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Villainous Movie Queen (10)

Song Xu Yi bit her lower lip, a little confused in her mind.

She didn't think it was an insult to be compared to a cute kitten, but when this came out of Zhao Qingyu's mouth, Song Xu Yi couldn't stop thinking that it felt wrong, she thought that the hateful villainess was planning something in private.

But Song Xu Yi did not dare to ask Zhao Qingyu why she had given this gift to her.

After all, there is still a bloody lesson in front of her, she just disconnected from WeChat for a few days and the female villain came running to school without a word, this experience is something Song Xu Yi really does not want to experience a second time.

When she thought of Zhao Qingyu's charming smile to her in her dorm room today, Song Xu Yi's cheeks still involuntarily burned a little.

She covered her face, took the kitten doll out and put it on her desk table, took a picture of it haphazardly and sent it to Zhao Qingyu: "It's quite cute." This was a good way to deal with the situation.

Zhao Qingyu did not reply and was probably busy, which Song Xu Yi was happy about.

She felt relieved and thought she had passed this hurdle, so she went back to the library to continue reading the unfinished medical books.

However, Song Xu Yi had forgotten one thing——while she had passed Zhao Qingyu's hurdle, the rest of her roommates did not fare so well.

When Song Xu Yi returned from the library, she was greeted by a meeting of several of her roommates, led by Huang Juan Juan.

A few of them gathered around Song Xu Yi and laughed with unmistakable ambiguity: "Xu Yi is really not interesting enough, has she secretly got a boyfriend"

The kitten on Song Xu Yi's desk was so delicate and cute that it naturally attracted the attention of the roommates, and the "like you" on the kitten's neck was interpreted as another meaning by the roommates, who thought it was a confession to Song Xu Yi.


from a friend."

Song Xu Yi was so remorseful of her negligence that she hastily removed the tag hanging from the kitten's neck, and her explanation was not believed by her roommates, nor her humiliated look that was even more misplaced that they felt the implementation of their guess: Song Xu Yi must be in love with someone!

But in the following days, no matter how hard the roommates tried to persuade Song Xu Yi, she would not tell them who she was seeing, which made the girls in the dormitory more and more curious.

Song Xu Yi's birthday is approaching.

Song Xu Yi's parents were extremely fond of her birthday every year, so naturally they would not let Song Xu Yi spend her birthday at school.

There were rumours that Song Xu Yi was studying hard to get a scholarship, but Song Xu Yi dispelled the rumours with her actions: even though she always came first, Song Xu Yi did not apply for any scholarships or financial aid, plus Song Xu Yi's parents had heard the rumours and deliberately asked the family's old butler to pick up Song Xu Yi from school several times in a mid-ranged car, so the rumours that Song Xu Yi was poor were soon dispelled and the roommates were able to let Song Xu Yi treat them with confidence.

Whether it is a coincidence or not, Zhao Qingyu's second film has started screening at this time.

It is a small budget film with a quick production cycle, filming took less than six months combined, and the trailer that has been released shows Zhao Qingyu playing an assassin in it.

In the trailer, Zhao Qingyu is sometimes a charming girl at a cocktail party, sometimes a gentle and quiet sister like the school girl next door, and sometimes walking in the darkness with long black hair and stern eyes...

There are already several topics on Weibo about this: "Zhao Qingyu's Dress Change Show", "Sister Killed Me", "Dreaming of Zhao Qingyu to Seduce Me"...

Song Xu Yi knew that in a few years' time there would be a rumour in the circles that "when Zhao Qingyu works, there are no bad films", and that this film would further strengthen Zhao Qingyu's position in the film industry, but even though she knew it was not a bad film, Song Xu Yi still did not want to see it.

——She was afraid of losing her resistance to Zhao Qingyu's beauty completely after watching this film.

However, the roommates did not understand Song Xu Yi's painful and torn feelings, and did not know whether it was due to the narrowing of the gap between friends or something else, but on Song Xu Yi's treat, there happened to be a movie screening, and the roommates were overjoyed and encouraged Song Xu Yi to buy tickets.

Not wanting to spoil everyone's fun, Song Xu Yi had no choice but to buy the movie tickets and at the same time downloaded the chanting version of the Heart Sutra from her mobile phone.

Listening to the monks chanting amidst the ancient bells and wooden fish of the temple, Song Xu Yi felt that her whole being was sublimated and felt that she must have enough determination to resist Zhao Qingyu's beauty attacks on the big screen.

Because they were thinking about the movie at the screening, several roommates were distracted from their meal, and when they left the house, they put on beautiful makeup and dressed up as if they were going on a date, which is what Song Xu Yi didn't understand: Zhao Qingyu's female fans seemed to be even more crazier than her male fans.

