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The next morning, Yan Yuan was leaving with the pack of dragon scales.

From the ten-thousand-foot-deep pond, with Yan Yuan on his back, Xuan Long flew out of the water in a matter of seconds.

Yan Yuan emerged on the shore, where the guards and the old eunuch, who had been crouching in the bushes for days, rushed out in surprise and joy.

When Xuan Long saw that there was someone to meet Yan Yuan and that he did not need to worry about him, he silently turned around to go back to the water, but Yan Yuan jumped up and hugged him from behind, calling in his ear in a mute voice.


To the onlookers, Yan Yuan's eyes were red as he hugged a ball of air, and their faces paused to watch the frightening scene.

Everything that needed to be said had already been said to Xuan Long, and Yan Yuan was actually at a loss for what to say as he hugged him at this moment; he just felt reluctant to let go.

He felt very sad.

His purpose in leaving the palace to find Xuan Long had been accomplished.

With the dragon scales, Ning Zhiyu was saved for the time being, so he should take the scales and go back happily to save his beloved.

As for the future, he could talk about it later.

The big thing was that he could ask Xuan Long for scales when they were all used up, for he knew how soft the dragon's heart was beneath its cold exterior.

When Hu Le bullied him, although Xuan Long did not help him to his face, he would silently help him behind his back and release him from the barrier.

He could not be ruthless with him after all.

Perhaps it was because of this that Yan Yuan's heart became even sadder.

He wanted to have the best of both worlds, to break free from his tedious and embarrassing situation.

He hoped that Ning Zhiyu would be healthy, so that he would not need to pluck out Xuan Long's flesh and blood to continue his life, and that he would not have trouble saying a word of concern in front of Xuan Long. 

But what is the use of thinking about this God will not spare a dying person from life and death just because he wants to live on, nor will he feel compassion for the extravagant wishes of a mere mortal like him.

In the past, he had the cheek to ask Xuan Long if it hurt after he had pulled the scales, but now the answer was clear.

Did it really stop hurting if he asked No, it would still hurt.

After the pain, he would still ask Xuan Long to pluck out his flesh and blood to save another person, so there was no point in asking.

He was in the worst position to ask that question.

Now, there was someone new at Xuan Long's side, someone who was truly willing to be good to him.

Even if they were not together now, would there still be a place for him in Xuan Long's heart if they stayed together for a long time

When Yan Yuan thought of how close this dragon was to others, his tear glands threatened to burst, he had never shed so many tears since he was a child.

He didn't know why, but whenever he touched on matters concerning Xuan Long, his heart was too fragile to bear half the hurt and aggravation.


will you fall in love with that fox demon"

Xuan Long's cold turquoise eyes reflected the rippling water, and the embrace behind him made him taste sorrow from the depths of his soul: "What's the point of talking about this now"

"But I just want to know..." Yan Yuan pouted with a sob in his ear.

Xuan Long was silent for a long time and whispered back, "No."

Until now, this person's sadness had tugged at his heart, making it difficult to restrain himself.

"Really" Yan Yuan asked joyfully.

Xuan Long lowered his eyes and parted his hand that was circled in front of his belly, his low voice was gentle, "Let go.

It's getting late."

Yan Yuan's eyes blurred with tears as he looked at the man's face with the dark gold mask, "Then I will come back to you next time."

"Hm." Xuan Long did not look at him.

Yan Yuan cried like a child: "Can you hug me again, please"

Xuan Long had never taken the initiative to hug him, and naturally he wouldn't now.

When Yan Yuan saw that he didn't move, he went forward, took Xuan Long into his arms face to face, and kissed his forehead.

"A'Po, I'm sorry."

"I'll see you next time."

"I'll bring you… bring you good food and fun from the palace."

"Okay." Xuan Long replied in a low voice.

Only then did Yan Yuan let go of him and take three steps back, "A'Po, I'm leaving then..."


Xuan Long gazed silently at the handsome face, as if he wanted to carve his features into his heart.

The palace guards huddled around Yan Yuan and escorted him to the low-key but luxurious carriage on the jungle path a short distance away.

As Yan Yuan got into the carriage, he looked through the lush woods at the edge of the pond, where Xuan Long had been standing earlier, but he had disappeared.

He hung his head in despair as he stepped on the back of the palace guard to get into the carriage.

The carriage swayed as it went up the path, and from outside the walls came Chen Yan's worried question.

"Your Majesty, are you all right..."

Yan Yuan returned to his senses and said casually, "It's nothing."

"The past two days have worried this old slave, fortunately you have returned safely, it seems that that dragon is really spiritual." Chen Yan followed the carriage outside and walked as fast as he could.

Yan Yuan barely tugged at the corners of his mouth and smiled, "...

He is indeed spiritual, he treats me well and is no different from the human race.

You have even met him face to face."

Chen Yan said in surprise, "When..."

Yan Yuan did not reply.

There was silence in the carriage for a long time, and Yan Yuan's low, hoarse voice came out, seemingly muttering to himself:

"Chen Yan, is it really hard to balance both sides in the world..."

"I am obviously the emperor, in charge of ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains, but why is there a time when I can't do anything..."

