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Pulling Out Scales to Save a Life


A white light flashed above the Imperial City and two figures appeared in the emperor's bedchamber, Qiankun Palace.

Yan Yuan was in a hurry to see the empress he had been longing for, so he left in a hurry after settling Xuan Long in the side hall of his bedchamber.

News of his safe return to the palace soon spread and when Yan Yuan arrived at Luanfeng Hall, people from the Imperial Hospital were already waiting.

The red silk satin had not yet been taken down, but the atmosphere was depressed.

The man sleeping on the bed looked paler than he had been a few dozen days ago, and his clear face had diminished considerably.

As soon as Yan Yuan saw Ning Zhiyu in this state, his eyes reddened and he slowly sat down on the edge of the bed, holding his cold hand and saying dully, “A'Yu, you have suffered."

"I miss you very much…"

The man on the bed ignored him, and Yan Yuan was not annoyed, sitting quietly on the edge of the bed for a long time.

He had vowed to protect Ning Zhiyu properly in this lifetime and never make the same mistakes he did in his previous life, but now that his lover was so sick right under his nose, how could he not be anxious and upset

Half an incense stick later, Yan Yuan spoke in a light voice, "My dear ministers, have you found out the cause of the illness” (Angel: Half an incense stick is around 30 minutes.)

The imperial doctors sighed and hung their heads in defeat.

“Zong Hua, you speak." Yan Yuan turned his head to look at one of the imperial doctors who was dressed in vermillion official robes.

Zong Hua was the one who had told Yan Yuan that a dragon's heart could cure all diseases.

He was already a good doctor in the Imperial Hospital at a young age, and he had picturesque eyebrows to match his name.

In terms of medical skills, he has the potential to surpass the head of the Imperial Hospital, which is why Yan Yuan believed in him so much.

However, at this moment, even Zong Hua looked like he was in a difficult position.

He clasped his hands together and said, "Your Majesty, if we still can't find the dragon heart, I'm afraid the Empress… won't last much longer."

Yan Yuan's heart clenched, remembering Xuan Long's trusting appearance.

Frowning, he spoke in a low voice: "… Is there no other way but to dig out the dragon's heart"

Zong Hua was silent for a moment, "If we really can't find a dragon heart, it would be okay to find some dragon scales."

"Dragon scales…" Yan Yuan asked in a daze.

Zong Hua: "Exactly."

"Although the effect of dragon scales is not as strong as that of dragon hearts, which can eradicate the root of the disease once and for all, it can still suppress stubborn diseases, and the closer the scales are to the heart, the stronger the effect will be."

"If taken continuously for a month, the Empress will be able to wake up."

Yan Yuan's eyebrows relaxed, his eyes mixed with joy and sorrow, "Really"

In this way, not only would Xuan Long not have to die, but he would also be able to save A’Yu.

Dragon scales should be like human fingernails, they can still grow after they are removed, so even if it hurts, it is better than digging out the dragon's heart…

If he pulls out the scales, he can still grow them again, but if he cuts out the heart, there would be no more Xuan Long in the world.

"This remedy is what I have seen with my own eyes in the medical books passed down by my family, and it should be correct.”

Yan Yuan nodded and murmured, "I understand.”

"All of you should leave, I would like to be alone with the Empress for a while."


The side halls of Qiankun Palace are not as luxurious as the main hall, but they are still spacious with carved beams and painted buildings.

The first time Xuan Long came into contact with the place where Yan Yuan grew up, he, who had always been cold, dull, and rarely curious, could not help but observe the surrounding environment.

It turned out that the man had been brought up in such a place, no wonder he was a bit extravagant.

But in Xuan Long's opinion, Yan Yuan is still very cute.

The great tribulation was approaching, and Xuan Long felt his spiritual power weakening more and more, so he felt very tired after flying a short distance.

When he saw a bed in the hall, he went to sit cross-legged in meditation, but he fell asleep while sitting there.

As the day wore on, the sound of a door being pushed open resounded in the long silent hall.

Xuan Long woke up instantly, opening his eyes alertly to look at the door.

It was Yan Yuan who had returned.

At some point, the man had changed into a bright dragon robe, with a jade crown on his head and a slender physique.

He was originally quite fair, but now he looked even more noble.

He walked over to Xuan Long’s side and sat down on the edge of the bed, naturally wrapping his arms around his waist and resting his face on Xuan Long's shoulder, asking in a low voice, “A'Po, did you miss me"

Xuan Long let him hold him, and an imperceptible softness appeared in his cold pupils, “En."

It was all an act, but when he heard this answer, Yan Yuan couldn't help but feel happy inside, and couldn't help but lean in to whisper in his ear, "I missed you too."

