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The Gift of Reciprocity


Yan Yuan was very satisfied with his anger, but he regretted it afterwards.

He didn't care what happened to this stupid dragon, but if Xuan Long really left, what would happen to A'Yu's illness

Thinking about this, he panicked, gurgling as he poured the water out of the teapot and drank it down, then abruptly got up, opened the door of the palace wide and walked out, roaring at the gloomy sky.

"Han Po!!! You come back to me!!!"

"I forbid you from leaving! Do you hear me!!!"

"Come back here!!!"

The eunuch on guard outside the palace was startled.

Seeing Yan Yuan in such a state, he thought he had lost his mind.

Hadn’t this Young Master Han been in the palace for a good reason, when did he ever go out

Yan Yuan roared in anger for half a day, but did not see the dragon appear in front of him, so he thought that Xuan Long had really left.

He turned around and went back to the palace, ready to throw all of Xuan Long's things out.

That stupid dragon, how dare he just say leave.

The heavy door slammed loudly, and Yan Yuan froze for a moment when he entered the inner hall and saw Xuan Long walk out of thin air.

"I thought you were gone."

Xuan Long lowered his eyes, and a clear loneliness filled his body.

He was about to leave, but when he heard Yan Yuan calling him, his feet could not move, as if they had taken root.

"Why are you back again"

Xuan Long pursed his lips and did not say anything.

Yan Yuan was so happy to see him in front of him that his gloom lifted.

He walked up to Xuan Long and cupped his face with his right hand: "You can't leave me behind, can you I knew it, you must be unable to leave me...

how could you really leave just because of a few reprimands from me..."

Xuan Long still didn't say anything, his eyes hanging down and refusing to look at him.

Yan Yuan sensed the difference and hesitantly said, "Are you angry"

Xuan Long slightly turned his face away, and Yan Yuan's hand froze in mid-air.

He withdrew his hand and said resentfully, "Don't be angry, you know I have a bad temper and sometimes I just can't control it, I didn't mean to say those unpleasant things to hurt you."

"I'm sorry, A'Po, don't be angry with me, okay" Yan Yuan stepped forward and took Xuan Long's body, which had diminished considerably in recent days, into his arms and whispered softly in his ear.

Xuan Long tried to retreat from his embrace, but Yan Yuan held him so tightly that Xuan Long could not struggle, so he did not move.

Yan Yuan kissed Xuan Long from his earlobe all the way to his cheek, his voice was magnetic and sexy: "If I do this again in the future, you can scold me severely or hit me a few times, just don't be angry with me, okay..."

He begged so pitifully that even the most hard-hearted person would have to be soft-hearted, not to mention Xuan Long, who was already unable to be cruel to him.

Not even the slightest bit was possible.

Xuan Long's lowered eyelashes trembled slightly as he hoarsely spoke.

"I am not angry."

Just sad.

It was as if there was a knife twisting in his heart, which hurt more than pulling scales.

Yan Yuan knew that he had made a big fuss this time, so he took his face in his hands and placed a kiss on his forehead: "It's all my fault, A'Po, don't be upset.

If you really can't calm down, it's okay to beat me up at this moment to vent your anger.

Anyway, you are this powerful, a demon with ten thousand years of Taoism, if you slap me down, I will definitely be half dead and you will be relieved of your hatred."

"Come on." With that, Yan Yuan let go of him and took a half step back, as if he was ready to die.

Xuan Long looked up at Yan Yuan for a moment and then said in a dull voice, "I won't hurt you."

"I know you can't bear to do that." Yan Yuan was waiting for his words, and with a smile on her face, he bent down and picked Xuan Long up by his legs.

"In that case, don't be angry and don't be sad, if you suffocate your body, I will be heartbroken.

Let me serve you today, consider it compensation, okay"

Before Xuan Long could react, he was put on the bed.

