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Chapter 11: Trinity- I tried to avoid trouble, now I might die




When I woke the next morning, I had decided to skip my morning run. I didn't think it was safe considering all that had happened. I decided to text Juniper and ask if she had any plans for the day and to see if she was willing to help distract me for the day. Her and Paul were one of the few couples who had decided to live off the compound after they were mated. They were still in school and wanted to act young and carefree. I was basically using her as an excuse to hide away somewhere off the compound, but I don't think she would mind.

Cedar was the one to come pick me up since he still lived on the compound with his parents. We drove into town and met up with Juniper and Paul at the movie theater. We planned to have a whole day to distract me. They didn't ask me a thing about the night before, which made me grateful. They truly were the best.

We saw a double feature, all the while stuffing ourselves with popcorn and junk food. After which we went to the mall and I had a little bit of retail therapy with Juniper while the guys showcased their reflexes for the whole world to see at the arcade, men never truly grew up.

After shopping we had a late lunch where we complained about everything we possibly could in our lives, it was nice to just vent and get the frustrations out. But still, I didn't say anything about the previous night.

We decided to go back to Juniper and Paul's place after that. Several card games, board games, movies, and a very unhealthy delivery dinner later, and I was ready to pass out on their floor. I could feel someone carrying me and based on scent I could guess it was Cedar, he truly acted like a doting big brother just like my cousins did. He laid me on the couch, and someone covered me in a blanket. I instantly fell into a deeper sleep.

I Dreamt of the alpha coming for me again. Banishing me. Beating me. Doing Goddess knows what to me. But every time I saw his face, it both terrified me and excited me. I wish my body would make up its mind. Does he scare me or excite me Same with his scent. Is it dangerous or intoxicating Why do I find it both

The next morning, we had our usual classes. I hadn't intended to sleep over at their house but the early mornings and troubled sleep two nights in a row made me fall asleep much sooner than expected. So, I ended up borrowing some of Juniper's clothes for the day. She was so much taller than me, that I had no choice but to wear shorts. Thankfully, it was still pretty warm out, even though it was the beginning of October.

I would have to skip my training though. As much as I would like to follow my typical routine, I just couldn't train without my gym bag. So, I texted Jim and let him know that I wouldn't be there today. He texted back that he understood, and he'd see me next time. When I turned my phone on to send the message though, I saw that I had several voicemails and text messages from my family. Noah had left several of them, so had Carter and Aunt Eve. I was worrying them, and that broke my heart. I would have to explain everything to them when I got home.

Class went about the same as usual. I was glad that I had turned my assignments in online Friday before everything had happened. Once our day was over, I decided to grab lunch with Juniper and the guys before heading home. They had plans in the city, and I didn't want to inconvenience them any further, so I decided to walk back to the compound. Besides, I could use the extra time to think.

The walk from the restaurant back to the compound would take me around forty-five minutes. From the gates up to the house about another thirty. That was if I didn't run any of it. Running would help with the pent-up frustrations, but it would get me home that much sooner. Getting home sooner meant I would have to explain things that much sooner as well. I had to make a decision here.

Before I could think too much on the situation I spun out of his way, causing him to barrel past me and skid into a tree. There was a possibility that this was a nomad, a rogue. If that was the case, then he wouldn't know the forest as well as I did. I turned and darted into the trees. He got to his feet quickly and followed after me.

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I could hear his rumbling growl behind me. He was faster than me, but I would have the element of surprise on my side. He would not be expecting me to know how to defend myself like this.

I let him get closer to me, a little too close for comfort in truth. Then I jumped to the side and used the tree as a springboard, flipping in the air to land a double kick on top of his head. I heard a satisfying thud as my heels made contact and heard an even more satisfying yelp of pain. He was momentarily dazed by the blow.

Once he recovered, he was chasing me again. Gaining on the lead I had won myself in his confusion. I could hear his panting breath as he came up behind me. This time instead of using the tree as a springboard, I slid down to the ground, lying flat on my back. I used the combined momentum of my slide and his run, adding to that I threw my feet up pressing them into his soft underbelly, I sent him flying up and over me to collide with the tree I had been running towards.

He roared in frustration. He was not expecting me to catch him so off-guard like this. He thought I would be easy prey. Well, think again pal.

No sooner had I thought that though, my foot caught the roots of the tree as I tried to stand. It wasn't long, but it cost me dearly in my fight to gain a lead and plan my next attack.

He recovered from his collision with the tree sooner than I had expected and was after me almost immediately. I hadn't had time to get enough of a lead.

This time he caught up with me instantly and pounced on me. We rolled through the dirt and leaves. When we came to a halt, he was pinning me to the forest floor with his teeth bared in front of my face.

I was scared, more terrified than I had ever been in my life. But I wasn't about to show him that. I couldn't move my arms with his massive paws pinning my shoulders to the ground, but I could still move my legs. I brought my knee up into his belly. I must have hit a tender spot because he growled fiercely in my ear and set his teeth against my throat.



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