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Chapter 19: Reece-She's Running Again!




But she was a handful, that was for sure. That was why I had to sneak out of my own house to catch her when she was trying to run away. If Vincent had not been on night watch as he was walking the halls, he would never have come to notify me that my new mate and our soon to be Luna was trying to escape.

Oh, she thought she was clever. Telling Peter that she was getting juice, telling me she was going for her missed run. She thought she was going to get away. I still didn't know why she would want to run away. She was going to have everything she ever wanted right. This is what all the girls in the pack seemed to want, to be mated to me and ascend the ladder. Oh well, she would come around. Until then, I had to threaten her.

"Let me make one thing abundantly clear to you right now. If you try to run away again, I will make it so you can't leave the house ever again. As it is, you're under house arrest until the marking is done. After that, I can use the mark to track you down and bring you back no matter where you run off to." I told her, causing her eyes to open wide in shock and fear. That was mostly true. I would be able to track her, but it wasn't that easy.

"Do you understand what I'm telling you." She made such an unusual face at this that I couldn't help my response. "You look like a scared little bunny rabbit." I laughed at her.

"I do not look like a rabbit." She growled at me.

I laughed again, she squealed as I threw her over my shoulder and marched her to her room. I worked hard to ignore the feeling of her soft supple body pressing against my shoulder. When I set her down, I warned her yet again.

"Get in your room, little bunny. And if I catch you outside again, I might just get myself a new lucky rabbit's foot." I assigned a guard to her room and gave one last bit of advice. "Don't even think about going through the window, little bunny, you don't have a balcony, and there is nothing for you to climb down. And if you tried to make a jump from this high, it'd probably kill you."

After all my threats and warnings, I left her alone. I stalked down the hallway to the southern wing where my room was. That's why I am in this predicament that I am in now.

I was currently tonsils deep in a bottle of whiskey, trying to take my mind off the last two days. I had just about drunk myself into a stupor and was attempting to make my wolf forget about the way our body felt when that girl was around. Things weren't going so well.

"I'm going to have to assign guards to her." I told myself. "But who should I choose" There were several among the pack that were strong enough and capable enough, but not many that I would trust with being inside my home or around my mate constantly. I was really going to have to bite the bullet and branch out here a little.

Things were going to get complicated here for a while. A long while.




"UURRGH!" I screamed in frustration. "What an ASSHOLE!" I heard a laugh coming from beyond the door, apparently my guard had heard me. I didn't care, let him hear. I was too angry not to vent to myself.

"Who does that overgrown dog think he is, anyway Throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me back to my room. Doesn't he know I'm more than capable of walking" I continued to vent as I tore through my bags and found some clothes to sleep in. I didn't care about making a mess at the moment, I just needed to change my clothes.

"I swear if he tries something like that again I am going to give him more than just a piece of my mind. I'm going to give him my hand across his face or my boot up his ass." The laughter was continuing almost steadily at my tirade. Glad you're enjoying yourself pal.

I finished changing and flopped onto the bed, though I was certain I wouldn't fall asleep anytime soon. But, before I knew it, my eyes were closed, and I was sleeping soundly.

I woke up early again the next morning. Thankfully I had a dreamless sleep for once, so I didn't have to worry about any nightmares waking me up this time. But I was really getting tired of waking up before the sun rose.

I knew they wouldn't let me go for a run. Not after last night. So, I decided to take a shower. I really wanted to soak in the tub, but that would have to wait until I had more time. I had class soon and didn't have the time for a really long soak.

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The shower was amazing. The powerful jets of hot water that I could concentrate to specific muscle groups on my back helped to ease some of the tension I was feeling. I had a feeling I would be stressing out and would be full of tension a lot during my time here.

"What am I thinking" I asked myself. "It's not like I'm ever going to live anywhere else. I am the Luna, I am his mate, this is my life now." I stated, realization hitting me hard.

I had just finished dressing and tidying up my mess from the night before when there was a knock on my door.

"Trinity, are you awake" Noah asked me.

"Yeah Noah, I'm awake." I told him.

I heard Noah unlock my door with the same key he had used the night before.

"I was going to give this to you. I had forgotten to give it to you last night." Noah said, indicating the key in his hand. I held my hand out to take the key from him. "But now I am not certain I should." He growled glaring at me.

"Why not" I asked him.

"Why not" He asked. "Why not" He yelled it that time. "Dammit Trinity, why the hell did you try to run away last night" He demanded. His eyes were full of fury as he glared at me.

I could see he was mad at me. He was hurt that I had tried to leave and tried to run away from the Alpha. I knew that he considered the Alpha to be one of his best friends, but to me the Alpha was a dangerous person that I didn't know. It was one thing following the Alpha's orders when they didn't affect your daily life, but when it came to me personally it changed everything drastically. I was scared, nervous, and just didn't know what to do.

"I..I..I was not trying to run away." I stammered. He glared at me ever harder, if that was even possible. "I had missed my morning run, so I-."

"Don't peddle your lies to me Trinity. I'm not buying them." He roared. "You were trying to run away. WHY"

"Because I'm scared Noah. Alright! Is that what you want to hear I'm terrified. I don't know what to do. I'm in over my head. The whole mate bond terrifies me. Just being around the Alpha, smelling him, yeah it's exciting because of the bond but it scares the hell out of me too." He recoiled at my words, or my tone, I wasn't sure which. The shock in his face quickly turned to pain and then compassion. He was torn. He didn't know where to put his loyalties right now, and that hurt.

"I'm sorry Trinity." He began.

"Just stop." I told him. "Just stop Noah. It's my problem. Just tell the Alpha that I won't run away again. I promise. I know that it's no use. I promise that I will stay here, no matter what. Just, make sure he lets me finish my degree, alright."

"Once you are marked, you can go again." He told me.

"You mean I have to miss the entire week" I asked him incredulously. "They might drop me from my classes."

"I'll see what I can do." He promised. "But you're not going today, that's for sure. Not after what happened last night. Take that as a punishment for attempting to run."

"Fine, but please make sure I can go tomorrow." I insisted.

"I'll try."

"And don't tell the Alpha that I am scared to be here." I told him.

"You know, he is your mate now, you can call him by his name." Noah sighed.

"Not a chance. I'll do that when he gives me the permission to do so." I told him. Noah just nodded. He knew how people were when it came to the Alpha.

So, I am a prisoner for the time being. I thought to myself. Well he did say I was under house arrest.



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