Yan Yuan lifted the hem of his clothes and untied his trousers, but Xuan Long subconsciously reached out to stop him.

After making love this morning, he felt uncomfortable in his belly, he did not want to do anything like that again today, but Yan Yuan refused to let him go and kissed Xuan Long's eyelids, saying with coaxing and deceit, “A’Po is obedient, I will show you what comfort is."

Before Xuan Long could say anything, Yan Yuan stripped him of his trousers and knelt halfway down in front of him.

“Hmm…” Xuan Long's body tensed up like an electric shock, staring in amazement at the person buried between his legs.

He had never experienced such a strange sensation before, his cheeks abruptly flushed, and he went to push Yan Yuan's shoulder in panic, gasping uncontrollably.

"You, don't be so..."

"Let go…"

Yan Yuan served him for a moment, then looked up proudly and asked, "Are you comfortable"

The bottom of Xuan Long's icy turquoise eyes had been tinged with mist.

He had perhaps stirred the foetus, his belly was hard and taut and uncomfortable, but that place was forced to awaken, which was actually not too comfortable.


don't be like that."

"If you can make me comfortable like this, I can make you comfortable like this.

Why can't I" Yan Yuan didn't listen to him at all.

After saying that, he lowered his head and continued working hard.

It didn't take long for Xuan Long to respond honestly.

Yan Yuan tasted that taste and thought to himself that this dragon was really strange, the blood being fragrant is not enough, even the stuff inside is cold scented.

Xuan Long's face was white, he lowered his head and used a handkerchief to wipe the filth on his legs.

Yan Yuan picked him up and put him on the bed, took the handkerchief from him and wiped him clean, then threw it on the floor, and one person and one dragon lay down together.

When he got on the bed, Xuan Long wanted to sleep.

Remembering that the time was so short, Yan Yuan teased him with amusement, "How can you be so indifferent...

but it's understandable, it's the first time after all."

Xuan Long did not listen to the banter, he wanted to take out the foetal pills and swallow one, but it was not very convenient with Yan Yuan at his side.

He thought it seemed bearable, so it was better to save it, if he ran out of it, there would be no more.

That senior had already taken good care of him, so it was not good to keep bothering him and taking something from him for nothing.

Seeing Xuan Long’s distracted mind, Yan Yuan was a little dismayed and squeezed his palm, saying, “A'Po, you haven't answered me just now...

Did I serve you comfortably"

Xuan Long returned to his senses.

It was quite painful, as he had been hit by his teeth several times, but he saw Yan Yuan's expectant look and could not bear to hurt his pride, so he said, "Mmm, comfortable."

Yan Yuan was pleased and began to advance, "I've made you comfortable, shouldn't you make me comfortable too"

"En." Xuan Long thought he was talking about that, and after a moment's hesitation, he raised his hand with a pale face and untied the laces of his robes.

Yan Yuan held down his hand: "I don't mean that, I mean...

the inner elixir, just give it to me, okay"

"Good A'Po, good A'Po, I know you are the best to me, just give it to me, give it to me..." Yan Yuan hugged him, his face rubbed in the nook of his neck.

Xuan Long spoke in a low voice, "If you want anything else, I can give it to you."

"Only the inner elixir...

won't do."

Yan Yuan instantly went cold, sitting up from the bed and looking down at him, "What can't you give it to me, you just can't give up ten thousand years of Taoism I've begged you like this, and you're still indifferent."

“A'Yuan..." Xuan Long had never looked so hurt before, even his cold turquoise eyes had become vivid.

He had become more and more human after spending time with people.

But Yan Yuan had no softness in his heart, his eagerness was like an act he was putting on, and he turned his back coldly: "Go sleep in the outer hall tonight, I don't want to see you."

If he rushed, Xuan Long would leave, and if he did, he might not be able to find him, so he could only rush to the nearest place.


After a moment of silence behind him, Xuan Long sat up, silently lifted the quilt, and got out of bed.


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