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Chapter 3339: An Aloof Clan

“It’s about time for me to investigate the secret of the Peace region.” Jian Chen sat on his wheelchair in the Divine Palace of Peace.

His gaze passed through the obstructions of the various structures and gazed at the vast outside world.

He murmured to himself, “The Blood Slaughter Ruler is so determined to make the Peace region his.

Both the Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Jade Heaven Ruler don’t believe this is as simple as it seems on the surface.

They both suspect that the Peace region is hiding some kind of secret.”

“But what exactly will this secret be” Jian Chen was slightly intrigued.

Then he raised his head and looked at the green sun in the sky subconsciously.

The green sun was the sovereign god artifact of the Wood Spirits, the Source of Life.

To him, there were no secrets of the Wood Spirits more important than the sovereign god artifact, but he was also aware that before his soul had returned to its peak condition, he was completely unqualified to go after the sovereign god artifact.

In the next moment, Jian Chen vanished.

He left the Divine Palace of Peace alone before searching through the entire Peace region.

The senses of a powerful soul engulfed the entire sky and land.

He carried out a close search of the entire Peace region.

He searched very closely, without sparing any corners, including every inch of space and land.

He did not even spare deep underground.

His close search only took three days.

Jian Chen had searched the entire Peace region in that time, but he found nothing.

However, Jian Chen had been expecting all of this.

The Peace region had already existed for countless years.

He was certain that both Heaven Fighting and Jade Heaven had searched through the entire place multiple times during this lengthy period.

If the secret hidden in the Peace region really was that easy to find, it would not be a secret anymore.

“Don’t tell me it only appears at a specific time and location Or perhaps the secret can’t be found with the senses of the soul.” Jian Chen sank into his thoughts as he hovered in the air.

Certain formations or phenomena would only appear at specific times and locations.

This was common knowledge in the Saints’ World.

As for objects that could not be discovered with the senses of the soul, there were too many of them in the world.

One of the reasons for that was the object was on a level that was far too high, so lower level senses of the soul could not discover it.

A second reason was the object itself was inherently immune to all senses of the soul, such as Fortune God Jade and various supreme grade God Tier heavenly resources and materials in the world.

“Do I go and ask Blood Slaughter The Blood Slaughter Ruler will definitely deny the existence of any secrets in the Peace region, so this won’t work.

Looks like I’m forced to search for the secret of the Peace region slowly.”

“Since the senses of the soul are useless, I’ll have to trek through every inch of the Peace region and search for it with my own eyes.”

After making up his mind, Jian Chen returned to the Divine Palace of Peace.

Very soon, under the accompaniment of over a dozen guards, a luxurious carriage rolled out of the Divine Palace of Peace and shot along the ground.

“Refining this Divine Armour of Heavenflight is actually even more difficult that I imagined.” At the same time, the Blood Slaughter Ruler devoted all of his efforts to refining the Divine Armour of Heavenflight in a secret room in the Divine Palace of Scarlet Blood.

The Divine Armour of Heavenflight was a high quality god artifact after all.

Refining such an impressive god artifact with his cultivation as a Second Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime would obviously be extremely difficult.

Right now, in order to refine the Divine Armour of Heavenflight as quickly as possible, he had already used everything available to him.

Not only was he burning his own source of life, but he had even unleashed the eight ancestral imprints.

But despite that, he still made progress at a snail’s pace.


At this rate, I’ll need another decade at most to completely refine the Divine Armour of Heavenflight.

Once I can use it freely, killing Jian Chen will be a piece of cake!”

Killing intent appeared in the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s eyes.

Beyond the boundary of the Saints’ World, in the chaotic space, the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild draped in long, black robes sat together with the Heartless Child.

They began wolfing down high grade God Tier pills to replenish their depleted energy.

A sovereign god artifact hovered over each of their heads, emitting a curtain of light that enveloped them.

The two of them were at the Eighth and Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime, but constantly powering the sovereign god artifacts took a great toll on their energy.

As a result, the two of them had to stop every now and then and recover with precious high grade God Tier pills.

“Big brother, we’ve already spent several years searching.

Why has there still been no trace of the brush” The Heartless Child was exhausted.

Even when he spoke, he seemed like he was gasping for air.

“Heartless, you need to be patient.

Remember how I spent over ten thousand years in the chaotic space for the sake of finding that brush”

“I used over ten thousand years before finally locating the brush, yet now, you’ve only stayed here for such a short amount of time and you’ve already run out of patience.

Your restlessness will get in the way of achieving greatness,” the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild said earnestly.

“You’re right, elder brother.

Compared to your search of ten millennia, the time I’ve spent here is indeed nothing.

I-it’s just that my cultivation doesn’t compare to yours, elder brother.

If I keep searching like this, I might run out of pills soon,” the Heartless Child said wryly.

“Then keep going until you run out.” The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild’s gaze was determined.

He was ready to continue forever until he reached his goal.

“Once you run out of pills, we’ll go back and retrieve more pills.

In short, we definitely can’t give up on this search, nor can we back down from this challenge.”

“The brush is our only hope of salvation.

In order to find the brush, we need to be ready to do anything.

