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Chapter 14: Trinity- Truly Seeing the Alpha




"Hello young one, I am one of the five elders of the pack, my name is Michael." He said spreading both of his hands before me in a show of welcome. "I would like to welcome you here with us today Luna. What shall we call you" He asked me. I could not believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. I was momentarily stunned. However, that did not last long, I caught sight of Grandfather and knew he would be disappointed if I did not keep my composure.

"My name is Trinity." I told him with as much confidence as I could force into my voice.

"Now then Trinity, let us discuss what all of this means for you and the pack." Michael indicated a chair for me to sit down. Knowing that it would cause more problems if I refused, I accepted his offer and allowed him to guide me to the seat.

From the seat I could see everyone in the room. It was like a throne that sat opposite of the Alpha's desk that was almost like his own throne in the room. I saw my family looking at me with concern, everyone but Grandfather. Grandfather was looking at me with his usual sneer, but it was mixed with an unusual amount of pride and well-maintained gloating.

The elders were all looking at me curiously. The five of them looked so similar yet so different. They were all old and wizened. They had gray hair and their skin was yellowing around the edges. But their eye colors were different, and the angles of their facial features were different.

The most interesting person in the room by far, was the Alpha. I had always seen him from afar. And the other night I had seen him up close for the first time. The sight of which was enough to take my breath away. But seeing him now, being able to look for more than a glance, I was able to appreciate things I had never noticed before.

I was able to appreciate things like how when the light hit his hair just right it looked like it was shining with the glint sapphires. Like the jet-black color had started to turn blue in places. Like how his honey-golden eyes seem to track even the smallest movements made in the room, and that they seemed so deep that I could get lost in them.

I seemed to notice how his high cheekbones, angular jaw, and full lips were drawing all of my attention, causing me to need to force my eyes away from them. Looking down only made it worse though. I saw how the muscles in his arms and chest strained against the shirt he was wearing. The fabric was clinging to him almost like a second skin making every line stand out in eye-popping detail.

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His tall muscular frame was leaning against the window. I knew he was taller than most members of the pack. He was at least a foot taller than I was. He looked strong, powerful, and lethal.

Yet, in that moment, seeing him and smelling him so close to me, all I felt for him was lust. I didn't know why.

Every time I had smelled his scent before it had frightened me. And it still did, to be honest. But the lust was overpowering it at the moment. Perhaps seeing him there, getting to see him so clearly, made it that much more powerful.

I heard someone clear their throat, I nearly jumped in response, startled by the interruption to my ogling of the Alpha. Goddess, they probably know what was going through my head. I thought. At least he was avoiding looking at me.

"Now then Trinity." Another of the Elders was speaking to me. "There is much we need to discuss and plan so that we may all move forward. As you are probably well aware, it is a joyous occasion that the Alpha has finally found his mate after nearly six long years." The old man was saying in his wizened old voice.

I just nodded my head in response. Of course I understood, the whole pack had been waiting for him to find his mate for the longest time. That was the point of that whole gathering that would forever be the worst night of my life. But I didn't know what he wanted me to say in response, so my nod would have to suffice.

"Now, as you know, we will have to hold the claiming ceremony. There you will be marked in front of the entire pack." Michael, the elder who spoke earlier added. My eyes opened wide at his words. In front of the whole pack

"Now, there is nothing to be afraid of my dear." Another man was saying. "We simply need to introduce you to the pack as the new Luna and have the Alpha mark you as his own. Of course, it won't be the final marking, that will be private between the two of you. But it will be a show of possession in front of the entire pack. Marking you as his so no others try to stake a claim."

This man's words were not calming me down in the slightest. What exactly did these people think I was capable of doing. I can't do these things. Especially not in front of so many people. This would definitely not end well for me.

"Don't worry Trinity, it will be quick, and we will all be there for you." Noah assured, having sensed my fear and hesitation at the old man's words. I just nodded at him. I didn't trust myself to speak here, I would likely end up screaming instead.



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