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19 Are You in Love with Me

Isabella was still saving, because she had a dream...

She wanted to buy a house and bring Rosa out. Then they would live a life without being beaten and afraid.

Therefore, she worked hard and even went home on weekends under pressure or cheated her classmates for meals occasionally to save money on that meal.

However, it was just a drop in the bucket.

The Joseph in front of her was very rich, no, super rich.

Perhaps agreeing to his deal would allow her to buy a big house quickly, but...

Although her self-esteem had long been crushed by the Smiths, she still struggled to insist a bottom line for herself.

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She was not here to sell herself. Never!

If her father, Aaron, was alive, he absolutely did not want to see his little princess fall!



Joseph whistled flirtatiously, “Forget it. It seems that we dont agree on anything. Since thats the case, Id better talk to Carl. I believe he will have a way to persuade you.”

“No!” Just as Joseph stood up, Isabella rushed over and said, “Dont tell him!”

Why did he suddenly want to bring this matter to Carl

If he told Carl, not to mention selling her for money, she would be sold for nothing and suffer beating!

Joseph raised his eyebrows, “Are you so afraid of Carl”

“Its our responsibility to respect the old and care the young! Arent you afraid of Master Wilson for someone as powerful as you”

Isabella smiled and pretended to be relaxed as she retorted, “Why dont you just tell Master Wilson that we broke up so that we dont have any trouble”

“Yesterday, we were as close as glue. Then we break up today. I dont want to be accused of cheating everywhere.”

“How can Master Wilson not know what you are... No! I was wrong! I wont say anything! I take the deal!”

Joseph was about to pinch Isabellas neck and paused, “So you would do it”


Isabella nodded excitedly. Then, she carefully dodged Josephs extended hand and took a step back. She thought much as she looked up at Joseph. “But I dont want money. I have other requests.”

Not the money

Could it be that she wanted to stay by his side for a few more months She is indeed a very shrewd woman!

Joseph looked at Isabella. She looked a little nervous, but there was also a look of stubbornness in her starry eyes. Her little face was flushed red from excitement, which made him suddenly recall her sexy beauty last night!

Hence, Joseph squatted down and raised Isabellas chin. He rubbed her lips flirtatiously and smiled evilly, “Speak, little kitten.”

Isabella trembled, but she did not dodge. Instead, she said straightforwardly, “Firstly, the Smiths must not know about this matter. Secondly, I can help you pretend your girlfriend, but you promise never to touch me from now on!”

“What do you mean” Joseph looked at her fiercely.

“For the first request, Carl is mercenary. If he knew about ourrelationship, he would definitely take advantage of this opportunity to do a lot of excessive things, which would make us expose.”

“The second request is clear. I offended you before. I want to take this opportunity to get myself aGet out of jail free card. From now on, everything between us has been settled. You are not allowed to touch me again!”

Isabella said firmly, “If you break the contract, I will definitely let Master Wilson know what youve done!”

“Are you threatening me”

Isabellas face twitched with pain when Joseph exerted force on his hand. However, she forced herself to reveal a provocative smile. “How dare I threaten Mr. Joseph Could it be that youre actually in love with me by pestering me”

Joseph frowned and stared straight at Isabellas stubborn gaze with his sharp eyes.

After a while, his face turned gloomy. He shook off Isabella with disdain. “Youre good at playing hard-to-get, but do you really think I take an open woman like you seriously Well, I promise you. However, in the future, dont cry to get onto my bed!”

“Mr. Joseph, you can rest assured.”

Isabellas provocation technique succeeded. She let out a sigh of relief.

She was right. Joseph was indeed a very narcissistic person.

“This is your room. You must arrange your schedule according to my instructions this month and make Master Wilson happy!”

Only then did Isabella notice that this room was not only very large and luxurious, but all the decorations and designs were also pink with the style of a young girl. It was like a princess palace.

It was a thousand times better than her room at the Smiths.

“No problem, Mr. Joseph. I will cooperate with your work.” Isabella got relaxed as she smiled happily.

Looking at her beautiful face, Joseph suddenly regretted his impulsive decision just now. However, he had already spoken, so it was not easy for him to go back on his words immediately.

“Now scram downstairs and take your measurements. The clothes youre wearing arent as good as my curtains!” He said angrily.


If Joseph would abide by the agreement and not humiliate her, then impersonating his girlfriend was really a beautiful thing.

They had delicious food prepared by top chefs, dressed in expensive and exquisite clothes, and even enjoyed the cut-up and decorated fruit.

What a bunch of wasteful wealthy.

At noon, Isabella took a shower and changed her clothes. She dressed beautifully and went downstairs to welcome Charlie who had returned from a visit.

The entrance of the hall to the courtyard was as gorgeous as a palace gate. It was tall and dignified, and the two doors opened opposite each other.

Joseph wore a black suit pants with a white shirt and a grey vest. He was standing at the entrance talking to a subordinate beside him.

He held a folder in his hand. The precious diamond gold watch on his wrist reflected a brilliant light in the sunlight. The ruby ring on his pinky finger was dazzling.

He was tall, perfectly proportioned, and had a noble aura. Even his back alone made one unable to help but daydream.

Ignoring his bad character, he is really a woman-fascinating man...

“How dare you sign a contract like this Do you think Im blind Let me tell you, get this done in three days, or youll pack up and scram!”

Well, if he did not say anything, he looked like a prince. If he started to talk, he was simply an asshole.

“Mr. Joseph, when will Master Wilson arrive” Isabella asked carefully.

Joseph turned around and was stunned when he saw Isabella coming downstairs.

Considering Charlies preference, all the clothes Joseph had people prepare for Isabella were for the theme of “dignified and elegant”, so they mainly used long skirts.

Today was the first time that Isabella officially visited the Wilsons, so the stylist chose a lavender dress and pearl necklace for her.

This combination is formal and elegant, simple and noble, low-key but beautiful.

With this kind of attire, coupled with her fair skin and curvaceous figure, she immediately blossomed with stunning beauty.

Joseph didnt expect that now she would be sexier than in the black wrapped skirt...



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