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Get Lost


When Mo Zun was alive, he boasted of his flirtatiousness and had taken in thousands of demon concubines, there was no one he did not accept who came to his door of their own accord.

Unfortunately, however, from birth to death, he became a resentful soul and is still a virgin demon.

There is no other reason.

Because he is sexually indifferent.

No matter how beautiful, voluptuous and gorgeous the beauty delivered to his arms, it did not interest him, at most, he wrapped them in his arms and pretended to drink a few glasses of wine.

Once the banquet was over, he did not even touch them.

He took in baskets and baskets of concubines and let them compete in the harem to keep his brother's mouth shut.

When he did not take a wife, his elder brother said that he was a demon in vain, not taking a wife, not having a son, which was a treason.

Later, when he had a harem full of women, his brothers urged him frantically to have children, but he was directly silenced when he said that he was infertile, perhaps because he was afraid of hurting his pride.

The two brothers never said anything after that, and left him to his own devices.

Mo Zun's pride was not hurt, and those bewitching demon girls were the most vulgar things in the world, so if he didn't have to, he wouldn't have bothered.

If it was not necessary, he wouldn’t even bother to take care of them.

His hobby was to cultivate his magic core and once he attacked the Nine Heavens, he would become the overlord of the Four Seas and the Eight Wastelands.

On the day of the Battle of Gods and Demons, Xuan Long had already been defeated when he led the heavenly soldiers to resist the invasion of the demons, but when he was in decline, he consumed half of his soul power and washed away the Southern Ridge of God, desperately trying to hold back the demons, and finally died when his brother's demon blade struck him in the heart.

Both the gods and the demons were injured, General Xuan Long was killed in battle, and the Emperor of Heaven broke into the demon world and slaughtered nearly half of all living beings.

All his family members were wiped out, except for him, whose remaining soul floated in the world for ten thousand years, and when he regained consciousness, he found himself inside a human.

This human was Ning Zhiyu.

Even Mo Zun himself did not know why his soul had picked Ning Zhiyu.

It was probably as he had told Ning Zhiyu previously, that his body was clean enough to accommodate the spirit of all evils.

But even so, his body was still decaying from carrying another soul that did not belong to him.

Mo Zun could not leave him for too long, and if Ning Zhiyu died, his soul would also be destroyed shortly afterwards.

Therefore, no matter what the reason, he had to ensure that this person lived.


how should he help

When he was distracted, Ning Zhiyu got up from the bed and knelt down on it, hooked his slender and boneless arms around the demon's neck, moved over, and kissed him on the lips.

The cold temperature made him feel comfortable, so he hugged the demon tightly and refused to let go, his face buried in the nook of his neck, unconsciously rubbing against the cool skin.

Mo Zun's body froze and his eyes widened incredulously as he looked down.

Ning Zhiyu's long hair fell behind his back, covering his body full of spring.

A few sweaty strands of hair were stuck to the corner of his forehead, and his sharp nose stirred in small increments because of the pain.

He was born pure and his face was now tinged with cherry red, as clear as a hibiscus.

He was having a reaction...

to a man

The other side did not touch him at all, and Ning Zhiyu began to be dissatisfied with this.

He thought that this person was Yan Yuan, opened his out-of-focus eyes, and went to take off his clothes, but the clothes on the demon's body were basalt iron battle robes, complex and complicated, so it was not that easy to take them off.

Ning Zhiyu was pulling at his body, but could not take them off.

He couldn't get it off, and was so aggrieved that he burst into tears, crying with a sniffle that was a major departure from his usual quiet demeanour.

"You all bully me, even you bully me, disliking that I am not in good health..."

"I just want to be closer to you, to be a real husband and wife, is that so hard..."

"If he can give birth to a child for you, so can I.

I will give you a child tonight..."

Mo Zun looked at him with a blank stare, "You look quite ugly when you cry, so it's better not to cry."

Ning Zhiyu suddenly got quiet, lowered his head and murmured, "Originally, it was because you thought I was ugly that you didn't touch me...

I was born very different from Xuan Long, no wonder you always treat me coldly at this time..."

Mo Zun recalled Xuan Long's appearance and said, "This honourable one thinks that you were born slightly better looking."

Ning Zhiyu raised his head happily and smiled, "You think I was born beautiful…"

Before Mo Zun could say anything, the man suddenly pulled his hand and fell backwards.

Mo Zun was caught off guard as he pulled him down, pressing his body in front of him and bracing his arms against the bed.

Ning Zhiyu lifted his legs and hooked them around Mo Zun's waist, his arms circling his neck, his breath spilling onto his face.

Mo Zun was breathless and heartless, yet he inexplicably felt a tightening in his heart, and the knot in his throat twitched slightly.

"Then let's have a child...


"If there is a day when I am no longer here, there will be a child to keep you company..."

Mo Zun: "......"

The night of wine and drugs had deprived Ning Zhiyu of his senses, and at this point he was completely in the grip of another, very different Ning Zhiyu: the bold, spirited Ning Zhiyu that had been repressed deep in his soul for so long.

It was different from the normally stoic, solitary person who resisted grief and pain alone.

Whatever he thought at this time, he would say and do without fear.

The intensified heat deep in his body and the other's indifference made him feel doubly aggrieved and begged in a whisper, “A'Yuan, just hug me...

you don't even hug me..."

Mo Zun got up with a cold face.

He did not have a hobby of being a stand-in.

Ning Zhiyu grabbed his wrist and babbled, "Don't leave, if you leave, I'll never love you again..."

