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18 Be Caught Halfway

The sad and arduous weekend finally ended. Isabella rode her bicycle and set off for school early in the morning.

Compared with the oppressive family life, she always enjoyed the light and happy campus life!

A creak sounded.

A black high-class commercial vehicle intruded her way within five minutes after she set off. Isabella was frightened, braked in a hurry, and managed to prevent a car crash narrowly.

Driving a good car is no big deal! Do you know how to drive

Isabella wanted to curse, but she couldnt even pay for a simple scratch on the car, so she swallowed her anger and turned her direction to make a detour.

“Wait a moment.”

One car window fell down, revealing a cold and coquettish face that she knew, and he said, “Lets have a talk.”



Isabella paused for a moment, then quickly jumped onto her bicycle and rode away.

What should I wait for You are up to no good!

A creak sounded again.

A black sports car blocked Isabellas escape from the opposite direction, and the two cars trapped Isabella in the middle.

Damn it. Are they done yet

Isabella got off the bicycle, intending to squeeze through the cracks on the other side to escape without her bicycle, but the car came to surround her one after another, one after another...

In a few seconds, Isabella was actually encircled by a dozen cars!

She made a mistake, as she forgot this man was Joseph.

He was the grandson of the richest man, heir of the Wilson Consortium, and president of the Global Group. It was easy for him to destroy one man.

“Isabella, I told you to wait. Are you deaf” Joseph scolded.

“Joseph. You are a man. Do you have to bear grudges like this”

Isabella had no way to escape and shouted desperately at lofty Joseph.

“You should think of who I am before you took advantage of my Grandpa and slipped away from me”

Joseph sat in the luxurious car with his long legs sticking out from the half-opened door. With a cigar held in his hand, he looked elegant and noble. However, the devilish charm showed in the smoke made Isabella tremble, and his voice was filled with ridicule.

“I helped you last night. It was you who broke your promise that made me leave with the old man!”

Isabella suppressed the fear in her heart and retorted, “I helped you again when he came back. All in all, I helped you twice. Why cant you set me free”

“Why cant I set you free...”

After a moment of silence, Joseph threw the cigar onto the ground and stepped on it ruthlessly. He got out of the car and walked towards Isabella.

“You.... What do you want”

Isabella was so frightened that she retreated in a hurry. When her back pressed against the wall, Joseph grabbed her on the neck, “Do you think that I, Joseph, am bored enough to play thetyrannical president game with you”

His pitch-black eyes were filled with coldness and anger, and he looked like a supreme god that could take the lives of others coldly at any time.

Isabella looked at the frightening Joseph in fear and tugged his wrist, “No. Then why dont you let me go and save your time”

Joseph narrowed his eyes, pulled out his other hand to pinch Isabellas chin, and turned her face rudely.

“I dont understand,” he muttered to himself, “This is not a face of a good girl. What did Grandpa like about you”

After saying that, he shook off Isabella and took out a handkerchief to wipe his hands carefully. He ordered coldly, “Come. Tie her up and take her away.”

“What are you doing”

Isabella was coughing with her hands on her chin and neck. She screamed in fear at Josephs order, “How dare you kidnap me in broad daylight! I will yell for help!”

“Then, yell.”

Joseph sneered, “No one will come to your rescue even if you yell.”

“Joseph, you are the president of the Global Group. How could you behave like a ruffian”

A few men came close to her, and Isabella howled, “Help! Oh!”

An hour later, it was Wilson Manor in the southern suburb.

Isabella who was tied up was pushed down onto the ground covered with a thick carpet. Someone untied her, and she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“I invite you over for a negotiation.”

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Joseph sat on the sofa in front of her with his legs crossed and one hand supporting his chin. He stared at Isabella with his long and narrow eyes

“Whatever the conditions are, I will not agree!”

Isabella was enraged by the man before her, who didnt follow the common sense, and shouted, “Is there anyone in the world who negotiates in this way”

“What Havent you seen it today”

Joseph sneered. He ignored Isabellas resistance and said, “You did well last night. Grandpa would like you, my girlfriend, to stay here with him until he leaves this country, it is about a month.”


Isabella refused without any hesitation.

“Nothing is impossible.”

Joseph took a folder at hand and said calmly, “If you refuse, I will pull down your fathers Smith Design within three days.”

“Pull down”

Isabellas eyes lit up, “Good, great, pull it down today. Give him a deadly blow!”

Joseph was speechless.

Joseph narrowed her eyes, “The information is correct. Carl is not your biological father.”

“You investigated me” Isabella frowned.

“Of course, we need to know ourselves and our enemies before a negotiation.”

Joseph opened the folder....

“Isabella Smith, female, 22, a senior in the Department of Dance at Richmond Arts University.”

“Father Carl Smith, general manager of Smith Design.”

“Mother Rosa Flores, first married Aaron White who was a chef with first grade national certificate, engaged in preschool education on music. After the death of Aaron White, married Carl Smith. A full-time housewife now.”

“Eldest Sister Rosy Smith, Director of Smith Design, born by Carls ex-wife.”

“Little brother, John Smith, a sophomore at a local exclusive school, a half-brother...”

Isabella collected herself together quickly. When Joseph finished the reading, she smiled calmly, “As you know that I am not the biological daughter of the Smith clan, therefore, I will not be threatened by you.”

“Carls Smith Design earns nearly ten million a year, but his daughter goes to school on a worn-out bicycle.”

Joseph mocked, “This means that Carl doesnt like you at all. Thats why you, a girl from a respectable family, went to the carnival party. What, do you want to earn some pocket money from a rich man Name a price. If you want to sell yourself, I, Joseph, will be more generous than any other men.”

Humiliation.... A humiliation like this again...

She did nothing and didnt want to do anything, but why did they kept humiliating her with such nonsenses

“Im not short of money ... I wont agree to your conditions.” Isabella was not confident.

Actually, she was short of money.

She was very short of money.

She didnt know what pocket money was until she went to college. But Carl gave her only 500 a month, with which she could only cover her three meals a day with a bad grace in a high-cost city like Peace City.



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