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“Where did he go”

Azure Dragon had already searched the mountainside several times.

However, he could not find where Li Yuanqing had gone.

That human was not very strong.

He had clearly frozen him, but how could it suddenly escape without a trace

Azure Dragon had just followed Li Yuanqings aura to come here, but he could not find anything after returning.

There was clearly a trace of smell in the air.

He had disappeared here, but where had he gone He was puzzled by this matter.

He had never seen such a powerful escape technique before.

“This human has actually cultivated to such a powerful realm”

He looked around suspiciously.

If those humans are really so powerful now, that kid had most likely returned home and found the old man in charge.

He didnt want him to come looking for him later.

“Forget it.

In any case, that kid doesnt know my background.

I can let him find trouble with the Black Dragon.”

After searching around in vain, the Azure Dragon High Lord could only give up resentfully.

Even though that kid had many secrets, the human race was not to be trifled with.

This was still the border between the demons and the humans.

If he was captured by those old fellows, he would not be able to bear the consequences.

After thinking about it, he decided to pretend that nothing had happened.

In any case, it was the Black Dragons loss.

In the Demon Realm.

Above the Golden Light Lake.

Li Yuanqing looked calmly at the lake in front of him.

Although in the Immortal World, what happened just now seemed to have only happened within an hour, a day had passed in the lower realm.

After Li Yunqing reacted, he immediately headed to the other door, which was the Golden Light Lake.

He did not stop along the way and finally arrived at the Golden Light River.

He successfully opened the door to the Immortal World.

After opening the door, the clone returned very smoothly and even left that fellow far behind.

That person was probably still scratching his head.

However, this was indeed too exciting.

If he was not careful, all his previous efforts would be in vain.

Fortunately, nothing like that happened.

Li Yuanqing put away the Wood Spirit Clone and disappeared above the Golden Light River in a flash.

He turned around and came to the domain space.

Liu Wen and the others were surrounding the new treasure and watching curiously.

Li Yuanqing had brought back hundreds of treasures this time.

There were actually many very terrifying auras inside.

Even if the three little fellows were just around it, they could feel the intense pressure.


The three of them immediately approached Li Yuanqing when they saw him.

“Master, why do these things look so terrifying It seems like something is staring at us from inside.”

Yang Tianqi barely controlled his emotions to not appear too weak.

In front of such strength, they were just a group of ants.

Li Yuanqing patted his head and said to him, “One day, you will also have such strength.”

“Thank you, Master!”

Li Yuanqing himself did not expect that there would be an unexpected windfall.

Moreover, this surprise was too great.

He had stolen most of the savings of the dignified Black Dragon.

The Black Dragon was probably jumping around somewhere.

“Master, why is this demon core still shining with golden light This fellow must be at least a few hundred years old, right”

Liu Wen was holding a demon core.

The aura emitted by the demon core was very oppressive and suffocating.

Hu Qian stood at the side with a solemn expression.

She looked at the demon core that was flickering with golden light and slowly said, “Im afraid this senior has already reached a very terrifying status when he was alive.

This strength is far from a few hundred years of cultivation.”

“Could it be a thousand-year-old demon” Liu Wen looked at Li Yuanqing in surprise.

“Master, weve made a killing this time.

A thousand-year-old demon core can be sold for tens of thousands of medium-grade spirit stones.

Just this demon core is almost equivalent to the remaining ores in that venue.

Why are we still wasting our time”

“This is the demon core of a Golden-scaled Python.

This persons strength when he was alive is unfathomable.

He must have at least ten thousand years of cultivation.

Youre too wasteful to sell it for tens of thousands of medium-grade spirit stones.”

Li Yuanqings words made Liu Wens teeth tremble.

He had never thought that anything could live for more than ten thousand years in his life.

It was even beyond his understanding that something could live for more than a thousand years.

A demon beast core that was more than ten thousand years old.

Then what price should he set

“Master… are you joking with me”

At this moment, Li Yuanqing was sitting at the side and had taken out his wood spirit clone.

He realized that every time the Wood Spirit Clone returned from the Immortal World, its aura would change slightly, as if it had become stronger.

But if it was just a small puppet, why had this change happened

Li Yuanqing did not know what kind of treasure this wood spirit clone was.

At the very least, the number thirty-six that Daoist Bai Mei was proud of was on a completely different level from this fellow.

This time, he stayed there for a longer time.

Perhaps it was because of the aura of the Immortal World, but Li Yuanqing felt that the Wood Spirit Clone had become more agile.

Even though he was just lying there quietly, it was as if there was a human expression on his face.

He was very natural and calm.

Liu Wen still wanted to ask, but he was stopped by Yang Tianqi.

“Master is thinking about it.”

They did not dare to disturb Li Yuanqing.

Liu Wen carefully placed the golden demon core the size of a head on the small bulge.

“Oh my god, I didnt expect to have the chance to see a ten-thousand-year-old demon core in my life.”

Liu Wen said excitedly.

However, when he looked back at the place where he had placed the demon core, it was gone.

Moreover, there was a small sunken area.

There were clearly a few demon cores there just now, but now, there were a few.

Just as Liu Wen was feeling puzzled, Yang Tianqi also noticed the change.

He looked at Liu Wens empty hands and questioned him unhappily, “Wheres the demon core just now”

“I put it on here.

I saw it just now, but it suddenly disappeared.”

Yang Tianqi warned with a dark expression, “Thats a ten-thousand-year-old demon core.

How can you take it casually If Master finds out, you wont be able to bear the consequences!”

“Can you not slander me Even if Ive done some sneaky things in the past, its because you guys have evil intentions.

Why do you think I stole you guys Its because youre too greedy!”

