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Yu Han was like coaxing a big baby, patting, rubbing, and also shaking.

When Luo Lin Yuan finally stopped moving, he felt that it was wrong.

Luo Lin Yuan’s face was too red.

When he reached out and touched it, Luo Lin Yuan’s skin was hot, he was surprisingly feverish.

Luo Lin Yuan thought it was because he was in Yu Han’s arms, so the amorous feelings rippled and his whole body softened, but who knew it turned out to be smushy.

Yu Han struggled for a while between working part-time to earn money and sending people to see a doctor.

Finally, he decided to send Luo Lin Yuan to see a doctor first, then come back to make up the working hours, but there wasn’t much rest time.

He pressed Luo Lin Yuan’s shoulders and placed the person on the sofa.

“Wait a minute, I’ll ask for leave.”

Yu Han surveyed Luo Lin Yuan’s face again, his eyes were spotted with tears, extremely pitiful.

He took out tissues and stretched out his hand to wipe the tear stains on the person’s face.

His strength was very light and gentle without knowing it.

Luo Lin Yuan raised his face and let the person wipe it which made him itchy, so itchy that his heart went numb.

Luo Lin Yuan’s breathing slowed down.

When Yu Han took a tissue to wipe his nose again, he was reserved and avoided it.

He said in a thick nasal voice, “No need.”

Yu Han squeezed the tissue and folded it, persuading him, “It’s blocked and congested.”

Luo Lin Yuan was almost ashamed to death.

Not to mention that Yu Han is the person he likes, even he didn’t want to blow his nose like this for other people.

He wanted to hide, so Yu Han pinched his chin to prevent him from shifting his face around.

Luo Lin Yuan was forced to turn his eyelids pink again, and finally reluctantly complied.

His nose was flushed but his brain was dizzy with shame, rising like a lack of oxygen.

So that people just can’t get sick, Luo Lin Yuan’s IQ dropped to the point where he forgot that he had hands too.

When Yu Han left the staff lounge, Luo Lin Yuan’s runaway IQ returned.

He rubbed his sore eyes and thought of what Yu Han had just said. Liar!  Who would burn cigarette butts on his shoulder blades, does Yu Han smoke He had never seen Yu Han smoking.

Yu Han is obviously a guy, so why do you want a lady  tattoo Even if the girls you have dated asked, it shouldn’t be this.

Tattooing names or nicknames or a couple tattoos is normal! It’s more humiliating than meaningful.

And a tattoo for 5,000 yuan This is to spend money to make Yu Han marks, too deliberate.

Is this a friend How could it be! This “friend” knows that Yu Han lacks money, so he spent money to get Yu Han a tattoo.

Whether it was the act of giving money or the content of the tattoo, they were full of malice and were clearly humiliating Yu Han.

Perhaps this scar was burned by this “friend”, and Yu Han also endured it because of money.

He thought that in the hospital, Yu Han paid for the medical bills, spent time searching all over his body, and was proficient in signing UnionPay[1] slips.

These were all the things that were pressed on Yu Han’s life.

Yu Han needed money, he wants to save people.

His grandmother is still in the hospital.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t dare to imagine Yu Han’s mood nor did he dare to think about the past of this tattoo.

He was afraid that he would be mad.

He wanted to fight with the person who had bullied Yu Han and wanted to burn the cigarette butt back to that person.

What kind of person would bully a boy he likes so much

At this time, Yu Han came back.

He had already asked for leave.

He asked Luo Lin Yuan, “Do you have cash with you Hospitals usually pay with cash, what about ID”

Luo Lin Yuan’s ID was brought out when he came out, just in case he needed to go to a hotel, but there was no cash.

Yu Han took his wallet and then looked at Luo Lin Yuan.

Disliking that he was thinly dressed, he took out the sweater he was wearing to the bar from the locker and threw it to Luo Lin Yuan.

“Put it on, wear your hat, or you’ll get a headache later.”

Luo Lin Yuan obeyed and put it on.

The sweater was so big that it covered his buttocks, making him look like a child stealing adult clothes.

The hood covered his forehead, only revealing a pair of eyes.

He saw that Yu Han was only wearing a part-time black shirt, “What about you”

Yu Han fastened his sleeves buttons, “I’m not cold.”

Luo Lin Yuan silently took the school uniform jacket from his clothes bag and handed it to Yu Han.

The school uniform jacket is a sports style, which is already wide.

Yu Han looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s clothes and was speechless for a moment.

He didn’t want to ask why Luo Lin Yuan had a jacket but didn’t say anything.

Instead, he directly wore his clothes.

After Yu Han put his jacket on, Luo Lin Yuan inwardly shook his fist, very satisfied, thinking that his clothes were really suitable for Yu Han even if it was just a school uniform for the whole school.

When he came out of the bar and got into the car to go to the hospital, Luo Lin Yuan returned to his senses, “What about your part-time job”

Yu Han’s phone screen lit up.

In the dark car, the party looked at him from the brightness and seemed to smile, saying, “Send you to the hospital and then come back to make up for the shift.”

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head disapprovingly, “I can go to the hospital by myself.”

Yu Han put away his phone, the light was not there and his face couldn’t be clearly seen.

“Not at ease.”

Luo Lin Yuan pursed his lips in embarrassment, “I’m an adult, what’s there to be uneasy about.”

But after that, he never mentioned letting Yu Han return.

He only secretly planned to let Luo Ting pay Yu Han a bonus.

If in case he really chased Yu Han, he would be one of his own.

If Luo Ting knew that his baby son found him such a person of his own, he would probably beat Luo Lin Yuan to tears.

When they arrived at the hospital, Yu Han was too familiar with the hospital process.

Luo Lin Yuan followed him in a daze, handed in his ID for registration, lined up to get the number, identified the department, saw the doctor, and paid the bill.

Just like Yu Han’s little tail, waiting for the person to help him do it one by one.

Finally sitting in front of the doctor, he was made uncomfortable by the spatula.

It was Yu Han on the side who handed him warm water, letting him drink a sip slowly, causing the doctor to size them up, and finally said, “Your Ge[2] is really kind and considerate to you.”

Luo Lin Yuan wanted to deny it, but Yu Han said from behind, “Doctor, how is my Didi [3] Do you need to hang a needle[4] He still seems to have a fever.”

Luo Lin Yuan puffed up his cheeks in frustration, who is his Didi ah!

In the end, the doctor prescribed medicine and hung a needle, one large and two small bottles.

Visually, it wouldn’t be finished in two hours.

When the nurse came to give him the needle, Yu Han was still beside him and asked, “Do you need help covering your eyes”

Luo Lin Yuan glanced at him in shame and annoyed look, “I’m not a child, why cover my eyes.” The conversation between the two made the nurse laugh.

After the nurse finished laughing, she gave him the needle neatly.

After putting on the adhesive tape, she said not to move around to avoid the needle from running away.

Luo Lin Yuan reluctantly squeezed Yu Han to his side, trying to hide Yu Han, but Yu Han pressed his shoulder and reprimanded him.

“Don’t move, what should we do if the needle runs away.”

What needle running away, if he doesn’t move, Yu Han will run away with others!


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