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I'll Give It To You Tomorrow


Xuan Long was still unable to resist Yan Yuan's flowery words.

Although he was cold on the outside, he was extremely soft-hearted, especially towards Yan Yuan, who only needed to pester him with a few words of pity before his heart would soften.

Inside the tent, the legs of the bed shifted, and Xuan Long's dark turquoise pupils were slightly out of focus as he gazed up at the moonlit beauty of the human above him, panting raggedly.

Yan Yuan curled his lips into a smile and leaned over to stare into Xuan Long's eyes, his long raven-black hair falling on his slim chest, "What are you looking at me like that for Do I look good"

"Mmm." A very soft sound escaped Xuan Long's nose.

Good looking.

Yan Yuan's eyebrows were tinted with a smile, obviously pleased.

He bent over to take Xuan Long's lips, suddenly pressing harder.

Xuan Long suddenly seemed to be in pain.

He let out a low hum and put his hands against Yan Yuan's chest, wanting to push him but not quite able to, and his voice was muffled: "Be gentle..."

Yan Yuan raised his eyebrows.

Thinking that the dragon had grown up and now knew how to cry out in pain, he didn't take it seriously and nibbled on Xuan Long's ear, saying, "Gentle is not good enough."

It was midnight and Xuan Long was exhausted after a long day's journey, so he curled up on one side and fell asleep.

Yan Yuan, however, was full of energy and was getting more and more energetic.

He used most of the soft cream in the small jade jar and was very satisfied that Xuan Long was not bleeding this time.

It was because he had applied too little before, and his skills were better than those of ordinary people, so it was no wonder he was always injured.

It was good that he had learned from his experience with Xuan Long, so he would not hurt A'Yu in the future.

After he had stopped, Yan Yuan refused to let go of Xuan Long and wrapped his arms around his flat waist from behind.

Because his body was much stronger than his, it appeared that Xuan Long had lost some weight.

In fact, Xuan Long had indeed lost a lot of weight.

With all that torture, he was not made of iron, so how could he not have any reaction

Yan Yuan was so full of thoughts about Ning Zhiyu that he didn't bother to pursue these matters and pestered him, “A'Po, A'Po, don't sleep."

Xuan Long opened his eyes and his eyes fell on the bright yellow tent cloth in front of him.

"These past two days, what the hell have you been doing" Yan Yuan's hand slid around his abdomen dishonestly, and Xuan Long's body gradually tensed as he thought of the small thing in his belly, his ears tinged cherry red.

"You have to tell me everything."

"Come on, say it."

Xuan Long's heartbeat abruptly intensified in his chest; he was a loner by nature and had hardly ever felt such strong emotions before, but after being with Yan Yuan, he had felt them more often.

The dryness in his throat was so strong that he wanted to open his mouth to tell Yan Yuan what had happened, but he didn't quite have the courage to do so.

What kind of look would he give him if this person couldn't accept it

Would it be the same as others who...

coldly and disgustingly denounced him as a monster.


have nothing to hide from you."

After all, there was no way to say it.

Just wait a little longer, wait for the right time...

If this person cannot accept it, he will go back to the thousand year old pool alone to give birth to the child in his womb and live with them.

“Forget it, if you don't want to talk about it, I won't force you." Yan Yuan said unhappily, "But there is one thing you must promise me."

Xuan Long asked sullenly, "What is it"

Yan Yuan: "The dragon scales you gave me last time are used up, and that friend of mine has not yet recovered from his illness, so give me some more."

Upon hearing this, Xuan Long did not answer for a long time.

Yan Yuan stared at his slightly curled back: "Can't you"

"The dragon scales near my heart have not yet grown." Xuan Long said.

Although the skin on the surface appeared to have healed, it was not so easy to regrow the scales that had been plucked away raw.

Yan Yuan thought he was shirking his responsibilities and became a little anxious: "Your injury has clearly healed, don't lie to me."

Xuan Long slowly turned to look at Yan Kite, his eyes were clearly born icy cold and demonic turquoise, with vertical pupils, but his voice was extremely gentle: "… I have not lied to you."

Yan Yuan did not want to hear this, he had to have the dragon scales to save Ning Zhiyu.

Frowning, he said, "You are numb to pain anyway, what's wrong with giving me some."


Xuan Long opened his mouth to say something, but in the end he didn't, and he turned his back to him wearily, "I'll just give it to you tomorrow."


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