Liu Wen immediately could not hold it in after being reprimanded by Yang Tianqi.

The two of them had some conflict before, and now, they had even more grudges.

Yang Tianqis temper rose.

He glared at him and said, “I wont argue with you about what you stole from me.

Its just a small matter.

However, this ten-thousand-year-old demon core is no small matter.

So what if you stole it If you really use it on yourself, you will only harm yourself!”

“How benevolent!” Liu Wen looked at Yang Tianqi in disdain and said sarcastically, “Who doesnt know how to say these beautiful words But now that the demon core is gone, instead of looking for it, youre blaming me here”

“What happened”

Li Yuanqing suddenly appeared in front of the two of them.

The two little fellows were already red in the face from the argument.

When they saw their master, their arrogance instantly withered.

Liu Wen was still a child after all.

He could not hold back the grievances he had just suffered.

His face drooped and his eyes turned red.

“Master, if you think I stole your ten-thousand-year-old demon core, then you can kill me.

Lets see if you can find that demon core on me!”

“Why would I think that you stole the demon core”

“Because I was greedy just now.

I was playful and picked up the ten-thousand-year-old demon core.

Then, it disappeared.”

Yang Tianqi also calmed down and looked at Liu Wen.

“Isnt it fine as long as we find out what happened Why would Master kill you Can you not say these angry words”

Li Yuanqing frowned and suddenly stretched out his arm behind the small bulge, pulling out a round figure.

Spirit Child was holding two demon cores of different colors in his arms.

His mouth was filled with saliva, and his round stomach was still flickering with golden light.

Little Dot also forced his way out of Li Yuanqings body and rode on Li Yuanqings head as he looked at Spirit Child angrily.

Spirit Childs consciousness was a little blurry because he had swallowed such a huge golden core at once.

He grinned at Li Yuanqing with a dizzy expression and did not realize the seriousness of the matter.

Li Yuanqing looked at this kid helplessly.

He had not noticed it just now, but the ten-thousand-year-old demon core had been swallowed by Spirit Child.

Although this fellows strength was not high, he did not explode immediately after swallowing such a ten-thousand-year-old demon core.

This was a novel thing.

Under normal circumstances, this kid would have exploded if he took a bite.

How could he have swallowed it completely He was indeed extraordinary.

“Master, what should we do now This is a ten-thousand-year-old demon core.

Its a priceless treasure.”

Liu Wen looked at Spirit Childs round stomach with heartache.

This kid was too ruthless.

He swallowed such a huge treasure just like that.

He thought that if this demon core was given to him, he would never think about anything else in his life.

He would probably be able to reach the Formation Arrangement Realm easily.

This was just his imagination.

Little Dot looked at Li Yuanqing unhappily, as if he was accusing Li Yuanqing of being biased.

Helpless, Li Yuanqing took out another demon core from the pile and gave it to Little Dot.

After Little Dot received the demon core, he was overjoyed and bowed to Li Yuanqing repeatedly.

He looked so cute.

Li Yunqing took back the two demon cores in Spirit Childs arms and sent him back with a flip of his hand.

This fellow was too greedy.

He had swallowed everything in one go.

It was better to recuperate first and not let anything happen.

The three little fellows were dumbfounded when they saw Li Yuanqings actions.

That was a real ten-thousand-year-old demon core.

Li Yunqing did not even raise his eyebrows as he gave one to each of the two little fellows.

Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi could not help but swallow their saliva.

They were envious of those two little fellows and thought that it would be great if they were like them.

Li Yunqing seemed to have seen through their thoughts and said to them with a smile, “The two of them are inextricably linked to the demons, and their physiques are special.

They can digest these demon cores.

Dont think about these good things.

Raise your cultivation obediently first.

You wont lack benefits in the future.”

Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi immediately knelt on one knee.

“Thank you, Master!”

As they spoke, Little Dot had also eaten the green demon core in his arms and was patting his stomach and burping.

He lay in the pile of demon cores with a satisfied expression.

Li Yuanqing did not feel much heartache about these things.

In any case, he had obtained them from the Black Dragon.

It would naturally be best if he could use them.

He did not have any intention of refining artifacts yet.

It was fine to give some to the two little fellows first.

Moreover, as long as those two doors still existed, Li Yuanqing would have more chances to reach the Black Dragons secret treasure vault in the future.

Black Dragon would definitely gather more good things for Li Yuanqing.

Beside the little guy, Hu Qian stood there and stared blankly at a white demon core.

The demon core was not eye-catching.

Among the colorful demon cores, the color was very calm, and it was not big.

However, its aura attracted Hu Qian deeply.

Hu Qian was looking at the demon core in a daze when a large hand suddenly picked it up and brought it in front of her.

Hu Qians misty eyes slowly focused on Li Yuanqings face.

“Master Li, I…”

Li Yuanqing put away the demon core and looked at it for a while.

“Its a white foxs demon core.

Its four to five thousand years old and the quality is very good.”

“Congratulations, Master Li.

Congratulations on obtaining so many treasures.

I believe you will definitely be able to advance to the next level!”

“Youre a demon.

This demon core is of the same race as you.

However, your cultivation level is still too weak to completely refine it.”

“I know that Im too weak to control this demon core.

I was just attracted by its familiar aura just now.

I dont mean anything else.

Please dont misunderstand, Master.”

Hu Qian hurriedly lowered her head and explained.

Li Yuanqing thought for a moment and used three fingers of his left hand to hold the demon core in front of him.

His right hand flew up and down on the demon core.

After a while, Li Yuanqings movements slowly stopped.

The demon core that was originally half the size of a head had actually become the size of an egg after Li Yuanqings actions.

“Take it.

Keep it with you.”

“Master, I…”

“This can be considered a gift from me.”


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