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Burning Love Cute Husband and His Little Wife Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The Party at Empire Entertainment Center

Isabella was taken aback, but she immediately flustered her long eyelashes and said sweetly, “I like to take the initiative...”

The man sneered.

He walked to the bedside and held the back of Isabellas head, giving her a long and aggressive kiss. “You look good. Things would be simple if you get to the point. You dont have to offend me.”

Isabella was startled.

The kiss was too sudden. Isabella clutched the sheets tightly and resisted the urge to punch at him. She hastily pushed the man away and said with seductive eyes, “Didnt I say that I would take the initiative”

“A real flirt”

A cold look flashed across the mans eyes, and he pinched Isabellas chin. “My guess is right. You are not simple at all.”


Damn you!

Isabella cursed inwardly, but she pulled the man to sit on the bed with a smile, saying flatteringly, “Thats not true. Im very simple!”

The man smiled frivolously, “Then dont disappoint me.”

“Of course!”

Isabella reached out and smilingly caressed the mans handsome face. When he finally closed his eyes, her sweet face spread in a ferocious smile.

“But I never like to hook up with a gay like you!”


She sprayed some spicy pepper water to his face, and the man involuntarily covered his eyes. She grabbed a wine bottle hidden under the pillow and hit at the mans lower abdomen. “Have a taste of the super-hot pepper water from the presidential suite, Pervert!”

A groan was heard.

The man grimaced at the pain.

“Help! Help!” Her plan worked. Isabella quickly jumped out of bed and opened the door. She pretended to straightened up her bathrobe, shouting at the bodyguards outside in feigned terror, “Your boss seems to get sick suddenly! Go check on him! Now!”

“What Something happened to Mr. Joseph”

The burly men outside rushed in the room when they heard the mans painful groan. Isabella grinned and opened the door, quickly sneaking away...

In the room, the man pushed away his bodyguards and said, “Where is that woman”

“That woman Oh no! Damn it! That woman ran away!”

“You are a bunch of trash!”

The man roared angrily, but he soon clutched his stomach in pain. He said with a pale and gloomy face, “Search for her now! Even if you have to comb the whole city, you have to catch this damn woman. She dares to fool me, Joseph Wilson, and Ill give her hell!”

When Isabella saw the strong men go downstairs to search for her, she grinned in the corner of the stairwell and went upstairs.

After that, she calmly changed her clothes and leisurely left Perfect Bar...

When Isabella rushed back home, it was well past ten oclock at night.

The iron gate squeaked as she pushed it open.

She tiptoed inside.


After she took a few steps, she heard a man panting heavily and a woman groaning softly behind the holly trees. She turned around in shock.

Two figures were kissing passionately and tangling together, their clothes in disarray.

The man was handsome and attractive. He was Lukas Shaw, a popular star in the domestic film industry.

The charming woman in his arms was her sister Rosy.

“Isabella, youre back.”

When he heard the door open, Lukas released Rosy and elegantly straightened his clothes.

Rosy didnt care to hide her bare bosom and shoulders at all, glancing at Isabella defiantly. “Do you enjoy the show, Isabella”

“Sorry, I didnt mean to interrupt you.”

Isabella recovered from her shock and awkwardly took two steps back. “Please continue. Ill be off.”


Lukas stopped her with a pleasant voice. He walked over and stroked Isabellas hair. “Isabella, why is your hair wet”

“Well... our drama club had a dinner party today. The game went out of hand, and I got wet.”

Isabella looked at his slender and good-looking fingers from the corner of her eye, telling a lie without thinking.

“Go back and get dry now. Dont catch a cold.” Lukas patted Isabella on the shoulder, revealing a bright smile. “Your father seems to have something to discuss with you.”


“Wait, Isabella!” Rosy shouted.

Isabella turned around, puzzled. “Rosy, whats up”

“Our engagement party is to be held next month.”

Rosy leaned in Lukas arms, her eyes glinting with warning and complacency. “So youd better restrain yourself these days and dont cause any trouble to the family.”

“Okay. I got it.”

When Isabella saw Lukas hug Rosy tenderly, she looked down to conceal the disappointment in her eyes and quickly ran into the house...

Carl Smith and Rosa Flores were sitting on the sofa and sipping tea on the first floor. Isabella opened the door and walked lightly. She carefully greeted, “Dad, Mom, Im back.”

“Its so late. Where did you go” Carl sat on the main seat and watched TV, asking without looking at her.

Rosa looked at Isabella nervously.

“The school drama club had a dinner party, so I come back late, Isabella whispered, “Im sorry, Dad. Next time...”

“Come sit down first. I have something to tell you.”

Isabella paused and then sat beside Rosa gingerly.

“Theres a party in Room 608 at Empire Entertainment Center tomorrow night. It starts at eight oclock.”

Carl took a box from the table and threw it to Isabella. “Wear this and seize the opportunity.”

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The box came apart, revealing a short black lace dress. Isabella stiffened. “Dad, what party is it Why do I need to wear this kind of dress”

“Anyway, its a rave party for young people.” Carl squinted. “What, you dont like the dress that I bought you”

“I, I like it.”

Isabella pinched her palm and said, “Thank you, Dad. I will be there on time tomorrow.”

“Well, then...”

“No! No!”

Rosa suddenly burst out and knelt on the floor, grabbing Carls trousers. “Carl, please, dont ask Isabella to go to that kind of party. Youre pushing her into the hell!”

“You are a crazy woman! Why are you talking about”

Carl, who had been gentle and refined just now, instantly flew into a rage. He grabbed Rosas hair and said with a ferocious expression, “Who do you think is pushing her into the hell”

“Dad!” Seeing that things were going wrong, Isabella quickly knelt down and grabbed Carls wrist. “I didnt say no! Dont hit Mom!”


Rosa was a victim of domestic violence, and she was scared of Carl like a mouse fearing a cat.

However, she was extremely resolute and brave now. She raised her voice and protested, “What rave party She cant go. Its simply a party for the rich young men...”


“What nonsense are you talking about”

Carl slapped Rosa, “What an ungrateful thing! Ill beat you up today!”

“Dad! No!”

Isabella quickly stood in front of Rosa. She was shivering in fear, but she said, “Dad, if you are angry, hit me. Stop hitting my mom!”




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