he took his sword and killed the high priest then and there when the priest died that necklace was in his hands and it collected the grievance and anger that the priest felt when he died.”


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“Ah, so he was killed by a jerk like the one who is sitting in front of me” mused Liu Hui Ying as she curled her lips into a derisive smile. ” I swear half of these people who died with grudges were killed by bastards like him.” She glanced at Zhai Tianyu and shot him a disdainful glance before rolling her eyes. “Anyway, it doesnt matter.. that bead necklace is going to be my wheel of fortune.”

She turned to look at the Grand Empress dowager and blinked her eyes while smiling at the old woman as if she was one of her potential customers, whom she was going to sell a rip-off product. ” Playing Guqin is something anyone can do nowadays,your majesty... of course, I am not looking down on anyone here,”

of course, I am looking down at you, whats so good about playing a musical instrument, all because she wanted to gain the attention of that whore of a man If that Ji woman has become some sort of idol or something I would have respected her a lot. She added in her head before ignoring the offended look on the faces of the people who were looking at her as if she has cursed their mother, she continued, ” I can do something much better than that, would you like to see it, your majesty”




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