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Yu Han didn’t look through the door.

Next to the door was a mirror and he could see a fleshy color in his periphery, “You put on your clothes.

I’ll go in and have a look.”

Luo Lin Yuan gave an obedient oh, his whole body was shivering from the cold water, and soon, his lips turned blue.

Yu Han took his thick bath towel, waiting for Luo Lin Yuan to come out, and then handed it to him.

“Wipe first.”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the bath towel somewhat entangled, “You have used it.”

Yu Han almost laughed angrily but soon he noticed Luo Lin Yuan’s blue lips, “Is it that cold”

Luo Lin Yuan gave him a weak look.

He was in poor health and can’t catch a cold.

He was raised by thousands of spoiling and pampering in his family.

Even in summer, he would be careful from getting cold and not be exposed to the wind.

After being splashed by cold water on the face, he didn’t dry it, his hair was wet and then was blown by the wind.

Hence, his complexion would look terrible.

Yu Han looked at him carefully and whether he (LLY) likes it or not, he directly unfolded the towel and wrapped it around him like a cloak, “Put this on first.

You’re already wearing my clothes and you still mind the bath towel I used”

Luo Lin Yuan was forcibly wrapped in a bath towel foolishly.

When he heard Yu Han’s words, he only felt that it was still very cold just now, but now it was a little hot, and blood rushed to his head.

In fact, Yu Han is also right.

His clothes are worn and what are you being pretentious about the towel, but this is his towel ah! Who the hell knows what Yu Han usually wraps in this bath towel!

Thinking about it, Luo Lin Yuan took the towel off his body like a germ and subconsciously wanted to throw it on the ground, but held back.

After all, this is someone else’s home.

Yu Han is also kind, he can’t do that.

He folded the towel and put it on the sofa and rubbed his cold arms.

After a while, Yu Han came out of the bathroom, “The hot water is ready, hurry up and go in.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t even look at him and hurriedly ran inside.

The temperature of the hot water is very high and it’s quite comfortable to wash.

Although the bathroom environment isn’t good, no matter what kind of environment, the hot water makes people relax and comfortable.

It wasn’t easy to finish the bath.

Luo Lin Yuan realized that he didn’t take a towel.

He didn’t have to think about Yu Han’s house, there’s definitely no new one.

He really didn’t want to use Yu Han’s.

Luo Lin Yuan, who has been acting reckless, finally regretted his whim.

Why did he have to come to Yu Han’s house to take a bath ah Isn’t it good to be at home After washing, Uncle Wu will ask the people in the kitchen to bring him a glass of sweet milk for him to grow.

Luo Lin Yuan planned to wait for it to dry naturally but it was too cold that he had no choice but to start using tissues to wipe the water on his body.

There was nowhere to throw the tissue, so he threw it in the toilet.

After getting dressed, Luo Lin Yuan pressed the flush.

Luo Lin Yuan: “……”

Yu Han prepares the ingredients for the soup, does his homework, washes up, and only sleeps for three hours.

He has to get up at five o’clock and go to the hospital to take care of his grandmother before going to school.

It was all originally arranged until he brought the trouble home today.

It’s been almost half an hour since Luo Lin Yuan went in bah…….

Does it take so long for boys to take a bath

Just as he thought of this, the bathroom door was opened a little.

Luo Lin Yuan’s face was red and his eyes were dodging.

What he wanted to say was stuck because of shame; he couldn’t say it.

Yu Han sighed again; he couldn’t even count how many times he sighed tonight.

He washed his hands and wiped them on his apron, “What’s the matter”

Luo Lin Yuan gritted his teeth and straightened his neck, “The toilet is clogged.”

His expression was big and righteous but his voice was quite small.

Yu Han didn’t hear it for a moment, “What”

Luo Lin Yuan blushed anxiously, “The toilet is clogged! I didn’t go to the toilet, I just threw tissues inside and it clogged!”

Yu Han walked in and Luo Lin Yuan stepped aside to get out of the way.

This is the first time Luo Lin Yuan has encountered such an embarrassing thing.

Even if he just came to take a bath at the house of someone he isn’t quite familiar with, he even clogged the person’s toilet.

