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The Heir of Dragon and Man


Late at night, the door of the palace was thrown open and Yan Yuan entered the side hall of Qiankun Palace.

A small candle flame was burning alone in the room, the faint light barely reaching every inch of the room.

On the bed, with the tent tucked away, Xuan Long sat cross-legged, his eyes closed, his lips pursed, his back straight, his cold face pale under the candlelight, and there was a little bit of inconspicuous cold sweat on the corner of his forehead.

Yan Yuan originally thought that Xuan Long had already fallen asleep, but he did not expect that he would still be hard at work cultivating in the middle of the night.

He had been cultivating so feverishly that he did not even stop when night fell, did he want to ascend to immortality early so that he could leave him No wonder he refused to hand over the inner elixir.

Thinking of this, the little bit of guilt he had in his heart when he arrived was instantly dissipated, and Yan Yuan's face turned cold as he walked towards the person on the bed.

Perhaps because of his mood, the foetus in Xuan Long's belly had been very agitated recently, and his spiritual energy had fluctuated greatly.

He had been tossed awake several times during the night, and after taking the foetal pills, he sat up to adjust his spiritual breath, and only then did he gradually feel better.

At this time, although the foetus was not yet two months old, it had already developed a spiritual sense.

When it was happy, it would roll around in Xuan Long's spiritual sea, and when it was unhappy, it would make a fierce fuss, tormenting Xuan Long to the point that he was helpless and could do nothing about it.

When he heard the sound of footsteps, Xuan Long slowly opened his eyes.

He had not seen Yan Yuan for three days, and when he saw him, he did not know what to say.

"You are so leisurely, staying up most of the night to rush your cultivation, is there no room for you on Earth anymore"

The corners of Yan Yuan's mouth were hooked, as were those peach blossom eyes, and the candle light danced on his face.

He was dressed in his dragon robes, luxurious and cold, yet he struck Xuan Long as unfamiliar.

When he first met him, the human man pestered him and acted like a spoiled child, saying he liked him and insisted on naming him.

A short time had passed and it was already so distant.

Xuan Long was clumsy, but it wasn't as if he couldn't sense if someone had malice towards him, and right now, Yan Yuan was already disgusted with him.

Looking at each other for a moment, he lowered his eyes and whispered:

"If you can tolerate me, there will be a place for me on Tarth."

"If you can't tolerate me..." there seems to be no such thing.

After a moment of silence in the hall, Yan Yuan laughed and clapped his hands together, his eyes sneering: "Not bad, not bad, you have grown in your ability to speak lovingly."

Xuan Long's eyes settled on the edge of the bed, and suddenly he called to him, “A'Yuan.

That day.

What you said was true, wasn't it"

Yan Yuan did not react: "What"

Xuan Long looked up at him for a few moments, then lowered his gaze again, "Nothing."

Yan Yuan was most annoyed by his dull nature, which was so stubborn that he wouldn't respond no matter how bad he was beaten.

Who knew what he was thinking, but Yan Yuan didn't really want to know what he was thinking, he was just annoyed.

"Say what you have to say."

Xuan Long was silent for a moment, his voice still low: "You...

have you been well lately"

Yan Yuan's expression was indifferent: "Still good.

And you"

Xuan Long paused: "Fine."

Then there was nothing more to say.

If you ask Xuan Long to find a topic, it would be very difficult.

If Yan Yuan did not take the initiative to provoke him, it would be impossible for them to be together.

If you think about it, except for when Yan Yuan would say something nice to Xuan Long when he wanted dragon scales, the rest of their communication was in bed.

The connection between them was actually thin and bland.

Yan Yuan spoke, "There is nothing you want to say to me"

Xuan Long thought for a long time before saying, "...

You don't have to be angry."

"Can't do it." Yan Yuan frowned, throwing a tantrum like a child, "You are coaxing me like this"

Xuan Long raised his head to look at Yan Yuan and asked lightly, "What do you want"

Yan Yuan was straightforward: "There is a demonic creature haunting the border, digging out the hearts of my soldiers and people.

It is extremely cruel.

You should remove it for me.

You are a dragon yourself, you fly extremely fast, you should be able to return in a few days."

Xuan Long pursed his lips and was silent.

