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Hate You


Angel: WARNING, this chapter includes the non-explicit end of the previous chapter's sex scene.




‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵

"I hate you..." Xuan Long's unfocused turquoise eyes seemed to be clouded with water.

Yan Yuan's iron-clamped palm choked him, and one by one, he ruthlessly disturbed him in the softest place, and said in a stern voice: "What did you say"

Xuan Long's body kept creeping upwards, and he repeated without much consciousness, "Hate you...

hmm, hate you..."

Yan Yuan smiled coldly and loosened his grip slightly, but a certain part of him continued unambiguously, "Hmph, it's useless for you to hate me, you still can't leave me."

"People say beating is kissing, and scolding is loving.

A person of your level must like me very much, otherwise how could you willingly give birth to a child for me and still have to stay"

"Unfortunately, I don't care..." Yan Yuan said with a smile as he moved to Xuan Long's ear and breathed hot air into it.

"I care even less about who your heart truly belongs to, but this body must be kept clean, if it is dirty, it is truly unappetizing."

"And when that happens, I won't want you."

Had this threat been made in the past, Xuan Long might have been at a loss for words, pondering whether he had done something wrong to cause Yan Yuan to say such inexplicable words.

Now he no longer had the energy to care what the other man was thinking, nor did he want to continue to care.

The voice in his ears became distant, and later on, Xuan Long could not hear anything else Yan Yuan said.

His eyelashes slowly lowered and did not lift again.

Yan Yuan rather loved to talk to Xuan Long when he was making love to him, even if their conversation was not warm at all, and seeing that the man beneath him was not paying attention to him, the evil fire in his heart stirred up again, and he launched himself into a frenzy of rage.

"If you don't explain what happened with Yan Huo Heng tonight, this is not going to go away!"

"He can't just take you as his concubine for no reason."

"Explain to me!

"You explain!!!"

No ordinary healthy person could have withstood such a brutal affair, let alone Xuan Long, who was nearly five months pregnant.

In his unconsciousness, he felt a tightening pain in his abdomen, as if a knife was being twisted.

He actually woke up in raw pain, the corners of his forehead wet with sweat, and he covered his stomach and tried to shrink up, "Uh..."

Yan Yuan was happy to see him awake.

"In the future, when you are with me, you are not allowed to sleep without my consent, you are not allowed to disregard me, and you are not allowed to say ugly things to displease me."

"And especially...

no more talk of hating me."

Just now, he clearly took advantage of the situation with his mouth, but in reality, he was not much more comfortable in his heart.

When he remembered that Xuan Long might have met Yan Huo Heng long ago, he could not control his emotions at all.

The idea that his body belonged to him was all a lie.

He wanted this dragon to belong to him physically and mentally.


What's wrong with you"

The blurry turquoise eyes opened not long before they closed, the pain so extreme that even his breathing was weak.

The only thing that had been removed was the profane trousers, and the soaked profane robes were cold against Xuan Long's body.

Yan Yuan was so big that he wrapped himself around him, but he couldn't even warm him back up.

He used to not be too afraid of the cold.

Demons with a high level of Taoism can regulate their own body temperature, but now he can't do it when it's cold, he can't do it when it's hot, and when it hurts, it's even a little like dying.

Not to mention the pain Yan Yuan caused him, which was never just a little bit, but was heart-breaking and painful to the bone.

Whenever the foetus in the womb is injured, it will instinctively mend its wounds by drawing on the soul power of Xuan Long.

This is why the child is still safe and sound after so many scares, and apart from the merits of the Healing Sage, the maintenance of the mother's body is an indispensable factor - this means that the trauma and pain suffered by the child in the womb is ultimately doubled for the mother.

As his soul power weakened, Xuan Long's life span decreased dramatically.

If one day his soul power was depleted by the burden of the child and the external trauma, he would be extinguished...

The gods fall into the mortal world and can still rejoin the heavenly court and rank in the immortal class.

A human being is also reincarnated after a tragic death and can be reborn.

Regardless of whether it is a human or a god, if the soul is reduced to dust in the six realms, then that person will no longer exist in the world.

The soul-eating pain and the abdominal pain were both torturous, and cold sweat rolled down Xuan Long's face like rain, wetting his eyelashes.

The pain caused his teeth to tremble involuntarily.

Although he didn’t feel pain, his curled body spasmed visibly to the naked eye.

Yan Yuan awoke from his daze and panicked, picking up Xuan Long's body and holding him half in his arms, "Does your stomach hurt again"

Xuan Long was so dazed by the pain that he ignored him.

Remembering that there was medicine in the hidden compartment at the foot of the bed, Yan Yuan put him down and crawled over to find it.

He opened the dark compartment and took out the bottle, only to find that it was empty.

The medicine had already been consumed.

Earlier, Yan Yuan had sent someone to Weihua Lane to look for abortion pills, but the house had long been empty.

This was probably because she had exposed her whereabouts to the humans and was afraid of danger, so she had left to hide elsewhere. 

The medicine of the human race is useless to Xuan Long, which is why the child in his womb has survived until now.

