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You Save Him


The burn marks on his face, which he had been born with, did not hurt, but now his face was burning with pain, as if someone had ripped off his flesh and sprinkled it cruelly with salt.

When he was young, dragons often used this scar on his face to tease him about his ugliness, but all the living creatures combined were not as cruel as Yan Yuan's words.

The more he cared about him, the more he could make him hurt.

Xuan Long was born to live in darkness; he had thought Yan Yuan would be his light, but in reality, he had merely moved from one abyss to another.

In fact, he did not like the sun at all, the warmth of its light only made his inferiority shine.

He preferred a secretive night like this one, where no matter how much pain was in his heart, the night was enough to hide him from the jokes of others.

Xuan Long stood there, keeping his head tilted, his low voice cracking like a fissure, “Have not said."

But once Yan Yuan said it, he would remember it.

With a little more attention, Yan Yuan could have noticed that Xuan Long was not quite right; his entire strength was supported entirely by the corridor pillar behind him, his dark hair damp with sweat at the corners of his forehead, and he was panting weakly.

He could refrain from crying out in pain, but the physical reaction to the soul-devouring pain was beyond his ability to stop.

Yan Yuan had long since been overcome with fury.

Unable to control his emotions, the soles of his feet stomped on Xuan Long's mask that had fallen to the ground, the metal scraping against the ground with a sharp sound as he raised his hand to pinch Xuan Long's jaw, holding him against the pillar.

"Then I will tell you that from the first moment I saw you, everything I have said and done was premeditated."

"I've never loved you, never liked you, not one bit."

"Everything was a lie."

Xuan Long was forced to turn his head to look at him, his icy turquoise eyes looking as if they were slightly moist: "I know."

Yan Yuan thought he had been mistaken and was about to dig deeper when his arm was suddenly gripped by a strong palm.

He twisted his head to meet the cold eyes of Yan Huo Heng.

"Your Majesty, you are drunk."

Yan Yuan's eyes were red and he fiercely shook off Yan Huo Heng's hand, "Get lost! You are not in a position to speak here!!!"

Yan Yuan was unable to tolerate Yan Huo Heng being at his side any longer, as he might not be able to resist killing him.

Yan Yuan grabbed Xuan Long's wrist and dragged him away.

Chen Yan, who had come back to his senses, trotted over from the end of the long corridor and said anxiously, "Aiyo...

Your Majesty...

you must not..."

Xuan Long's footsteps were so weak that he fell softly to the ground before taking a few steps.

Yan Yuan turned back to look at him from a high position, his handsome face as cold as a stern ghost, with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

"What are you feigning It seems Yan Huo Heng hasn't been very gentle with you either, so little time has passed and you can't even walk"

Xuan Long's wrist was clutched in Yan Yuan's hand, and his wrist bone was raw with pain.

He could only use his other hand to cover his aching abdomen and brace himself against the ground to stand up with difficulty.

Yan Yuan didn't give him a chance to ease up and dragged him away, drenching him in rain all the way back to Qiankun Palace.

Chen Yan was chasing after him with his umbrella, but he couldn't catch up.

After entering the side hall, he threw the man he was holding onto the small couch, and the sharp pain in Xuan Long's abdomen instantly intensified, and he couldn't help but let out a stifled grunt.

Without lighting a candle in the hall, Yan Yuan, drenched in water, bullied his way up to Xuan Long's clothes and tugged at him without a care in the world.

His whole being appeared to have gone mad, and there was no trace of his former self.

Ever since the manifestation of his pregnancy, Xuan Long had stopped wearing his belt, and his loose basalt robe was easily untied.

He squeezed the large, cold hand that was pressed against his skin, his breath faint, "… Don't."

Don't do this to me.

Yan Yuan's hands did not stop moving, his once pure and gentle peach blossom eyes full of sarcasm: "What"

"Let him sleep then do not allow me to sleep"

"I thought you were really simple-minded, but I never thought you were actually a slut who could be used by anyone."

"Anyone can get you to open your legs, can't they"

Soon, Xuan Long had no strength left; his turquoise eyes half-dazed, his consciousness floating, his head tilted to one side as he wondered what he was looking at.

The excruciating pain in his body and the pain of the intrusion had robbed him of the ability to even make a sound, and his body that had been thinning day by day continued to sway with the other man's torture and humiliation, the small couch creaking.

Yan Yuan felt that he was just pretending.

If Xuan Long didn't want to, he could have cast a spell at will to get away from him, or even from the palace, but instead of that, Xuan Long looked as if he was at the mercy of the Emperor.

The ants' scratching resistance just now was like a reluctance to welcome him.

If he was like that in front of him, would he be even more so in front of Yan Huo Heng

When he thought that the seemingly simple Xuan Long was not what he had imagined and did not belong to him completely, Yan Yuan's whole being was burning with anger.

The person he loved was Ning Zhiyu, that much Yan Yuan knew very well.

But Xuan Long belonged to him, how could he have an affair with someone else

He could only belong to him!!!

"You look at me!"

"Speak to me!"

With both cheeks pinched heavily, Xuan Long was forced to turn his face and lift his eyelids, his lax vision barely focusing on Yan Yuan's face.

"What is your relationship with Yan Huo Heng"

"When did you and him meet!"


