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When Luo Lin Yuan sneaked back home, Uncle Wu came to the door to greet him.

He originally planned to climb over the wall again, but without Yu Han’s help, the height of the wall was too difficult for him.

When Uncle Wu saw him, his face turned from anxiety to angry glare.

Uncle Wu watched him grow up since he was a child and naturally had the imposition of elders.

Facing Luo Lin Yuan, who sneaked out for a few days and didn’t go home, Uncle Wu reprimanded him.

Of course, he didn’t dare to lecture too much, so he said to him, “Young Master, the next time you do this if something happens to you outside, I can’t ignore it anymore.

I’m worried all day long, so it’s better to go back to the countryside and farm!”

Luo Lin Yuan was still very childlike in front of Uncle Wu.

Seeing that Uncle Wu was angry, he softened his tone and admitted his mistake as if acting spoiled, letting Uncle Wu glare at him, only thinking about coaxing Uncle Wu to comfort him.

Uncle Wu was soon coaxed to laugh.

As soon as he finished laughing, he said worriedly, “Master is waiting for you in the garden and asked you to go there directly.”

Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t worried, Luo Ting used to spoil him very much.

This time, at least, Luo Ting knew that he had run away from home.

Lin Shu probably ignored his existence and didn’t even know where he had been these days.

He bypassed the front courtyard; the back garden was lit, this place was designed by Lin Shu.

There is a small fountain and a solid wood swing.

This is where Lin Shu often used to sketch.

She also ordered her subordinates to open up a piece of land and plant fruits.

The wind was fragrant with flowers and the branches pressed against the moon.

It was a romantic evening.

Unfortunately, what was waiting for him was a parental talk.

Luo Ting sat on the swing, with snacks and black tea on the small table in front of him.

Hearing the sound of Luo Lin Yuan stepping on the lawn, Luo Ting smiled softly and beckoned him over.

When Luo Lin Yuan saw that his Dad wasn’t angry, he was first relieved, then a little disappointed.

Luo Ting, as if he could see his little thoughts, raised his hand to rub his hair, “You’re already so big, yet you’re still difficult like a child ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s face was a little hot, “I’m not.” He pushed away Luo Ting’s hand and fixed his hair.

Luo Ting looked at his obviously inappropriate clothes and said with some surprise, “You even wore someone else’s clothes on your way back”

Luo Ting knew how particular his son was, and it was impossible for him to wear clothes worn by others.

What kind of person was it that made his precious son wear these clothes with complete indifference

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t say much, he rubbed his nose, “Just a friend.”

Luo Ting thought that when he found out that Luo Lin Yuan was missing, he asked his subordinates.

It was the child named Yu Han who took Luo Lin Yuan away.

“It’s that boy, right, Yu Han.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t deny it, he suddenly remembered something, “You said before that Yu Han looks like an old friend of yours Yu Han looks a lot like his mother, and his mother is a super beauty.”

Speaking of this, Luo Lin Yuan narrowed his eyes suspiciously, “Dad…”

Luo Ting couldn’t help but flick his forehead, “What’s in your little head, you can think so much about it even with my casual word.”

Luo Lin Yuan grunted, “Who asked you to be so strange, and even deliberately called someone to the house.

You must know his mother, maybe you even checked her house, don’t lie to me.”

Luo Ting was a little embarrassed, “Yes I know his mother, but I am absolutely innocent with her.

There are many people chasing her, but she is my brother’s woman, and it has nothing to do with me.”

Luo Ting often gets along with Luo Lin Yuan as friends and is used to Luo Lin Yuan being cheeky.

There aren’t many taboos in the content and way of chatting.

It’s very natural for Luo Ting to mention the past.

His attitude is upright, indicating that his brother’s woman cannot be deceived, and he is heartless and powerless.

He called Yu Han over, there is also a bit of testing and keeping an eye out.

If you came in contact with a good child, perhaps you can be called into the company to work in the future.

The Luo company is also a large company, so it is also considered an opportunity.

