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Burning Love Cute Husband and His Little Wife Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Truth or Dare at Perfect Bar

10:00 p.m. at Perfect Bar

“Its finally my turn. Isabella, listen to the question. Who is the man you desire the most”

Isabella Smith was gulping down a large glass of beer with squinted eyes. She gave a loud belch at the question. “Its so boring. I chooseDare.”

Someone sneered.

Jane West across the table shouted, “You are an adult now. Why dont you dare to tell the truth”

“Cut the crap.”


Isabella thumped her glass on the table and said, “I chooseDare today!”

“Well, alright. In this case, lets do something exciting.”

Jane looked around and pointed at a man sitting alone not far away. “Handsome men with good shapes are said to be gay. Go ask that man if he is gay.”

Isabella turned around and saw a stylish man sitting in the middle of the noisy bar.

He had broad shoulders and slender waist. His side face looked handsome.

He propped his forehead on his left hand and tilted the dark brown liquor in the glass with his right hand. A fine ruby ring on his little finger was dazzling.

At first glance, he looked like a wealthy and handsome man from some dignified family...

Alright. It was very likely that the man would tell her off if she asked him such a question...

But no matter what, she couldnt drink anymore today.

Isabella looked at her target and pondered.

The man sat in an upright posture with an elegant demeanor. He looked refined and extraordinary even in this noisy bar.

He should be a self-possessed person with good upbringing.

Even he would be offended with her question, he might not make a big deal of it.

After she calculated inwardly, Isabella stood up and snorted confidently. “Its easy.”


Her friends shouted, “If you manage to get his phone number, you will have our meal cards for a few days.”


Isabella asked with delighted surprise, “How about one week”


Her friends cheered. Isabella raised her head and straightened up. She picked up a glass of beer and walked towards her target...

“Hello, hottie...”

Isabella climbed onto the chair beside the man and sat down, smiling charmingly, “Are you alone”

The man put down his left hand that was propping his forehead, revealing his entire face.

Isabella was so shocked that she almost bit her tongue.

The man in front of her was stunning...

He had a sharp-featured face with long bushy brows.

His eyes were ebony with cold aloofness and calm ferocity.

He looked familiar. And his demeanor...

He looked distant and unapproachable.

The man took an indifferent glance at Isabella and said, “What do you want”

Wow. He had a velvety and deep voice.

Isabella swallowed and came back to her senses. “Hottie, dont be angry. I just want to ask you a question. Give me one minute.”

“One minute”

The man sneered, as if he had heard a big joke. “Why do I have to waste one minute on you”

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Sure enough, he was an aloof cool guy.

Isabella smiled flatteringly. “If you can answer the question, Ill ask my friends to buy you a drink. What do you think”

If this cool guy accepted her invitation, her friends would definitely scream with joy!

The man finally looked at Isabella.

He stared at her with deep dark eyes and then drank his wine elegantly, saying, “Ill consider it if you treat me.”

Anyway, she didnt have to pay tonight. Isabella looked at the sexy curve of the mans throat and swallowed. “Deal!”

“Go ahead.”


When Isabella saw that the man got softened, she got bold. She leaned forward and said tactfully, “Could you please tell me if you are homosexual”

The music was loud, and the man didnt seem to catch her. He frowned. “What did you say”

“I say, are you gay...”

Before she finished her question, the music suddenly stopped.

A short silence fell upon the bar, and Isabellas loud voice was clearly heard...

All of a sudden, everyone quickly looked at them.

The bar was deathly still...

A small noise was heard.

The man put down his glass calmly and looked at Isabella again with a faint smile.

People started to stand up around Isabella and the man.

Some of them were wearing black suits.

Some had tattooed arms the size of Isabellas waist.

Isabella glanced around in confusion. When she realized that they were staring at her ferociously, she felt that something was wrong. She rose to her feet and said, “Well, handsome, I have something to do. Ill be off...”

“Let go of me! Help! Im being kidnapped...”

A short time afterwards, her deafening scream was heard in the hallway outside the presidential suite on the ninth floor of Perfect Bar.

A burly man opened a door and pushed her inside, shutting the door.

She thumped on the door.

“Who are you Why are you kidnapping me in broad daylight You are committing a crime!”

Isabella fell on her bottom and quickly got up, thumping at the door. “What do you want Let me out!”

“What do we want”

Someone giggled and teased her, “Little girl, didnt you try to attract the attention of Mr. Joseph by asking him that kind of question Hell come over and tell you the answer with action.”

“Damn you!”

Isabella violently kicked the door. “I didnt mean that! This is a misunderstanding!”

“But we all saw that you tried to hook up with Mr. Joseph!


It was useless to argue with them. These people might not be good at all.

Isabella stopped shouting and collected herself. She had to think of another way and escape!

Climb the rope made of the sheets

No way. She was on the ninth floor!

She might die from the fall, or get caught if she survived.


There were wine bottles in the wine cabinet. Should she sneak on him and hit his head with a bottle

That wouldnt work!

What if he strangled her to death if she failed to knock him out and provoked him

She had made a big mistake tonight...

Who exactly was this man He looked like a decent person, but he led a group of hooligans.

This seems to be a high-end presidential suite with kitchen and study...

She had an idea!

Fifteen minutes later, the door was pushed open.

The young man stood at the door against the light.

Isabella sat on the bed in her bathrobe and rubbed her slender legs with a shy face, saying sweetly, “Hottie, youre finally here.”

The man was tall with a height of at least six feet. He wore a black well-cut jacket.

The collar of his white shirt was unbuttoned, giving him a wild touch.

His legs were slender and straight, and his figure was perfect. Besides, his face was charming and handsome.

He made an image of elegance and charm.

Unfortunately, the moment he spoke, the image instantly collapsed.

He asked bluntly, “Do you prefer to do it on the front or at the back”



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