Chen Yan guessed that Yan Yuan was referring to the matter of Ning Zhiyu, and deliberately reassured: "Your Majesty, it is difficult to have both sides in the world.

Life is more bitter than sweet, as an emperor, you should be better than all the people.

No matter how difficult the current suffering is, it is only temporary, everything will be fine."

Yan Yuan lowered his eyes, hiding the loneliness in his eyes: "Is that so..."

Chen Yan said, "Yes, you are the True Dragon Emperor, you will be protected by the true dragon."

He wasn't wrong.

Wasn't Xuan Long the real dragon that was guarding him

After the shadow of the carriage disappeared down the winding path, a long time later, the surface of the pond leapt up to a height of several feet, and Xuan Long, hidden in the air, entered the water.

Hu Le had just gotten up and ran over to look for Xuan Long.

After looking around the house and not seeing him, he ran into the returning Xuan Long on his way out.

"Where have you been"

Xuan Long's face was unchanged as he walked slowly to the house, "Went ashore."

Hu Le followed him, "And where is the dog emperor"

"Already left."

"Really" Hu Le raised an eyebrow, his heart wild with joy.

"At last, that plague has been sent away."

"Don't run around with that wound on you." Hu Le pulled Xuan Long to a seat at the table.

"What's for breakfast"

Xuan Long: "Whatever."

Hu Le tsked, guilty, "There's no such thing as whatever."

Soon his eyes lit up and he got up and headed out, "Just wait, I have a new dish that you will like!"

Xuan Long looked at his blazing back and called out to him, "Hu Le."

"Hm" Hu Le turned back.

Xuan Long averted his gaze, "I want to leave this place."

Hu Le froze, and being such a smart fox, he immediately understood why: "That's fine."

"If that dog emperor can't find you, he won't be able to pester you." Hu Le walked up to Xuan Long and knelt down, gently holding his cold hand and rubbing it heartily.

"You are so soft-hearted, always letting him bully you, and you refuse to let me kill him when I want to."

"Don't worry, no matter where you go, I will accompany you."

Xuan Long's heart moved and he spoke woodenly, "Thank you...

for treating me like family."

Hu Le frowned, "I don't treat you like family."

"......" Xuan Long's throat twitched slightly.

Hu Le slapped his head in irritation and stood up, "No, I meant..."


I, I am..."

In love with you.

Xuan Long's bewildered turquoise eyes trailed after him, clearly waiting for an answer.

It was clearly a very simple sentence, but Hu Le just couldn't say it; for the first time he really fell for a demon, his heart was struggling far more than it appeared, and if he was rejected, he would be very upset.

No matter how strong a person is, if he falls for someone, his heart will become very fragile.

It didn't matter if he lost face, what he feared most was that Xuan Long would alienate him because of it, if that happened, who would he find to cry to then.

"I just..." Hu Le hesitated for a long time, looking at Xuan Long's sluggish response, he was ashamed and anxious, and he was finally forced to explode: "You stupid dragon, you are foolish, you...

I don't want to talk to you anymore!"

Then he turned and ran away.


Xuan Long had never felt that anyone would really like him, so even if Yan Yuan misunderstood that there was something between him and Hu Le, he would not think that Hu Le would have any feelings for him other than those of a relative.

As far as he was concerned, Hu Le just saw him as an older brother.

Seeing the other man say this, Xuan Long became more and more puzzled.

When Hu Le's figure disappeared outside the door, he withdrew his eyes and murmured.


treating me...

as an elder brother."

What was that...

A friend, perhaps.

Friends are also good.

After all, Hu Le had been the one to look after him almost exclusively for so long.

He hadn't done his duty as a brother.

The house was silent, Yan Yuan had been here for only two days, and when he left again, he felt as if something was missing.

Xuan Long's heart was empty, and he was slightly lost in thought as the iris jade pendant, which had changed from its previous form, appeared in his palm.

After today, they will never see each other again...

The time had come to end this meaningless relationship.

After that, whatever happened to that man, he would not care anymore.

No longer.

A little more than half an hour later, Xuan Long felt a sharp stabbing pain coming from his heart as he wandered off, his face suddenly drained of blood.

He put away the jade pendant in his hand, covered his heart with a stifled grunt, and a strong burning sensation appeared in his palm.

Opening his palm, he saw a flash of blue light and a beautiful iris slowly bloomed...

It was no different from the one in Yan Yuan's hand...

Xuan Long stared blankly at the pale blue petals, not understanding why this flower had suddenly appeared in his palm.

He stood up, propping himself up on the table, and inexplicably had a strong, bad feeling in his heart.


Thirty miles away, on the official road, a group of black-clad assassins fought with Yan Yuan's plain-clothed guards in a tangle.

The assassins came aggressively with a strong force, and in a short time, the guards who had undergone rigorous training fell one after another.

In the dark, an archer who was ready to fire was crawling.

"Quickly, escort the Emperor away!"


The chief guard shouted, helping Chen Yan to cover Yan Yuan's retreat as the curtain was lifted and Yan Yuan stepped out of the carriage with a grim look on his face–


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