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When school was over, Luo Lin Yuan waited at the Class Ten door, wearing headphones, carrying a schoolbag on one shoulder, and leaning against the wall, waiting for someone like a beautiful scenery.

When Yu Han put his homework into his bag, he felt the commotion around him.

When he raised his eyes, he saw Luo Lin Yuan at the door.

His movements slowed down and it took him a long time to pack up his bag.

Ren Yu walked over and asked him, “Would you like to go together”

Yu Han didn’t answer for a moment and then looked towards the door.

The young girl, with her hair, draped over her shoulders, walked up to Luo Lin Yuan and raised her head to talk to him.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman.

The sunshine looked biased, completely falling on them, it’s as beautiful as an idol drama.

Ren Yu followed his gaze and exclaimed in admiration, “Two well-matched people.”

The two people that he described as well-matched were facing each other.

Xia Fu said coldly, “Looking for me”

Luo Lin Yuan: “En.”

Xia Fu looked at the class and noticed the sight of most people peering their way.

“Let’s talk somewhere else.”

After that, she took the lead and walked out, with Luo Lin Yuan following behind her.

The two came to the place where they first talked, a dessert shop.

They started here and they’re going to end it here, Xia Fu thought somewhat absent-mindedly.

Luo Lin Yuan put down his school bag and went to order a cup of purple rice yogurt and mango pancake for her.

He remembered exactly what she ordered and what she liked to eat the first time she came.

Sometimes, Xia Fu even felt that Luo Lin Yuan’s memory shouldn’t be too good so that people wouldn’t give birth to so much hope for no reason.

After Luo Lin Yuan ordered, he sat down opposite her and didn’t speak immediately, but frowned in difficulty, wanting to say something.

Xia Fu has always been brave.

She can ask for a start, so she can also ask for an end to everything.

She said, “Let’s break up.” Xia Fu stared intently at every bit of Luo Lin Yuan’s expression, satisfied that the other party didn’t immediately show a relieved expression.

“It’s me who doesn’t want to be with you anymore.”

Luo Lin Yuan clasped his hands together, looking somewhat apologetic, “Good.”

Xia Fu’s eyes heat up for a moment.

She stood up, planning to leave without waiting for the dessert to be served, but didn’t expect to be pulled halfway by Luo Lin Yuan.

She looked at the boy she loved, and Luo Lin Yuan looked at her and apologized softly.

Xia Fu’s tears suddenly couldn’t be controlled and fell down. What’s there to apologize for I don’t like this kind of thing.

No one is sorry for anyone.

When the store employee brought the dessert, she found that there was only one person left.

She looked at the boy sitting in the same place in surprise.

The boy looked up and asked her, “Can I have it for take out”

The store employee hurriedly nodded, of course.

She peeked outside again, just in time to see the girl who came with the boy get into a taxi and leave.

She tightly held on the tray, thinking to herself, This is a quarrel, right As expected of youth ah.

The youth, Luo Lin Yuan, carried two plastic bags and stood at the side of the street at a loss for a while.

He really didn’t want to go home.

His Dad hasn’t come back yet.

Lin Shu recently flew abroad to hold an exhibit and wasn’t there.

Uncle Wu and the others told him the rules and refused to eat with him at the same table.

It was too boring to eat alone.

Luo Lin Yuan stood on the street for a while and suddenly had an impulse.

He decided to visit Yu Han’s grandmother.

Anyway, he helped out a little last night, right It’s not too much to go see the elderly now, is it

Luo Lin Yuan took a taxi and arrived at the hospital with great enthusiasm, only to remember he should bring something when visiting people.

He bought a bag of oranges outside the hospital and carried the dessert inside.

But just as he reached the lobby, Luo Lin Yuan was a bit distracted.

Which ward was Yu Han’s grandmother supposed to be in He didn’t know ah.

Standing in the hall with a bewildered face, Luo Lin Yuan took out his phone and prepared to call Yu Han.

The first time he dialed, it didn’t connect.

When Yu Han was about to call a second time, he made eye contact with someone.

Luo Lin Yuan’s body froze.

The person was also a bit surprised and even hesitant as if he didn’t know whether greet him or not.

Ren Yu held a thermos kettle, standing not far away, and hesitated for a while, but still walked over slowly and looked at the fruits he was carrying.

“What a coincidence ah…”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t make a sound.

Ren Yu nodded at him and didn’t want to say more.

Because behind Luo Lin Yuan is the elevator, and he could only enter by passing by this person.

They weren’t originally familiar, so just a greeting will do.

Who knew that Luo Lin Yuan followed him without saying a word and also entered the elevator.

Ren Yu inexplicably felt numb behind his back as if someone was staring at him.

He couldn’t turn around because he didn’t know what to say to the person.

Ren Yu came out of the elevator and walked towards the inpatient department.

As he walked, he felt that Luo Lin Yuan was following him, but he didn’t follow him (RY) closely; he was two or three steps away.

Unexpectedly, when they all came to this point, Ren Yu had to bite the bullet and say, “Is someone in your family also sick and hospitalized”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t answer, instead, he asked him, “Someone in your family is hospitalized”

Ren Yu raised the thermos kettle and shook it.

“More or less ba, I’m taking care of the elderly.”

Luo Lin Yuan said bluntly, “Yu Han’s grandmother”

Ren Yu’s movements paused, and the look on his face became a little subtle.

Luo Lin Yuan also wanted to ask what’s their relationship was, but thinking of that kiss on the rooftop, he felt that this question was too unnecessary. What else could it be He can ask this person to see their grandmother, I’m afraid they don’t have to get a certificate after graduation.

Luo Lin Yuan smiled somewhat mockingly.

He looked at the fruit and milk tea in his hand, stretched out his hand, and handed them over, “Here you go.”

Ren Yu accepted them somewhat inexplicably.


Luo Lin Yuan waved his phone.

“I just learned that the person I want to see isn’t here.

I’ll give you these, for grandma to eat.”

Ren Yu looked at the milk tea and desserts in his hand, and said with some embarrassment, “This… The elderly can’t eat these.”

Luo Lin Yuan took the milk tea back in silence, Ren Yu added, “Uh… Grandma can’t eat oranges either.

She’ll get inflammation and cough easily.”

Luo Lin Yuan took the oranges back again and looked at him.

Coming over on a whim, barging in recklessly, holding untimely gifts, and worrying about unwanted concern, and finally, he could only end in embarrassment.

Ren Yu also seems to be embarrassed.

After all, Luo Lin Yuan also had a good intention, but he was rejected in this way.

He was a little worried and wanted to say something else to ease the embarrassment but before he could say anything, Luo Lin Yuan said indifferently, “I’ll go first.”

Without waiting for him to reply, he went straight to the elevator, and it didn’t take long for him to disappear without a trace.

Ren Yu stood still and shook his head, carrying the thermos kettle back to the ward.

Luo Lin Yuan rode the elevator to the first floor, found a place to finish his milk tea, ate the desserts, and peel more than half a bag of oranges.

The oranges are too sour, not sweet at all; and they are so sour that it makes people cry.

Luo Lin Yuan’s phone vibrated; it was a call from Yu Han.

He looked at the caller ID for a while and finally hung up.

He threw the remaining half bag of oranges into the trash and got into the taxi.

He never wanted to eat oranges again.

Eating them made him uncomfortable.

Purple rice yogurt:

Mango pancake:


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