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Chapter 10: A Fight

Before the man finished, Joseph turned around and threw a punch at him.

People cried out in panic and retreated. Someone murmured, “Why did this man suddenly hit him”

A young man wearing hip-hop clothes and smoky makeup ran over. He asked nervously, “What What happened”

“Zachary, keep an eye on your members!”

Joseph said coldly, “This woman is my person. Dont look at her again. Otherwise, be careful of your eyeballs!”

After saying that, he bent down to pick up Isabella. Then he strode out of the private room.

“Wait. Is it Joseph Wilson”


“Joseph Wilson, the successor of the Wilson Consortium and the boss of the Global Group No way... He would not come to this place.”

“Its definitely him. I saw him on Fortune News a few days ago. This man must be Joseph Wilson!”

It caused discussion in the crowd.

Zachary looked at the man on the ground. His face was bleeding. Zachary was shocked and shouted, “Jayden! Look what Joseph has done... Its over. How should I deal with this”

“Well. Joseph seems to be serious.”

Jayden walked out of the crowd. He narrowed his fetching eyes and smiled meaningfully, “Dont worried. He just left with a woman of our club. Its our honor, isnt it”


They went to a presidential private room on the top floor of Empire Entertainment Center.

Isabella was rudely thrown onto the soft bed.

“Ive done what you said.”

Joseph took off his coat, “So, dont put a long face. Even if you dont like it, you have to fake it to please me.”

Isabella curled up into a tight and observed the surroundings.

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She had completely calmed down along the way. Now she started to think about how to get out of the trouble.

This man was the heir to the wealthy Wilson Consortium.

No wonder he looked familiar.

However, Joseph Wilson had been known as the “steady and sensible successor of the consortium”. He rarely had scandals. How could he be so rude

Was he a fake

Isabella was still wondering. Joseph immediately saw through her.

He bent down and pinched her chin. He said coldly, “Dont think about running away this time. Let me tell you, without my permission, no one would let you go!”

“I wont run away...”

Isabella said softly and blinked innocently. She looked at him with her watery eyes, “Sir, I will stay right here with you.”

Joseph laughed.

He slowly squeezed her throat with strength, “I know you are cunning. Youd better do as I say! Otherwise, Ill send you back to that room!”

His eyes were black and ice-cold. She felt danger approaching when he got close to her.

Isabella had already seen the cruelty and shamelessness of this man twice. She knew he was serious.

Therefore, she nodded obediently, “Alright. I see.”

Seeing that Isabella had accept the fact, Joseph felt a little better. He held her shoulders and said softly, “Then prove it to me.”

Isabella fell into his arms.

He had a strong fragrance of mens cologne, which was mixed with a hint of tobacco. She could see his bronzed skin under the shirt. He looked healthy and well built.

This man might have been working out to keep fit.

Isabella chuckled and stretched out to unbutton his shirt. There was a bright smile on her face, but her heart was filled with bitterness.

No... I am so over!

This man is too muscular. What should I do

He was solid and taut. Would she be able to get away

Playing cute or pitiful was not going to work. He would not be fooled by that.

And she was not able to defeat him in strength.

Will I get out of here Am I going to die here today

Isabella couldnt bear to think about it.No! I should not give in! There must be some way to get out! I can do it.

“Hey. What are you thinking about”


“Dont waste time!”

Joseph had been watching her. He impatiently grabbed her hand and put it on his belt, “Hurry up!”


As Joseph pulled her, Isabella lost balance and knelt on the ground. Her head hit Joseph on his lower abdomen.

Joseph felt pain and shouted angrily, “Whats wrong with you What are you doing”

She was frightened by that roar and felt desperate. She could no longer restrain the fear in her heart and finally made a move.

She stood up and ran.

“What are you doing”

Joseph yelled, “Are you going back on your word How dare you!”

“What are you talking about You threatened me first!”

Isabella threw her high heels at Joseph, screaming and rushing towards the door.

Unfortunately, she failed to open the door. It would not open no matter how hard she tried.

She ran to the window.

It was too high! She would definitely die if she jumped from here!

Before she made her decision, she was pulled back by the furious man and thrown onto the bed.

Joseph flushed with fury. Isabella got off the bed and rushed into the bathroom in panic. She quickly locked the door and threatened him, “Listen! If you get closer, Ill kill you!”

Joseph didnt say anything.

He stood at the door, holding onto the wall with one arm. He was trembling slightly because of anger.

There had been countless women around him. They would do anything to please him. No one dare to resist him like this!

He distained to force women, but Isabella had provoked him twice, and now she was playing hard-to-get...

He was extremely annoyed and couldnt wait to punish her.

Joseph could feel the growing desire in his body. He was restless and losing control. He fiercely said to the bathroom word by word, “Ill give you five seconds. Open the door. Or you will be sorry. Five!”

The bathroom had no window. Isabella looked around and scratched her hair anxiously.


Isabella opened the cabinet drawer to find something for self-defense.


Isabella moved a shelf to the door. But it was too light.

“Are you blocking the door”

When Joseph heard the sound, he kicked open the door. Isabella fell to the ground. She immediately picked up the items she prepared and threw them at him.

They were a hairdryer, a razor, a bottle of bath cream, a comb, a toothbrush, a towel...

The last one was a toilet plunger. And it hit right on Josephs forehead.

The man was pissed off.


He gave up on the atmosphere, nor did he want to maintain a gentlemans dignity. He directly grabbed Isabellas wrist and took her out of the bathroom, kicking away the bottles and jars. He directly threw her onto the carpet in the living room.



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