“En." The corners of Xuan Long's lips curved up.

Yan Yuan was stunned.

In a daze, he withdrew the hand he had circled around his waist, and looked at the man's handsome profile with an incredulous expression, his heart thumping loudly, "…You just smiled."

Xuan Long heard his words and turned his head to look at him.

Looking into the man's turquoise cold and beautiful eyes, Yan Yuan said in awe, "This is the first time you've ever smiled at me…"

A bit of bewilderment leaked out of Xuan Long's eyes.

Had he never smiled before…

It seems so.

There was nothing to make him happy before, so naturally there was no reason to smile.

But now it was different.

This man said he liked him and was willing to care for him...

"You look so good when you smile." Unable to suppress the urge to get close to Xuan Long, Yan Yuan leaned closer to him and seriously said, "Smile more in the future."

Xuan Long had never been complimented like that before, so his face felt hot, and he unnaturally turned his head away, "Mmm."

A moment later, the person beside him suddenly wrapped his arms around his waist.

When Xuan Long subconsciously turned his head to look, his lips met Yan Yuan’s, and the latter leaned over and pushed him down onto the bed.

On that day, Yan Yuan had lied to Xuan Long about wanting to marry him, hoping to torment him so that he would have the chance to dig up the dragon's heart.

However, instead of digging out the dragon's heart, Yan Yuan had become obsessed with his body, and every now and then, he would press him down to have some fun.

Yan Yuan knew it was wrong for him to do so, but things like desire were always hard to control, and he reassured himself inwardly that when Ning Zhiyu woke up, he would definitely make a clean break with Xuan Long.

Right now, he was only doing these superfluous things to stabilise Xuan Long.

And when it came to such things, Xuan Long never refused him, even though Yan Yuan's technique was really poor, having no merit except for its size, which was still painful.

After it was over, Xuan Long again looked pale and deflated.

Yan Yuan looked at him with a puzzled expression and raised his hand to wipe the cold sweat from the corner of his forehead, nervously saying, “A'Po, are you having a hard time…"

Strange, he obviously had been a lot more careful.

Xuan Long thought that this was how couples had sex, and if he said that it hurt, it would definitely upset Yan Yuan, so he opened his eyes for a moment and said in a dull voice, "It's okay, I'm just a little tired.”

Pain is painful, but the heart is sweet.

Yan Yuan reached out and touched between his legs, frowning, "But you're bleeding again."

Xuan Long paused, and his Adam’s apple twitched slightly, "It will be fine in a few days."

Yan Yuan's mind was quickly drawn to other matters as he lifted a corner of the blanket off the man's body, "Why has the wound over your heart not healed after so long"

Not only did it not heal, but it was also getting worse.

The pink and tender flesh had turned darker and if it was not treated, it would probably fester.

Naturally, Xuan Long could not tell him about the impending tribulation, "Maybe it's because of the weather."

Yan Yuan had thought that a highly skilled demonic beast would heal quickly from its injuries, but now it seemed that this was not the case.

He was suddenly a little worried and wrapped his arm around Xuan Long's neck, saying, "Tomorrow I will ask the doctor to bring some medicine to put on your wound.”

The medicine of the mortal world is of little use to demon beasts, but Xuan Long did not explain this, and that did not stop his heart from feeling warm: “En."

Before dinner was served, Xuan Long grew sleepy.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard the person beside him hesitantly say, “A'Po, I want to discuss something with you…"

Xuan Long could not help but open his eyes and look at him, "Go ahead."

Those turquoise eyes were always cold, but Yan Yuan could see the ultimate tenderness in them, and he had already vaguely guessed where the wound over the man's heart had come from.

He had guessed it from the moment the imperial doctor had said that the dragon scales over the heart were the most effective medicine.

That would explain why after taking that neither gray nor black soup, his own wound had healed completely in three days.

But Xuan Long's injury had not healed even now.

It was difficult for Yan Yuan to talk to him, but when he thought of his lover whose life was in danger, things seemed to get easier again, "Can you give me some dragon scales…"

Xuan Long froze, and an animal-like disbelief surfaced in his eyes, "What do you need dragon scales for"

Yan Yuan looked at him and answered with difficulty, "I have an important friend who is very sick, and if he is not treated, he will die…"

Seeing his sad appearance, Xuan Long's heart didn't feel good either, even though there was little expression on his face, "How many do you want"

"Thirty." Yan Yuan made the cruellest request in the most gentle way, "… I want the ones beside your heart, is that okay"

Xuan Long froze again, then said, "Okay."

"Thank you.” Yan Yuan wrapped his arms around his body and kissed his ear, "I'll have the imperial doctor bring the best wound medicine."



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