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Chu Junmos expression changed.

He suddenly combined the Great Pharmacist Guild Conference that Gu Qiqi had mentioned with a certain tragic memory in his memory.

Was Qiqi talking about… that mysterious gathering of the Great Pharmacist Guild

How had she known there were such terrible gatherings in the world

Did she know how much bloodshed was hidden in that gathering

He quickly called Gu Qiqi.

However, Gu Qiqi had already turned off her phone.

He suppressed his violent heartbeat.

His fragile heart seemed to be unable to withstand his deep worry at this moment, and his heartbeat had lost its rhythm.

Was it really that Great Pharmacist Guild Conference But she couldnt enter without an invitation… Hopefully, he had heard wrongly!

Chu Junmos heart pounded.

After thinking for a long time, he still decided to call Feng Yangchu.

“Second Uncle, how did you get the invitation when you went to Ghost Island back then… Is it possible for the invitation to be sent to young people under the age of 20”

On the other end of the call.

There was silence for a moment.

The old voice sounded ethereal.

“Of course.

The Ghost Island exists to select young and strong apothecaries.”

“And if they fail”

“Losers dont deserve to live!”

“But you—”

“So I shouldnt have lived… I should have died there…”

Chu Junmos heart sank inch by inch as he listened to Feng Yangchus piercing whispers.

Even a great medicine master like Fengyang Chu had been defeated on Ghost Island back then and almost lost his life.

He didnt even use his surname anymore because of this.

His name was written backward.

Wouldnt a young girl like Gu Qiqi be tortured to death if she went

Chu Junmo became more and more worried.

Should he stop her at the airport now

Chu Junmo remembered that Gu Qiqi had just said that she was going to Country H to pick up something and would be back to take the final exam in a week.

In other words, she wouldnt be leaving for Ghost Island so soon.

His eyes narrowed and he immediately instructed, “When Young Lady Qiqi returns from Country H and passes through customs, inform me immediately!”

He wanted to persuade her immediately to give up on going to the Ghost Island.

= =

**Country H Airport**

As soon as she got off the plane, she was greeted by warm air and the fragrance of flowers.

Country H was the complete opposite of the Empire.

It was winter in the empire, and warm early summer in Country H.

This was the first time Gu Qiqi had gone overseas in her life.

However, she had no time to admire the beautiful scenery of Country H.

As soon as she got off the plane, she booked a taxi and went straight to the palace.

The taxi driver was very talkative.

Seeing that she was a foreign girl who had gone out alone, he was especially enthusiastic about introducing her to the famous sights and snacks of the capital of Country H.

Gu Qiqi listened absent-mindedly.

When her gaze swept across the large number of red festive advertisements on the street, she casually asked, “Does your country like red very much Why are the streets filled with it”

The taxi driver burst out laughing.

“Beauty, its not that we like red, but theres been a joyous occasion in our country recently.

Didnt you watch the live news at the airport”

Gu Qiqi blushed with shame.


Along the way, she had been thinking hard about how to kill her way into the palace and snatch the green Tridacna without spilling any blood.

What she was conflicted about was not how to snatch it.

She was more conflicted about how to compensate the family after snatching it away.

As a commoner, she did have a little money.

However, the royal family did not lack money.

What precious things could she use to compensate for the stolen green Tridacna

Seeing Gu Qiqis confused expression, the taxi driver couldnt help but announce proudly, “Our countrys little prince is getting married! Thats why the entire country is red!”


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