Seeing this reaction from him, Yan Yuan couldn’t hold back his anger and sneered, “What Not willing"

"Not willing to give the inner elixir, not even willing to help with such a trivial matter"

"So all this talk of liking me is just lip service after all."

Every word he said was extremely hurtful, and Xuan Long shook his head, his already low voice sounding like he had swallowed gravel: "No."

"It clearly is." Yan Yuan snorted coldly and turned around with a flick of his sleeve to find a chair to sit on.

Guessing that Xuan Long thought he was going to leave, he hurried, and behind him came the clumsy, muffled words of that dragon:

"I'll remove it for you."

"Don't be angry."

Yan Yuan's heart was relieved and a smile came to his face as he turned back and said, "It would have been better to say so earlier, why did you have to upset me"

The purpose was achieved, and tomorrow morning, Xuan Long would leave for the border to ambush the demon.

It was already late in the night, so Yan Yuan stayed for the night, which was a kind of practice for him.

As he fell asleep, Yan Yuan heard Xuan Long speak, his voice as low as a rock, more like muttering to himself:

"You know I am clumsy and always displease you, so don't be angry all the time."

Xuan Long looked at the bright yellow roof of the tent above, his icy turquoise eyes were adorned with inexpressible emotions.

Yan Yuan turned back to look at him for a moment, then moved over to hug him and said against his ear, "Then if you obey me in everything and make me happy, I naturally won't be angry."

Xuan Long moved his lips: 

"I am actually…" not as invulnerable as you think.

Yan Yuan saw that he stopped mid-sentence: "What"

"Nothing." Xuan Long closed his mouth, after all, he was not used to showing his weakness to others, even if this person was Yan Yuan.

At first, it was because he didn't want to upset him, but then he realised that Yan Yuan might not be upset.

Then there was even less need to say more.

Having been so busy with the affairs of the country today, Yan Yuan was by now very tired, and it was a rare occasion that he did not pester Xuan Long for a tumble.

He kissed him on the cheek, "Go to sleep now, you have to get up early tomorrow to make the journey."

"If you succeed in getting rid of the fox demon and keep my country safe, I should really thank you"

Xuan Long: "I will do my best."

Yan Yuan had a rare moment of pity for him, “A'Po, is there anything in particular you want"

Xuan Long shook his head.

He only wanted to be with Yan Yuan, other than that, there was nothing else he wanted.

Worldly glory and riches were all nothing to a demon.

Compared to the flashy palace, he preferred to live with Yan Yuan at the bottom of the dark pond, where at least there was no one to disturb them and they could see each other day and night.

Yan Yuan seemed to understand what he was thinking: "I promise you, when you return, I will put aside my affairs and spend a few days with you, okay"

Xuan Long was slightly stunned, but an emotion called happiness soon appeared in his eyes: "Mhmm."

See, he was so easy to coax.

"Go to sleep." Yan Yuan kissed his face, wrapped his arms around his waist, and slept on the nape of his neck.

A long time passed and Xuan Long couldn't help but call out to him.


"Hmm" Yan Yuan did not open his eyes, but answered lazily.

Xuan Long hesitated for a long time before he said, "I have something I want to ask you."

Yan Yuan: "Say it."

Another long time passed before Xuan Long said, "If the dragon race could bear children from humans, how would you feel about the children that would be born"

"Why are you asking this all of a sudden" Yan Yuan's eyes opened, his eyes showing doubt.

"Just a casual question." Xuan Long was a little uncomfortable, the knot in his throat pulsed.

Yan Yuan was so sleepy that he closed his eyes and casually said, "If a beautiful dragon girl gives birth to an heir with a human, it is only right that she should also be beautiful."

Xuan Long's heart suddenly became restless and his throat ached, "Do you really think so"


When Yan Yuan had fallen asleep, Xuan Long turned his head to look at him and carefully raised his hand to touch Yan Yuan's fair face.

This man was so beautiful, if the child followed him, it should also be very beautiful.

Just now, Yan Yuan replied like that.

Thinking that he should not mind the existence of the foetus in his belly, and not mind that the father of the foetus in his belly is a demon, if he returns safely from this trip...

he will tell him…


he is pregnant.


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