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29 Rob her down to her underwear.

Little Mimi soon returned sooner than Liu Hui Ying thought that she would, at first she thought that she will take her sweet time just like the Grand Empress Dowager did but after a second Liu Hui Ying understood why little Mimi came in a rush. On the tray she was carrying were two hairpins, one was simply made out of some cheap quality jade and the other one was made of gold, so exquisitely designed that it was clear from one glance that a highly skilled craftsman has made it.

And even before the Grand Empress dowager said anything, Liu Hui Ying already knew which hairpin she was going to get and sure enough, a second later she heard the grand Empress dowager speak, ” Little Ying, I have heard that your father is a very successful merchant and he always brings you all kind of treasures from all over the country, that is why I chose this hairpin of mine. When I was first married to the late grand Emperor, my mother-in-law gifted this hairpin to me, back then it was a rare treasure, though it can not be compared to what your father has brought for you this hairpin is something that I really cherish.”

At least polish the hairpin properly before lying through your teeth, Liu Hui Ying thought in her head as she looked at the jade pin that looked so old and carelessly taken care of that she was sure that the old hag simply asked her maid to look for the cheapest and old hairpin that she no longer use and yet the old hag called it her most cherished hairpin without a change in her expression Did she look like a blind fool to her

” Thanking grand empress dowager for her grace,” though Liu Hui Ying was cursing the old hag in her head, she didnt show it on her face. She could sense that not only Zhai Tianyu but even the concubine and the two most trusted of people were looking at her trying to gouge her reaction. Haha, she once served in the detective department of her city, one that dealt with the most dangerous cases in the city, did they think that she was so easily angered

Heh, little kids.

As a detective she not only has to act as a bumbling woman but also had to pretend to be someones arm candy, she was a woman who has seen all. These little tricks were so poor for someone of her calibre.

Jia Li and the others who can hear what she was thinking: “...” Can she not see the throbbing nerve in the back of her hand She looks ready to kill.

Seeing that Liu Hui Ying was still calm, the grand empress dowager empress was a tad bit upset, she thought that with her skills she will be able to take a woman like Liu Hui Ying down with just a few swift moves but instead of angering Liu Hui Ying, she was the one who was getting angry. Just what kind of thick skin this woman had Not only was Liu Hui Ying silent when she ignored for ages but she was also able to stomach such a humiliation.

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What happened to the noble Liu Hui Ying, whose pride was bigger than her heart


Zhai Tianyu also clenched his fists, he hadnt expected Liu Hui Ying to be so difficult to deal with, he wanted to make use of his grandmother to rein in Liu Hui Ying and the Liu family, the plan was to anger Liu Hui Ying to the point that she will be disrespectful to the Grand dowager Empress but even after being humiliated as such, she was able to smile at him. It was as if she was looking at a bunch of clowns performing a show in front of her, this arrogance... this arrogance was just like the rest of the Liu family.

They all too thought that he was easily controlled and manipulated like they knew better than him.

He wanted to shake Liu Hui Ying awake and have her act as she used to when she wasnt married to him, like an idiot but he couldnt do it. He has to keep a close leash on his temper because he was here to find ammunition against the Liu Family and not the other way around.

Turning his head to look at his grandmother, he cleared his throat and the grand empress dowagers expression went through another change as she benevolently smiled at Ji Yu and said, ” Yuer, I have been looking for a perfect gift for you, after all, you have done so much for me these past few weeks, seeing how filial you are... I asked master Wu to prepare this hairpin for you, I also especially ordered him not to replicate this hairpins design for anyone, so I assure you that you will be the only owner of this beautiful hairpin.”

As she spoke, the Grand dowager empress glanced at Liu Hui Ying who caught her gaze upon seeing that she was looking in her direction and smiled at her, looking like a generous and benevolent wife leaving the Grand dowager Empress to feel completely helpless.

However, what the Grand dowager empress didnt know was that Liu Hui Ying was indeed furious inside. Not because she was being treated like Ji Yus lackey but because she lost that gold hairpin– Goodness, look at that shine, if she got her hands on that gold pin then she would have sold it for a good sum of money!

Though the dowry that Liu Hui Ying brought with her was grand, she has heard from Qui Ai that the dowry was currently under inspection and it will take at least a month before she will be able to warm her hand with those shiny silver, a month –how was she supposed to stay without money for a month

The more she thought the angrier she got, surely it must be the plan of this jerk and the old hag, not only were they delaying her dowry inspection, but they were also snatching the chances of making money from her. How dare they!

” Jia Li, Li Gang, Grandma Lan Fen... go and look for every precious thing that this old hag has,” said Liu Hui Ying suddenly causing Jia Li and the others to be startled, they turned to look at each other before Jia Li hesitatingly asked, ” Are we...”

“Thats right we are going to rob this old hag down to her underwear.”



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