Yu Han looked at the toilet, “How many did you throw”

Luo Lin Yuan said without confidence, “Five or six bah.”

Yu Han: “What is it used for”

Luo Lin Yuan: “There’s water on my body after showering.”

Yu Han completely lost his temper, he rubbed his temples.

“Forget it, you can leave bah.”

Luo Lin Yuan was unhappy when he saw him like this, “Didn’t you force me to come”

Yu Han: “I forced you to come”

Luo Lin Yuan justified, “I was originally going to leave, and it was you who dragged me to ask about Ren Yu and didn’t let me go.”

Yu Han was dumbfounded for half a day before he remembered the purpose of bringing the person home.

This Little Princess Luo tossed him so much that he had forgotten his business.

Yu Han closed the bathroom door, “Why on earth did you mention Ren Yu”

This time Luo Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate, “I saw you and him kissing on the rooftop.”

Yu Han’s face turned a little green and his expression became severe, “Did you tell others”

Luo Lin Yuan was caught in such a big pot[1] and was almost out of breath, “I did not! What’s there to say! It’s not a big deal!”

It was the first time Yu Han looked at Luo Lin Yuan so seriously as if he was thinking about the authenticity of his words.

Luo Lin Yuan also became angry, “Believe it or not! I didn’t say it means I didn’t say it!”

He swung his arms and wanted to leave but he wasn’t familiar with this place at all, so as soon as he turned around, he kicked his foot on the rice container.

The riceconatiner was brought by Yu Han’s grandmother from the countryside and it was sturdy and heavy, so Luo Lin Yuan’s kick directly made him bend over in pain.

Yu Han watched Luo Lin Yuan come out again and again, feeling a little helpless and feeling that he couldn’t ignore it.

He reached out to support the person’s waist, trying to make him stand firm, but as soon as he put his hand on it, Luo Lin Yuan stood upright, and the back of his head almost hit his (YH) nose.

Luo Lin Yuan turned his head, and the thief cried thief[2], “What are you doing!”

Yu Han: “Aren’t you hurt, I’ll help you out.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “If you help me, just help me.

What’s the point of touching my waist”

Yu Han listened to these words and figured out the hint.

He was exasperated.

These straight men always thought that as long as others are bent, they could take a fancy to themselves (men).

Yu Han held up his hands and didn’t intend to help him, “I think you’re mistaken about one thing.”

Luo Lin Yuan endured the pain in his foot, “What”

Yu Han: “Even if I really like men, I wouldn’t like you.”

Luo Lin Yuan stared widely, his mouth agape, and didn’t know how to retort.

He was confused and his brain was all messed up.

He finally squeezed out a sentence, “Who asked you to like, ridiculous!”

Yu Han reached out again, “Now I can help you, little princess.”

Luo Lin Yuan directly jumped out of the kitchen on one foot, “Don’t call me that!”

He hopped on the sofa and sat down to check his toe.

He kicked his big toe and the nail cap was already red and swollen fat.

Yu Han fished out the medicine bottle and handed it to Luo Lin Yuan, “Rub it yourself.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t even look at it, “I won’t!”

Yu Han: “Do you still want me to help you”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I was injured in your house!”

Yu Han only felt his forehead jump and almost wanted to throw Luo Lin Yuan out of his house.

But he really wasted too much time tonight and Luo Lin Yuan still knew about that incident.

He pulled out a small chair from under the coffee table, sat in front of Luo Lin Yuan, grabbed the injured foot, and put it on his knee.

He poured the medicine liquid into his palms and rubbed it, to warm it up.

He looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s foot.

How do you say it……the delicate foot isn’t like a boy’s foot, he could see at a glance that he knew he haven’t walked much.

The back of his foot is white and the toes are round, it looks as delicate as a pampered person.

Yu Han looked away uncomfortably and raised his hand to press on his foot.

Luo Lin Yuan: “Ah! Be gentle ah!” His voice was reproachful but somewhat soft, and it especially sounded coquettish.

There is no need for Yu Han to think about it.

He was about to strangle him for just screaming blindly.

What are you blindly yelling about ah!

↑1blame/fault↑2the guilty party is the first to sling the accusations


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