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Get the Hell Out of Here!


"What do you need the inner elixir for"

Yan Yuan explained, "It's my friend, he's so sick that the dragon scales no longer work, he needs your inner elixir to cure him."

Xuan Long looked away from him and didn't say anything for a long time.

Yan Yuan moved over and kissed his face, whispering, "Can you do it"

"I know that without the inner elixir, you will become no different from a mortal, but isn't it better that way, we can grow old together.

Otherwise I would die of old age, and you would still be as handsome and young as you are now, living alone in the world as a dragon.

I've already thought about it.

When we die, we will be buried together in an imperial tomb, and we will be husband and wife in our next life, okay"

That sounded extremely tempting.

Xuan Long turned his head to look at Yan Yuan, wanting to tell him that without his inner elixir, he would not be able to live more than a year, how coukd he talk about growing old together.

Moreover, the baby in his belly needed the spiritual energy from the inner elixir to feed it, and if he lost it, it would probably die with him and not be born successfully.

“A'Po" Yan Yuan urged him to answer.

Xuan Long pursed his lips, "The inner elixir, it must not leave my body."

Yan Yuan’s face instantly changed: "Why can't it leave your body You clearly just don't want to.

Are you unwilling to become like a mortal, unwilling to stay with me, and when I die, will you go and find someone else"

A few moments of intense sadness appeared in Xuan Long's heart, but his face was still expressionless: "No."

Yan Yuan pressed on, "Then why"

Xuan Long stopped looking at him again, as if he was running away, but also as if he didn't know how to explain it.

He was always this clumsy, and not many people in this world were willing to understand.

Yan Yuan stared at Xuan Long's heroic but bloodless face and said in a deep voice, "Say something."

The knot in Xuan Long's throat moved gently, but he remained silent.

Yan Yuan suddenly got up from the bed and lifted the bright yellow tent to leave: "If you are so petty, then let's forget it."

Xuan Long grabbed his wrist and looked at his back, "I'll give you more dragon scales, is that okay Dragon scales over the heart, they will grow after some time."

Yan Yuan shook off his hand without looking back: "I've told you that dragon scales are useless!"

The sound of clothes rustling came from outside the tent, and before long, there was the sound of distant footsteps.

The double vermilion-painted wooden doors were heavy, and when one was pulled open with force, it was particularly loud, then it creaked softly, and then it was silent.

As an emperor, Yan Yuan did not need to close the door himself.

The little eunuch closed the door gently, as if he was afraid of disturbing the person in the hall.

Chen Yan saw Yan Yuan come out and hurriedly followed him: "Your Majesty, what is wrong with you… has Young Master Han angered you"

Yan Yuan said coldly, "Humph, who told him to be insensitive."

The words were deliberately spat out so heavily that even person in the hall could hear them.

Xuan Long slowly sat up on the bed and looked across the tent in the direction Yan Yuan had left, a noticeable helplessness in his cold turquoise eyes.

He took the small wooden figure from under the pillow, slid his thumb across its rather delicate face, and said in a low, mute voice, "I am not...

as invulnerable to swords and spears as you think."


Yan Yuan strode out of Qiankun Palace with a foul face.

Chen Yan asked in a low voice beside him, "Your Majesty, where are you going"

"To look for A'Yu."

After spending a whole day in Luanfeng Hall and hanging out with Xuan Long for a whole day, Yan Yuan had dinner with Ning Zhiyu then returned to Qiankun Palace on the pretext that he had to talk to the minister in the imperial study about the war at the border.

When he entered, the silly dragon was sitting on the edge of the bed in a daze.

When he saw Yan Yuan return, he was obviously very happy, even though he didn't smile or show any extra expression, Yan Yuan could just feel that he was very happy.

When Xuan Long got up to greet him, Yan Yuan passed by him with an expressionless face and sat down at the round table, pouring himself a cup of tea and drinking it, as if he had not seen him.

Xuan Long was stunned and stood behind Yan Yuan for a moment before turning around and walking towards the bed.

He took the small wooden figure and returned, holding it in his hand for a moment before finally going forward and handing it to Yan Yuan.

"Don't be angry."

The second one that he had already carved out was much more delicate than the first one, and it also bore a slight resemblance to Yan Yuan, so he thought it would barely catch his eyes.

Yan Yuan took a slow sip of tea, twisted his head to look at it, and took it in his hands to examine it: "Do you take me for a three-year-old child"

"You're so clumsy to coax people with such a crude and cheap thing." Then he threw it to the ground and rolled it to Xuan Long's feet with a grunt.

Xuan Long lowered his eyes to look at it and silently bent down to pick up the wooden figure.

When Yan Yuan saw his appearance, he suddenly felt a bit annoyed inside.

He didn't mean to bully this stupid dragon, but if he didn't get the inner elixir, A'Yu would die. 

But this stupid dragon was still unwilling to give it to him, is it possible that he really wanted to wait for his death and then make love to someone else When he thought of this, the small fire in Yan Yuan's heart suddenly became a blazing fire, so he raised his hand and slapped the wooden figure that Xuan Long had just picked up.

"I've told you not to pick up such a piece of **! Don't you understand human language"

Xuan Long straightened up.

He looked so cold, but in fact he had a good temper, he didn't even know he should be angry at being treated like this, he just looked at Yan Yuan quietly and said stubbornly: "This is not...

something **."

This is his heart.

It was the most precious thing he had.

If it were anyone else who dared to refute his words like this, he would have been dragged out and beheaded long ago, but not this dragon.

Yan Yuan became more and more furious and completely confronted Xuan Long, standing up and kicking the wooden figure even further away: "This is!"

"It's not." Xuan Long turned around and was about to pick it up when Yan Yuan grabbed his wrist and pulled him back hard, pushing him: "I have never seen someone as insensitive to good and bad as you, get out of my sight.” 

Xuan Long took an unsteady step back, his eyes downcast, his expression not visible as his long hair covered most of his face, and his voice was low: "I am not a human being."

I'm not human and I've never lived with anyone, this is the first time.

If there's anything wrong, you should teach me.

Yan Yuan didn't know what he was thinking, he was so angry that he pointed at the door of the hall and said, "Right, right, right, you are not a human being, you are a beast, only a beast can be as insensitive as you are.

If you really love me, you should give me whatever I want! Get lost, I don't want to see you again!"

Xuan Long lifted his head to look at Yan Yuan, not understanding why he was so angry.

He was so good looking, yet his words made him feel so sad.

Yan Yuan pointed at the door and said it again, "Get lost.”

Xuan Long didn't move, his voice getting lower and lower: "I haven't done anything wrong."

Why did you tell me to go away like Mother did

Yan Yuan opened his mouth and said, "If I tell you to go away, then go away, why should there be any reason for it I’m disgusted with you, I hate you, okay"

Xuan Long nodded, seemingly muttering to himself, "So that's how it is."


He turned around, took a few steps towards the door of the hall, and his form disappeared from the hall.


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