The movie was just as Song Xu Yi had expected, with a tightly paced climax, and the theatre was constantly filled with exclaims, while Song Xu Yi's plan to listen to "Heart Sutra" was foiled before it even started, Huang Juan Juan saw that Song Xu Yi was actually wearing headphones, and her whole body exploded on the spot, immediately ripping them off: "My wife is so beautiful, everyone is here for her, and you're actually listening to music when you're already in the theatre.

How dare you listen to music here!"

Eventually, the boss of the hitman syndicate smiles and wraps his arms around her waist, promising her the position of his fiancée, only to see the woman smile, followed by a distant shot that shatters the boss's chest...

The film is two hours long and by the middle and end of the film it seems that people are still coming in, gradually filling the aisles around them, but in the dim light no one in the audience is bothered to notice the people who come in later.

"No one can order me around!"

Song Xu Yi looked at the black-clad Zhao Qingyu, with cold eyes and cold smile after killing the boss of the group, and could barely restrain herself from shouting "wife" along with some of the girls present!

Oooh, why does the villain have to have such a face that turns people on their heads


As the film ended and the lights above turned on, Huang Juan Juan turned her head and was about to discuss the plot with Song Xu Yi when she suddenly let out a scream!

Following Huang Juan Juan's line of sight, Song Xu Yi saw Zhao Qingyu walking in the aisle next to her.

Zhao Qingyu, dressed in a well-tailored commuter suit dress, is walking down the side aisle to the front of the screen along with the director and a few of the main actors.

The moment they saw the group, the crowd went crazy, shouting 'Qingyu's wife' and the shouts of a few of Song Xu Yi's roommates almost deafened her ears!

At this moment, Song Xu Yi was extremely glad that there were so many people there, so that Zhao Qingyu would not necessarily be able to spot her hiding in the crowd, and with the crowd covering her, Song Xu Yi could also boldly look at Zhao Qingyu.

Today, Zhao Qingyu looks purposely dressed for maturity: her hair is coiled up to reveal her bright and shiny forehead and slender neck, and she wears a pair of simple pearl earrings, giving her a bright and competent look, a different style from her usual one.

The host, Jian Shao, said that the celebrity meet and greet was originally scheduled to be held at another cinema, but there was some accident with the equipment of that cinema, so the celebrity meet and greet was relocated to this cinema.

Generally speaking, most of these meet and greets are not very long.

The director and a few of the lead actors greeted everyone, then the press asked the customary few questions, then it was time for the final round and the meet and greet was pretty much over.

The time passed and soon it was time for the final round.

When the host said that a fan would be drawn live to have a hug with Zhao Qingyu, the whole cinema hall was abuzz with excitement.

"Wife draw me I'm super sweet..."


"Qingyu draw me!"

All sorts of voices were raised and screams almost lifted the roof.

Song Xu Yi closed her lips tightly, thinking that Zhao Qingyu would definitely not draw her out of so many people, but forgetting that there were several roommates who came with her.

The roommates, led by who knows who, shouted out in unison, "Draw Xu Yi! Xu Yi's birthday is tomorrow!"

"Draw Xu Yi!"


The voices of several people overwhelmed the crowd around them.

Song Xu Yi only felt a chill in her heart for a moment and froze on her seat, only able to watch as Zhao Qingyu glanced in her direction with a smirk, then turned her head and said something to the host with a smile.

"Okay, then we'll ask our lucky fan Miss Xu Yi to come on stage!"

After the host said this, Song Xu Yi's roommates were going crazy with joy, and several of them almost pushed Song Xu Yi to Zhao Qingyu: even though they couldn't go on stage and hug Zhao Qingyu, it was a blessing to be exposed to their idol's eyes with Xu Yi!

Before she knew it, she was standing on the stage, looking at the happy roommates next to her, Song Xu Yi's face was red and she didn't know what kind of expression to put on, if she had to choose, she would only want to burrow into a hole in the ground at that moment.

Song Xu Yi really couldn't understand why so many things happened every time she met Zhao Qingyu that would catch her off guard.

Especially since the villainess in front of her still smiled earnestly and took the initiative to open her hand, "Xu Yi, happy birthday to you in advance!"

The screams rang out once more.

Some of the press who participated in the meet and greet couldn't help but put their cameras up:

In the hazy light, the shy and lovely young girl and the bright and graceful actress make an exceptionally harmonious picture.

And Song Xu Yi, for some reason, often recalled this moment until much later: the woman's smiling eyes, the nice perfume smell on her body, and the soft laugh she had pressed against her ear——

“Kid, why do you always blush when you see me”


The author has something to say:

Song Xu Yi: Because the villainess teases this little girl too shamelessly!


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