Even if we use up all the resources our Myriad Bone Guild accumulated over these years, we have to find it.”

The Heartless Child’s gaze became determined once more from what the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild said.

He gritted his teeth.

“Alright, elder brother.

I’ll do as you say.

We won’t return until we find the brush!”

The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild nodded in satisfaction.

He smiled and said, “Don’t worry.

The brush will end up in our hands sooner or later.

Once we obtain the brush, the Wind Venerable will no longer pose any threat to us.

By then, the only people we can’t provoke in the Saints’ World will be the handful of sovereigns.”

“Hahaha, you’re completely right, elder brother.

Once we find the brush, that’ll be when the Wind Venerable dies.”


On the Prosper Plane in the Saints’ World.

An extremely special clan currently stood on the Prosper Plane.

Both the scale and the strength of the clan was absolutely nothing in the eyes of many of the organisations on the Prosper Plane.

Because the overall strength of the Prosper Plane was extremely great, peak organizations with Grand Primes reached into the several dozens.

Among them, some of the peak organisations that ranked towards the top even had late Grand Primes.

As a result, in the eyes of these peak organisations, a tiny clan with only Chaotic Primes as their greatest experts were obviously nothing worthy of attention.

Clans like that were all too common on the seven sacred planes where powerful experts dwelled.

It was completely negligible.

However, this tiny clan happened to become an organisation of supreme status on the Prosper Plane.

Even those peak organisations with late Grand Primes treated this tiny clan with respect, even sending their clansmen to visit again and again to befriend them and establish a connection.

This tiny clan on the Prosper Plane was obviously the Tian Yuan clan.

In the southern region of the Cloud Plane, the Tian Yuan clan was completely worthy of the title of a great clan, but on the Prosper Plane that had a Grand Exalt, it could only be regarded as a tiny clan.

“Shuang’er, when we enter the Tian Yuan clan, you must not act arrogantly.

You can’t offend anyone in the Tian Yuan clan, even the lowly servants, do you understand”

A Chaotic Prime old man made his way towards the Tian Yuan clan with a young lady who was only a Godking.

The old man stared at the lady beside him and instructed her sternly.

“I get it, great elder.

You told me so many times along the way already.

It’s already annoying enough.” The young lady said impatiently.

“Great elder, it’s said that the Tian Yuan clan doesn’t even have a Grand Prime.

Why should our Thousand Miles clan treat a small clan like that with such prudence I clearly remember that there was no such thing as a Tian Yuan clan on the Prosper Plane before I entered secluded cultivation.”

“Shuang’er, you spent five centuries in secluded cultivation, so you’re obviously not aware of what’s happened during that time.

The Tian Yuan clan is not particularly powerful, but their background is simply startling.

Let alone our Thousand Miles clan, even the renowned Hao family on the Prosper Plane treats them with courtesy.”

“That’s because the Tian Yuan clan was personally brought over here from the distant Cloud Plane by the great sovereign.

They’ve even been granted the sovereign’s personal protection.

If you provoke the Tian Yuan clan, that’s equal to provoking the Anatta Grand Exalt.” The old man sighed.

As soon as he mentioned the Tian Yuan clan’s background, even he felt chills.

“You know the ninth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, don’t you The ninth majesty is also a vice clan leader of the Tian Yuan clan.

Tell me, Shuang’er, can our Thousand Miles clan offend the Tian Yuan clan given their background”

“So the Tian Yuan clan possesses such a great background!” The young lady immediately cowered in lingering fear with the old man’s explanation.

Elsewhere, another old man made his way towards the Tian Yuan clan with a young man.

The young man asked the old man beside him in confusion, “Great grandfather, doesn’t the entire Saints’ World say that the Tian Yuan clan is unforgivable and has committed atrocities Why do they enjoy such a great status on the Prosper Plane Even our clan has to send people to visit regularly.

Just the sheer number of gifts we’ve given them is enough for us to lose count.”

“There is no such thing as good and bad in the world.

It’s all subjective, determined on a whim by experts.

When a sovereign says the Tian Yuan clan is good, they’re obviously good.

If a sovereign says they’re unforgivable, then they’re obviously the most heinous organisation to exist.

Since the Tian Yuan clan is now under the Anatta Grand Exalt’s protection, they’re obviously good on our Prosper Plane.”

“However, once we enter the Tian Yuan clan later, do not ever speak of this, as not only is the Tian Yuan clan under the protection of the Anatta Grand Exalt, the ninth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng is the Tian Yuan clan’s vice clan leader too.”


Similar cases regularly occurred outside the Tian Yuan clan.

Every single day, there would be many organisations leading their juniors to visit the Tian Yuan clan, either to talk about marriage or to befriend them.

There were even some great organiastions that sent their juniors into the Tian Yuan clan under the name of studying.

The Tian Yuan clan had truly become aloof on the Prosper Plane.

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Meanwhile, Xi Yu continued as the clan leader, responsible for all matters of the clan, both large and small.

On this day, Xi Yu accompanied a middle-aged couple in the discussion hall of the Tian Yuan clan.

The middle-aged couple were the current emperor and empress of the Xi Empire from the northern region of the Cloud Plane.

They were also Xi Yu’s mother and father.


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