In contrast, the human medicine could not kill the child in his womb, nor could it stop the pain he was experiencing.

The only way was to endure it.

There was a door that connected the side hall to the main hall.

Yan Yuan picked Xuan Long up and carried him towards the main hall, placed him on a dry bed, took off his cold wet clothes and covered him with a quilt, raising his hand to wipe the sweat from the corner of his forehead.

"Is it very cold..."

Xuan Long kept shivering, his pale face lacking life.

Yan Yuan burrowed naked into the bedding and hugged him, whispering softly behind his ear to comfort him:

"It won't be cold if I hold you."

"Be good and listen."

Xuan Long was not very obedient, even if it made him angry.

He was still disobedient at this point, his teeth chattering and gurgling as he squeezed out faintly indistinct words deep in his throat, "Mother..."

Yan Yuan went over and listened for half a day, thinking he was crying out in pain: “It hurts Stomach pain"

Tears slipped out of the corners of Xuan Long's eyes, and when mixed with the cold sweat on his face, it didn't quite look like crying, because he was still peaceful and quiet at this point, speaking in a muddled way:

"Stop hitting...."

"I know...

it's wrong..."




In the dream, the gorgeous-looking woman carried a long whip in her hand and struck the young boy fiercely, cursing unpleasant obscenities with a twisted look on her face.

At that time, the boy's horns were still a pair, and he was wearing a black shirt that had been washed white.

He crouched on the ground, holding his head and stifling the pain, and only when he was dying did he have the courage to reach out and grab his mother's leg, begging her to stop, saying that he would be good from now on.

He was often beaten, sometimes simply because his mother was in a bad mood, and sometimes because he was hungry and stole food from the kitchen.

His mother was the matriarch of the dragon clan, and the clan dragons provided fresh prey every day, so there was never a shortage of food in the house.

But from a very young age, he was ordered not to touch a single cent of the family's wealth and had to go out hunting on his own.

At that time, the deer in the mountains stood twice as tall as he did, and Xuan Long could only go to the river to catch some fish to feed himself.

It was never easy, however, as the slightly older dragons in his clan often blatantly bullied him, deliberately playing tricks on him when he was catching fish, driving them away, or taking his hard-earned food away when he got his prey.

No one would stand by him, no one would help him.

Including his brothers and sisters.

Children can't stand hunger, and neither could you g dragons.

He knew that if he was caught taking food from the kitchen, he would be beaten badly, but he was so hungry that after not eating for several days, he finally couldn't resist.

He thought he would at least be taught a lesson after he had eaten his fill, but to his surprise, while he was crouching in a corner, wolfing down food, his mother came with a whip, followed by his second sister.

It was his second sister who had caught him stealing and had told his mother.

When he was very young, Xuan Long did not quite understand why eating his own family's food was called stealing, and why he was the only one treated like an outsider when he was also the child of a dragon in his family.

Not for a moment in his short childhood did he feel warmth in that home, and even then, on the countless occasions when he was thrown out of the house covered in bruises and huddled shivering outside the door, he would still fantasise before the winter dawn that it could have been an all-too-real nightmare.

That his mother actually loved him, that he wasn't that annoying, that when he woke up, everything would be fine.

But the sun that rose in the sky after each freezing night, radiating heat and warmth, never belonged to him.

Only the long nights, the cold abuse, and the rejection of his kin kept reminding him that he was redundant, that it was a mistake for him to live in this world.

It was a nightmare that lasted too long and from which he has yet to awaken.

Shortly after leaving home, Xuan Long didn't think much of the past.

He lived alone in the thousand-year-old pond, and at first would try to blend in when he saw human children playing together in the nearby villages.

However, when they saw the scars on his face and the pupils of his demonic eyes, they cried out in fear.

Xuan Long gradually realised that not only the dragons, but also the outside world, the outside beings, could not tolerate him.

So he spent his years hiding at the bottom of the dark pond, unwilling to disturb anyone, and no longer hoping to get warmth from this world.

As it turns out, there is a terrible price to pay for coveting what does not belong to you.

Xuan Long had often dreamt of his childhood recently, of his mother's hideous face, of Yan Yuan laughing and sneering at him, and the faces of the two people closest to him fused together to become his deepest nightmare.

There was no way to break free.

Catching a few nonsensical words, Yan Yuan combined them with what had happened earlier and thought Xuan Long was apologising to him.

Hugging him from behind, he raised his hand to wipe the cold sweat that continued to seep from the corner of his forehead and said softly:

"It's good to know that you were wrong."

"Wouldn't it have been better for you to behave earlier"

"If your stomach hurts, I'll rub it for you, just like last time, it won't hurt anymore." Yan Yuan raised his hand to cover Xuan Long's bulging belly, his palm pressed against the cold skin as he rubbed.

"Look, I've already told you that you can't keep this child, but you still insist on keeping it.

Torturing you to such a degree, you're asking for it."

Xuan Long's mouth kept murmuring words that Yan Yuan could not hear.

Yan Yuan quietly rubbed his stomach for a long time, and then spoke in a low voice:

"I want to get along with you, too."


"If you don't make me angry, I won't toss you around, okay..."


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