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14 Bring Over All My Stuff or I Will Cry

Isabella blushed, as if she felt shy before the patriarch, “Grandpa, sorry that I did not pay a visit to you earlier.”

Charlie thought for a moment. “Smith Design”

“Though not a big company, it has been thriving in Peace City during the past few years. It has undertaken many design projects, including some from my Global Group.”

Joseph explained.

“Mm, so Isabella is a girl from a respectable family...”

Charlie sized up Isabella again and probed, “Then how did you and Joseph get to know each other Why did you come here tonight”

“I met him at a b...!”

Just as Isabella was about to speak, she felt a fierce pinch on her waist where Joseph placed his hand.

She shot Joseph a glance and changed her tune, “I met him at a chateau. I was there to sketch from nature, but got into trouble. Then Joseph helped me out, so he and I.... Without us even know it, we....”


She rubbed her hands together, another gesture of shyness, and said, “As for today, I came here because one of my friends said it was fun. But Joseph said it wasnt good for me, so he took me to a room for rest when he learned of my headache caused by wine. Is there a misunderstanding”

Joseph lowered his head to observe her improvisation with an unfathomable expression.

“I see...”

The answer was perfect and Charlie was convinced. He looked at Joseph and said softly, “Alright, Joseph, Grandpa made a mistake.”

“Its fine, Grandpa. I know you care about me.”

Fiddling with the tips of Isabellas hairs, Joseph said gently, “Grandpa, if you have any questions, call me directly or try a video chat next time. Its tiring to take a flight in the middle of the night.”

Charlie noticed Josephs little actions, and his eyes flashed with relief, “Tiredness is not a big deal. I am gratified that you stop self-abandonment and pull yourself together. As the first heir of our Wilson Consortium, you must not be entangled in those messy scandals!”

“Grandpa, I will bear it in mind.”

“Since thats the case, Isabella.”

Charlie looked at Isabella with a smile instead of the grim face previously showed, “I can tell that you are a good girl. You should stop Joseph when he is up to no good.”

“Yes, Grandpa.” Isabella nodded obediently.

“Then you guys have some fun, and I will leave for a rest first.”

“Grandpa, take your time!”

With his arm around Isabella, Joseph stood at the entrance of Emperor Entertainment, together with a group of bodyguards, smiled respectfully and bid Charlie farewell.


Almost at the same time the car turned around, Isabella shook off Josephs hand and said, “Mr. Joseph, keep your word. I helped you cheat the old man, now let me go.”

Joseph put his hands back into his pockets and said with a disdainful expression, “You are a born swindler.”

“Otherwise, Master Wilson would kick your ass, wouldnt he”

Isabella knew immediately that her speech would exasperate the man before her, so she changed her tune again, “Forget it. This is your family business, not mine. Since I did my job, give back my bag and phone. I would like to leave now.”

Joseph snorted coldly at this demand, and a faint light flashed across his eyes, “What if I dont want to keep my word”


Isabella immediately remembered that when upstairs, this man almost...

“You, youre a man! You cant break your promise and kick down the ladder!” Isabella took a step back and said in horror.

“Youve suspected me of being a gay twice. I havent even proven myself yet. Are you sure that Im a real man”

Joseph suddenly laughed playfully. He stepped forward, pulled Isabella closer by her wrist, and lowered his head.

It seemed that his hooligan intended to break his promise....

But Joseph changed his facial expression suddenly and his body stiffened, Isabella grasped this opportunity to push him away without hesitation.

It turned out that the black car that had just left stopped before them again.

As the car window was rolled down, Charlie looked at them with confusion, “You...”

Then, he turned to Isabella, who was embarrassed and indignant, “Whats wrong, Isabella Did Joseph bully you”

Neither of them had expected that Charlie would come back.

Weird silence pervaded the scene.

Isabella noticed that she herself was the focus of attention....

Charlie was exceptionally serious, while Josephs face darkened, moreover, his deep and cold gaze clearly warned her not to speak nonsenses.

Not to speak nonsense...

An idea came to Isabella, so she pouted gently and said aggrievedly, “Grandpa, Joseph resolved to kiss ... kiss me in public. Im so embarrassed!”

Charlies expression changed.

Looking at Isabellas charming read face, Charlie burst into laughter, “Men are always impulsive. Joseph.”

“Yes! Grandpa.”

“You should respect Isabella. She is shy. You should take care of her and be considerate. You got that”


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Joseph took a deep look at Isabella and pulled her hand gently. His voice was soft, “Sorry, I wont do it again.”

“Well, you two take your time. We will talk later.”

Charlie seemed to be very happy to see Joseph, who was always arrogant, being so dependent and considerate towards Isabella. Thus, he waved his hand and said, “Bye.”

“Grandpa, see you!”

“Wait! Grandpa!”

Joseph and Isabella spoke at the same time.

Charlie looked at Isabella with confusion, “Is there anything else, Isabella”

“Grandpa, can you give me a ride” Isabella had her own idea, otherwise, she wouldnt have helped Joseph out just now.

“Drive you home Oh, of course...”

“I will do it by myself!” Joseph tried to stop, “Grandpa, dont worry about her, take your way home and rest!”


Isabella said coquettishly, “I dont want to stay with you any longer. I would like to leave with Grandpa! Grandpa is one hundred times cuter than you!”

Joseph shot her a glare, “Isabella, stop messing around!”

“How am I messing around”

Isabella pouted and made a grimace at Joseph, “Youre the one who messes around every time. You even wanna kiss me in front of so many people! Disgusting....”

Josephs face darkened as he grabbed her wrist and said, “Isabella...”

“Never mind.”

Isabellas coquetry worked well in Charlie. He said with a smile, “I like Isabella too. Come, leave with Grandpa. Joseph, its time for you to know that you cant always get your way.”


“Thank you, Grandpa!”

Isabella yelled with joy and pulled her arm out of Josephs hand complacently. She stopped before the car door, as she seemed to remember something all of a sudden, so she said, “Oh, my phone and bag are still upstairs!”

Then she turned her head and smiled sweetly at Joseph, “Darling, could you help me get my bag and phone Im too tired to walk in high heels.”

One might tell from his eyes that Joseph burst with fury instantly.

“Remember, all my stuff.”

There was no way out, so Isabella decided to exasperated Joseph. She raised her eyebrows and pouted mischievously, “Darling, you must keep your word. Bring over all my stuff or I will cry!”



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