The window by the couch was wide open, the rain and mist were blown into the hall by the fierce wind and fell on the two of them.

Yan Yuan's actions grew more and more vicious.

Xuan Long's breath fractured, the twisting pain in his belly, the soul-eating pain, the multiple torments that overlapped, gradually stripping him of the consciousness he was already struggling to hold on to.

"I don't know him..."

"Lies!” Yan Yuan yelled at him hysterically.


lies..." Xuan Long's ghastly white lips moved very faintly.

Yan Yuan is like a child who has been robbed of his beloved toy, and his anger was so great that his heart grew a little aggrieved: "You are lying! I clearly saw you hugging him! I told you to kill him, but you got involved with him.

Did you never take me to heart! You lied to me from beginning to end, right!"



Yan Yuan clasped Xuan Long's shoulder and said in a hateful voice, "Then you explain, you explain to me! I told you to go and ambush him outside the city, why did Yan Huo Heng come to my birthday banquet alive! And why did you embrace him outside the Hall of Peace!"

If Xuan Long had really had an affair with Yan Huo Heng, Yan Yuan would not have been able to detect it after taking off Xuan Long's clothes.

By the faint candlelight coming from the inner hall, he found that there were no marks on this body that he did not want to see, except for the wounds left by the scales pulled from his heart.

And the place he was forcibly invading at the moment had previously been dry.

But Yan Yuan could not accept anyone occupying his place in Xuan Long's world, and that scene in the corridor was enough to make him lose his mind and storm out.

"I don't know him..."

Back and forth, that was all Xuan Long had to say.

Yan Yuan was so tired of hearing it that he simply buried his head and vented all his anger.

Something warm seemed to come out from underneath Xuan Long.

Earlier when they were together, Xuan Long would get hurt almost every time.

He always said it didn't hurt, so Yan Yuan didn't take it to heart, and he didn't this time either.

"One word about not knowing each other and that's it"

"Do you take me for a three-year-old"

Before Xuan Long fell unconscious, Yan Yuan heard him mutter something under his breath, so he went over and listened intently.

Xuan Long's warm breath breathed in his ear:


I treat you with sincerity."

With a simple sentence that easily pleased Yan Yuan, most of the gloom dispersed and he curled his lips, “You’d better."

He could ignore Xuan Long, but Xuan Long must have him in his heart.

Yan Yuan knew this was unreasonable.

In this world, not everything is justified, just as all people are born as human beings, but not everyone can be a superior person or an emperor.

From the moment one is born, one's superiority and inferiority are clearly distinguished.

From the moment he met him, Xuan Long could only belong to him, and no one was allowed to lay their hands on him.


Yan Yuan finally noticed that something was wrong, the warm liquid under Xuan Long's body seemed to be flowing more and more.

If it was just an ordinary injury, it would not bleed that much.

A strong cold fragrance filled his nose.

Yan Yuan stopped moving and was about to check, when a subtle movement suddenly came from the side.

Someone came out of the inner hall.


Yan Yuan quickly pulled clothes over Xuan Long and draped a piece over himself.

The figure gradually approached, and after Yan Yuan saw the person's appearance, his face immediately sank, "Why are you here!"

Hu Le appeared in a white robe, barefoot, and with disheveled hair in the side hall where Xuan Long lived, and Yan Yuan couldn't help but think that his foxy face was really annoying.


What have you done to him” Hu Le asked in a trembling voice as he stared at Xuan Long's miserable white face.

When Yan Yuan remembered his previous humiliation by this fox demon at the thousand year old pond, his heart was unhappy.

He did not expect that after not seeing him for so many days, this fox demon would again pester Xuan Long like a dog's tail.

"What am I doing It's an intimate thing that you cannot do with Xuan Long." Yan Yuan laughed coldly, "He has been enjoyed by me from head to tail, all over his body...

just now."

Hu Le was not angered by him and quietly approached Xuan Long, raising his hand to touch Xuan Long's face, “A'Po..."

The man did not look like he was asleep, but unconscious...

It was clear that he had been fine and talking to him not long ago.

Yan Yuan's anger rose and he pushed Hu Le away, "Get out!"

Hu Le staggered back two steps and fell on his buttocks, touching the wound on his body.

He gritted his teeth in pain, rose up, and rushed over to choke Yan Yuan.

"You disgusting human-"

"I'll kill you!!!"

Yan Yuan reflexively kicked Hu Le in the stomach, and Hu Le spat out a mouthful of blood as his body fell heavily to the ground, unable to get up for a long time.

Yan Yuan did not expect the fox demon to become so vulnerable, and was so curious that he was ready to crouch down to take a look when he found that the blood under Xuan Long's body had seeped through the small couch, dripping onto the ground and accumulating into a small puddle.

Yan Yuan froze on the spot.

How could so much blood have been shed...

Hu Le rose from the ground and crawled to Yan Yuan's feet, his hands trembling as he clambered onto Yan Yuan's legs.

"He's pregnant...."

"You save him… quickly save him."

Yan Yuan raised his eyebrows in surprise: "What did you say"


is pregnant.

It's your heir and it's been over four months."

"You save him...."

"Please..." Tears glistened in Hu Le's eyes.


A'Po cared for this child very much.


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