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Burning Love Cute Husband and His Little Wife Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: A Disgusting Scene

“You are going to the party tomorrow with that face! Get lost!”

“No! Dad! If you hit my mom, Ill scratch my face!”


“Heavens! Youre so noisy!”

The door was kicked open abruptly. Rosy entered with an impatient expression. “You are crying all day. Im sick of you!”

Carl saw Rosy and quickly changed the way he talked. He asked gently, “Rosy, has Lukas left Have you decided to get engaged next month”

“Of course.” Rosy glanced at Rosa and Isabella with disdain and pouted, “Dad, if you want to discipline them, go to the basement. Its so noisy here. Im going to sleep.”


“Okay. I got it.”

Carl smiled and said, “My sweet princess is going to marry a superstar. Go to bed now. I promise I wont disturb your beauty sleep.”

“No! Were not going to the basement!”

Isabella screamed in horror, “Dad, please, dont take us to that terrible basement!”

“If you dont want to go there, go back to your room now. Dress up and go to Empire Entertainment Center tomorrow!”

“Okay, okay! I promise! I promise!”

Carl snorted coldly and dragged Rosa back to their room.

Isabella watched them go away, biting her lips tolerantly...


At 7:40 p.m. the next day in Empire Entertainment Center.

A black Audi MPV pulled over at the glittering gate.

Inside the car, Carl said coldly, “Isabella, its fine that you dont behave yourself at home, but we cant afford to offend anyone at the party tonight. If you screw this up...”

Carls eyes were evidently filled with violence and threats. Isabella nodded compliantly, “I know what you mean. I will be good.”

“Thats great.”

Carl smiled. “You are like your mother. Although you are stubborn, you are beautiful. Actually, I want to create opportunities for you to meet rich people. All the men who come today are rich and powerful. If you can seize this opportunity, you might be able to marry into a good family like your mother. If she hadnt married me, she might be leading a difficult life with you.

Well, if it were not for the difficulties, Rosa wouldnt have married Carl and she would not be a victim of domestic violence shedding tears all day.

Which life was harder Getting into debt, or getting abused

“I understand, Dad. I will seize the opportunity.”

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No matter how Isabella felt, she had no choice but to agree.

“Do your best. You dont have to go home tonight.”


The car slowly drove away, leaving behind Isabella in a sexy slip dress.

She looked at the grand and hopping building, smiling in self-mockery.

This was life. Since she couldnt resist it, enjoy it!

Anyway, as the second daughter of the Smiths, she had never been to such a luxurious place before, so it wouldnt hurt if she went in and had a feast!

At Room 608, Empire Entertainment Center

After she turned in the invitation letter and entered the room, Isabella saw a scene of feasting and revelry.

As Isabella looked at the sexy women around her, she cursed inwardly.

It was indeed a rave party.

“A beauty is coming in alone.”

“Wow, what a hot figure!”

Two men, one in black and the other in white, came up to her with goblets in their hands. White Suit directly wrapped around Isabellas shoulders and said, “Beauty, may I have your name”

“Isabella, the daughter of Carl Smith from Smith Design.”

Isabella introduced herself, which was required by Carl. She moved away the arm that the man had placed on her shoulder in disgust. However, she smiled and said, “Its too hot. Im sweating from walking here.”

“Do you feel hot in such a dress”

Black Suit kept looking at Isabellas good figure. “The air conditioning in the private room functions well. Why dont we go cool off for a while”

“No way.” Isabella sweetly refused. “I havent had any fun yet. I dont want to leave now.”

“Alright. Lets have fun. Lets go, Beauty. Ill treat you to a drink.”

“Thank you.”

She had entered this place, and she would get hit if she went back without accomplishing her mission, so Isabella agreed to go with them and thought of a way out later.

When they were about to go, they suddenly heard a loud noise. A man in punk costume held a woman and bumped against the bar before them. The woman wrapped her two silky legs around the mans waist, and the man held the woman tight in his arms, his clothes unbuttoned. They kissed each other passionately and writhed as if they got high.

Isabella frowned, feeling something was wrong. When she was about to take a closer look, she heard the crowd applaud and cheer at the couple. The woman smiled, baring her shoulders and bosom, and seductively blew kisses at everyone. She didnt mind at all being watched. Instead, she seemed very proud of herself.

Isabella took a step back in shock. These people were too shameless...

White Suit wrapped his arm around her waist and laughed. “Which do you prefer Having fun with the crowd or alone with us”

She guessed that this place would be definitely nasty, but she had never expected it to be so disgusting!

These two people actually did such a nasty thing in front of so many people, and they didnt mind the cheering...

She suddenly recalled the unfinished words of her mother, who got stopped by the beating.

A party for the rich young men...

What party was this A sex party of course!

Isabella shuddered, finally realizing she was in a far worse place than she had expected. She turned around, intending to escape. “I need to go to the bathroom. Ill see you guys later.”


Black Suit quickly blocked Isabellas way and said with displeasure, “Beauty, why do you go to the bathroom before you take a seat Dont you like to have fun with us”

Isabellas heart sank. She tried her best to feign calmness, saying sweetly with a smile, “Hottie, dont get me wrong. I need to answer natures call. I had some cold drinks at dinner, and now I have loose bowels. You guys should have fun first.”

“Only you are available now. Who are we going to hang out with if you leave”

White Suit grabbed Isabellas wrist with shrewd eyes. “You can go, but you have to help us ease our loneliness first.”

“Ease your loneliness”

Looking at the wicked smile on White Suits face, Isabella had a bad feeling. Her legs felt weak. “How”

“Help me ask that guy in the corner.” White Suit blushed with shyness. “Ask him if he likes to hang out with us for a while.”

Isabella paused for a moment and looked in the direction that White Suit pointed.

There was a man drinking alone in the corner.



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