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Both Hard and Soft


One could feel Yan Yuan's impending eruption of anger through the air.

Xuan Long did not expect Yan Yuan to be that angry, so he stood up, and after a moment of silence, he said, "I went back to the ancient pond."

Yan Yuan: "Went back for what"

Xuan Long was really not very good at lying, so he lowered his eyes to avoid Yan Yuan's aggressive gaze, which always made him sad easily, "To fetch something."

"What thing" Yan Yuan refused to let go.

Xuan Long paused and slowly walked towards him, bending down to hold Yan Yuan's hand, which was the only way he could think of to coax someone at the moment: "Don't be angry…"

This was how Yan Yuan pampered him on a regular basis.

– However, Yan Yuan avoided it and even took a step backwards.

Xuan Long was at a loss as to what to do.

His ice-like turquoise eyes looked at Yan Yuan in silence, containing an unmistakable sense of helplessness.

Yan Yuan looked at him for a moment, then turned around and walked away.

Xuan Long subconsciously took a step after him and spoke in a muffled voice, “A'Yuan."

Yan Yuan stopped in front of the closed hall door and turned his back on him, "Do you know that I will be worried if you leave without saying goodbye like that"

Xuan Long looked at his tall back, "I know I was wrong."

"Hmph." Yan Yuan turned back around and raised his eyebrows, “That’s it What will you do to make it up to me"

Xuan Long: "What you want.”

Yan Yuan: "Come here."

Xuan Long did not hesitate and walked slowly towards him.

Yan Yuan stared at his handsome face in the dark gold mask and pressed, "Undress."

“A'Yuan, I…" Xuan Long's throat twitched slightly as he tried to tell him about the pregnancy.

Yan Yuan sneered, "What's wrong Not even willing to do that And to say that you like me, I see that liking is simply more contemptible than the weeds in the imperial garden."

Xuan Long swallowed back the words that were on his lips.

Yan Yuan didn't know what was wrong with him, but when he saw him like this, the anger in his heart grew: “You never have a response, you're annoying!"

With these words, he pushed the man in front of him and strode back.

He didn't really want to leave, he just wanted to scare the dragon.

Yan Yuan knew that sometimes it was more effective to be hard than soft.

This dragon would accept both hard and soft.

Because he likes him and cares for him.

This time, he must not forgive him too easily, otherwise if he leaves without a word next time, what will happen to A'Yu's illness.

He must be taught a lesson.

Sitting down at the table, he poured himself a cup of tea and drank it down in one go.

Xuan Long was stunned for a moment, then turned around and went to his inner bed.

When he came out, he had a white fluffy snow fox cub in his arms, a very small one, which he had found on a special trip to the snowy mountains before he returned to the palace.

It was just a month old, so it was the perfect time to raise it.

Yan Yuan did not even look at him.

Xuan Long handed over the young fox, which was quietly cowering in his arms, "It's for you.

Don't be angry."

Yan Yuan turned his head to look at Xuan Long curiously, and reflexively frowned when he saw the small dumpling in his hand, thinking about what this dragon was doing by giving him a fox.

So he turned his head back and told Chen Yan, who was standing guard outside, to fetch the official documents, ignoring the man beside him.

Knowing that he was clumsy, Xuan Long thought about what the old man had said and felt that he shouldn't be so dull and uninteresting, so he used his spiritual power to heat up the cold tea and poured a cup of it for Yan Yuan to take in his hand while he was reading the official documents.

"Drink the tea."

Yan Yuan glanced at the steaming hot tea and casually pushed it away, spilling most of the tea on the table: “In such hot weather, giving me such hot tea, are you expecting me to get angry"

You can't drink hot tea on a hot day, Xuan Long recorded this in his heart, then filled up the tea cup and cooled it down with his spiritual power: "It's already cold."

Yan Yuan didn't even look up as he scribbled on his official documents: "Too cold is not good either, it hurts your stomach."

No matter how slow he was, Xuan Long could see that he was deliberately looking for a fight, but he still put his palm against the bowl of tea.

Once it turned warm, he turned around and left the desk in silence.

Yan Yuan continued to behave in this manner until dinner.

Xuan Long knew that he was annoyed with him, so he did not take the initiative to provoke him anymore.

At night, before the candles went out, Yan Yuan was lying on the inside of the bed with his back to Xuan Long, even his back was cold.

Xuan Long looked at him hesitantly for a long time before calling out, “A'Yuan."

"Don't call me." Yan Yuan snorted coldly, "You don't like me anyway, you haven't seen me for two days and you don't even want to have marital relations with me."

 “That’s not it." Xuan Long retorted with a low and hoarse voice, "The doctor said… I'm pregnant."

The latter half of his sentence was like a murmur.

Yan Yuan did not hear it, and turned to examine him, "What did you say"

When Xuan Long saw this expression on the other party's face, it was hard to speak again, so he closed his eyes and said, "Nothing."

"Then undress and let me vent my feelings, and I will forgive you for not leaving for the past two days without saying goodbye." After a long detour, it was back to the original point.

Yan Yuan rolled over onto Xuan Long's body, staring at the man beneath him like a wolf.

Xuan Long didn't hear the slight insult in Yan Yuan's words, he only felt confused.

The doctor's words were still ringing in his ears, if he disobeyed, it would most likely hurt the foetus, but if he didn't obey Yan Yuan, he really didn't know how to coax him.

Are all humans this angry…

Yan Yuan didn't even give Xuan Long a chance to answer.

In the middle of his thoughts, Xuan Long suddenly felt a coolness in front of his body, his clothes were ripped away from his body, and Yan Yuan stared at the bare skin of his chest in surprise: "Your wound is healed"

Xuan Long nodded, “En."

"Then I can rest assured." Yan Yuan joyfully lowered his head and kissed his chest.


Originally, he didn't know how to talk to Xuan Long, but now that his old wounds had healed, it would be much easier to talk to him again.


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