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Immortalised in Life and Death


Another half month passed in a flash.

Yan Yuan finally couldn't sit still any longer, and on this day when he was having lunch, he said to the man across the stone table, “A'Po, my wound has healed, and the country can't live without a ruler, I've been here for too long and must return to the palace."

Xuan Long's hand holding his chopsticks paused.

As a demonic beast, he liked to eat raw meat and had never eaten cooked food before.

He had only tried to change his habits after being with Yan Yuan, hoping to be more similar to him.

He had only been using chopsticks for a month, so he was still clumsy and dropped them off the table.

Picking up the chopsticks without changing his expression, he spoke indifferently, “En, I'll send you back, will you leave this afternoon"

Seeing the man's reaction, Yan Yuan was a little annoyed and put down his chopsticks, aggressively saying, "I'm leaving, aren't you the least bit sad about it"

Xuan Long was silent for a moment, then raised his eyes to look at him, "If you want to leave, I can't keep you."

Xuan Long's eyes are cold by nature, and his pupils are different from the round ones of the human race; his pupils are narrow, golden and turquoise, and incomparably demonic.

Yan Yuan knew he liked himself, but could not quite read his emotions, as Xuan Long hardly ever gave them away, he always looked cold and indifferent to everything.

This made Yan Yuan feel annoyed for no reason, "Who said I'm going alone, I want you to come with me."

At these words, not only the dragon, but also Yan Yuan himself froze.

He had originally intended to trick Xuan Long into returning to the palace before finding the opportunity to dig out the dragon's heart.

However, now it was as if he really couldn't let him go, and he was angry about it.

He must have been possessed.

After both of them stared at each other for a moment, Yan Yuan was the first to come back to his senses, reaching out his hand to hold Xuan Long's hand that was holding his chopsticks and smiling, "Since we are husband and wife, we naturally have to be together, don't you want to stay with me until we are old…"

Xuan Long recited the words ’stay together until we are old' in his heart, his ears inexplicably burned up, and he calmly lowered his eyes, "I am willing."

Half an hour later, ten thousand feet up in the sky, a pure black dragon weaved through the clouds, carrying a stunning-looking human on its back.

The closer he got to the palace, the heavier Yan Yuan's mind became.

As he rode on the back of the dragon, his jade-white fingers gently touched the dragon's half-broken right horn, and he could not help but feel distressed.

“A'Po, why is one of the horns on your head broken off…"

"It was cut off when I was young." Xuan Long said softly.

Yan Yuan's heart clenched: "Who"

Xuan Long: "My mother."

Yan Yuan wrinkled his brows deeply: "Why"

"I don't know." Xuan Long was silent for a long time, then said, "Perhaps she didn't like me."

He had many brothers and sisters, all of whom his mother loved, but she didn't like him, and she used to whip him when she was angry.

That day, when she was drunk, she cut off his horn with her sword and expelled him from the dragon clan.

He never saw his mother again, so he never had the chance to ask her why.

Why she treated him that way.

"Does it hurt…" Yan Yuan's voice was strained.

"It doesn't hurt much." Xuan Long's voice was low and calm, as if he was telling someone else's story.

Yan Yuan wanted to say some nice words to cheer him up, but he couldn't.

He could only bend down to kiss Xuan Long's broken horn tenderly and speak with difficulty, "You still have me, I like you.”

Any more than that, he dared not say.

When that day came, the truth would be too cruel.

Unaware of how cruel Yan Yuan truly was, Xuan Long appeared to be indifferent to many things on the surface, and he would take every word Yan Yuan said seriously to heart.


No one had ever treated him earnestly, but Yan Yuan treated him well and was willing to be close to him, so he took it seriously.


Moreover, loving Yan Yuan was something that did not require any reasoning, it was an instinct engraved deep in his soul, just like the scars on his face that were burned by karmic fire: immortal and indestructible.


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