Having said that, Luo Ting pushed the dessert plate in front of Luo Lin Yuan, handed him a fork, and brought the topic back to the focus of the evening, regarding Luo Lin Yuan’s leaving him, he asked, “It’s me and your mother who are wrong, you heard us quarrel, right”

Luo Lin Yuan pinched his fork, without speaking or moving.

Probably on a night like this, it’s easy for people to say something from the bottom of their hearts.

Luo Lin Yuan admitted that he did leave the house willfully because Luo Ting and Lin Shu quarreled, and he also felt that Lin Shu didn’t love him.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Luo Ting helplessly, “Dad, is it because I can’t draw In fact, I really learned it with my heart.”

Luo Ting reached out and hugged him, “No, it’s her problem.

We by far have the best, well-behaved child in the world.”

Luo Lin Yuan sighed, “If I’m the best, Mom should like me.”

Luo Ting was dumbfounded and finally didn’t know how to comfort the child.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t continue to talk, he was afraid that he would reveal too much and would let Luo Ting go to quarrel with Lin Shu.

Luo Ting was originally very dissatisfied with Lin Shu’s attitude towards his family.

His(LLY) psychological talk with Luo Ting wasn’t meant to make the two quarrel.

Luo Lin Yuan stood up from the swing and stretched, “I’m going up to sleep, good night, Dad.”

Luo Ting looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s out-of-place outfit, “Next time you run away from home, remember to bring clothes.

It’s not good to wear other people’s clothes.”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded carelessly, and after taking a few steps, he suddenly turned back and said, “Dad, my friend is really in financial difficulty.

If I want to help him but I can’t give money directly, what should I do”

Not waiting for Luo Ting to speak, he added, “You can’t be like the birthday party a few days ago.

Fortunately, my school friends didn’t come, otherwise, he would be more embarrassed ah!”

Luo Lin Yuan: “And he often eats very little and sleeps very little.

I’m so worried that he will suddenly die one day.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “But he refused to accept my money directly and even lectured me, saying that I shouldn’t joke about money.”

Luo Ting picked up his black tea and blew on it, facing a bunch of issues from his son.

“You care about this friend a lot.”

Luo Lin Yuan hesitated, “Because I haven’t been around anyone as pitiful as him.”

Luo Ting nodded with understanding, “You’re a soft-hearted child.”

Luo Lin Yuan licked the corner of his mouth, somewhat guilty.

If Yu Han heard the conversation between him and Luo Ting, that guy would definitely press him against the dirty wall again and tell him not to sprinkle cheap sympathy around.

In fact, he could vaguely feel that Yu Han wasn’t very willing to accept material help from others, and even to say Yu Han is very sensitive.

He thought Yu Han was happy to receive donations from the school back then, but in fact, there is another situation, that is, there is no other way.

There’s no other way, naturally, you can no longer hold your pride.

Luo Ting: “Dad will think of a way, so go up and sleep.”

The next day after school, Luo Lin Yuan learned what Luo Ting’s method was.

He had originally made an appointment with Fang Xiao to try a newly opened ramen restaurant today and then go to Fang Xiao’s house to play games.

But just after leaving the classroom door, he saw Yu Han standing outside the classroom waiting for him.

Fang Xiao’s eyes rounded, his face full of gossip and curiosity, he looked at him then at Yu Han.

Yu Han didn’t care about the commotion caused by his arrival, but naturally hooked his finger at Luo Lin Yuan.

Luo Lin Yuan’s lips twitched at his gesture, thinking to himself if he’s beckoning a cat or a dog.

He reluctantly walked over and said with some confusion, “Why are you here”

Yu Han was carrying a school bag on one shoulder and stood a little askew.

When Luo Lin Yuan approached, he straightened his legs, changed his center of gravity, and stood straight, and he was much taller than Luo Lin Yuan at once.

He looked at Luo Lin Yuan condescendingly, “Your Father asked me to pick you up and take you home.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Ha”


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