Mo Zun was expressionless as he wiped away the tears at the corners of Ning Zhiyu's eyes, rubbing the skin red: "Humph, think carefully, don't turn your back on the demon when you wake up tomorrow."

Ning Zhiyu didn't know about the pain, and his hazy black eyes looked at him with fascination: "I'll be happy if you don't leave."

Mo Zun's body exuded a powerful aura, and with a wave of his hand, his black and red battle robes turned into dust and scattered.

He pulled Ning Zhiyu's legs away from his strong, thin waist and leaned in close to the delirious man beneath him, the tip of his nose almost touching his.

"Don't you dare regret it.

This honourable one has no taste for forcing himself on others."

Ning Zhiyu mumbled blankly, "Regret what..."

Mo Zun sneered, "Hmph, you're no different than those lecherous demon girls of the Demon Race."

Ning Zhiyu held back the uncomfortable feeling and lifted a finger against Mo Zun's lips, "Don't compare me to others..."

Mo Zun’s cold-blooded eyes darkened, and a few breaths later, Ning Zhiyu shuddered and stifled a hum.

He had been crying before, but now he was quiet.

The corners of his forehead were cold and sweat stained, and he didn't cry out in pain, he just talked a bit too much, looked at Mo Zun, and asked softly, "Do I look good in my basalt clothes..."

Mo Zun's hand pinched in his waist, fiercely applied force, and he spoke with a black face: “Ugly."

Ning Zhiyu was somewhat saddened and was quiet for a long time before asking, "What about Xuan Long..."

"Shut up, no more talking."

Mo Zun worked hard to make it impossible for him to make another sound, and he managed to do so.

The virgin demon's skills were really not that good, not even for the entry, and the mattress beneath him was stained with dark red blood.

Mo Zun was puzzled when he looked at it.

Men have fallen flowers too… (Angel: Fallen flowers is the Chinese term that refers to the bleeding women experience from a ruptured hymen.)

Such things had not been taught to him by his older brother.

I suppose there is.

The demon was quite happy to think that after all, he was Ning Zhiyu's first man, and he was also his first...

bah, what's the point of thinking so much

The reason for this is because he had taken the Acacia powder by mistake, so it was just a matter of relieving him of the drug.

When his spiritual body is rebuilt later, the bridge will return to the bridge and the road will return to the road, and no one will be in the way.

The sky outside the window was gradually getting lighter, and Ning Zhiyu had long since passed out.

This was the first time that Mo Zun had done this with someone, and he felt that it was not a bad experience.

After a few times, he still had a taste for it, but when he saw that the flush on his body had receded and his face was pale again, he knew that the effects of the medicine had worn off.

There was no need to continue.

He had been away from his host's body for too long, and his soul power had weakened, turning from his initial solid form to a slightly transparent one.

Going back in immediately was obviously the best choice, but after all, it's not a good idea to leave someone behind after something like this.

So he laid down by Ning Zhiyu's side, covered him with the blanket, and slept on the outside.

Ning Zhiyu was breathing steadily.

Mo Zun looked at his well-defined eyelashes and felt amazing; he had never imagined that he would one day share a bed with a human being.

After a few moments, Mo Zun quietly lifted the quilt and moved closer to Ning Zhiyu, grabbed his hand and pillowed it under his face, closed his eyes and let the sleepiness overwhelm him.

When his soul leaves his body, it makes him feel better to be closer to his host.

Ning Zhiyu's illness was recurring, and there was no precise time for him to sleep, so it was not uncommon for him to sleep until sunrise, so the palace staff on duty outside the palace did not notice anything unusual and waited outside for the Empress to summon them.

When no movement came from inside the palace until midday, Qingmei became a bit anxious and started knocking on the door, thinking that something had happened.

"Your Majesty..."

Ning Zhiyu's sleeping face was calm and he did not wake up.

It was Mo Zun who woke up at the slightest movement of the wind.

He looked at the person beside him, turned his head towards the outside of the hall, and imitated Ning Zhiyu's voice and tone of voice and said, "Qingmei, I would like to lie down for a while, I will call you later."

Qingmei had no doubts and withdrew with peace of mind.

Mo Zun had just returned to Ning Zhiyu's body for an hour, and by now, his body had turned into a solid body.

He found that making love to this person seemed to have a stabilising effect on his soul, and the cracks in his soul had been repaired a little.

As he was thinking, he saw the man who had been sleeping slowly open his eyes.

When the demon and the human looked at each other, Mo Zun was the first to feel uncomfortable.

Ning Zhiyu moved his body and let out a low hum as his eyebrows wrinkled in pain.

"Are you alright"

This familiar voice caused Ning Zhiyu to freeze, his rationality completely coming back to him, his pupils slowly expanding, "It's you..."

The person in front of him had a head of fiery red hair, a handsome face, and a coldness inherent in his blood-red eyes, but at this moment he somehow looked a little apprehensive.

It was an unfamiliar face, but the voice was incomparably familiar to Ning Zhiyu.

Wasn't this the demon who had taken up residence inside him The sharp pain beneath his body made Ning Zhiyu's face pale and he sat up bracing himself on the bed, hugging the blanket as he shrank back in bewilderment.

Wasn't it Yan Yuan last night...

Why was this demon lying beside him

What about A'Yuan...

He's gone… right...

he's gone...

Mo Zun sat up next to him, "You didn't sleep yourself silly, did you"


What happened to us" Ning Zhiyu asked in a soft voice.

Mo Zun hesitated for a moment, "You've been poisoned by the Acacia powder.

This honourable one will..."

Ning Zhiyu sat motionless and feebly spat out two words, “Get lost."

Mo Zun clenched his fist, "What did you say"


"I said, get lost."


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